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Thursday, April 28, 2011

❤Royal Goodness❤

Hi Ladies,

Well, the time is almost here, the wedding of the century. I am so excited to see William and Kate marry and I wish for them all the love and happiness that life can bring. I do so remember Diana's wedding and now her son. She would be so proud. I know she will be with them tomorrow and smiling brightly.

So I have received all my souvenirs just in the nick of time.  You can picture me with a pot of tea and my new mug. Tea towel close by and my shopping bag on the sofa with my yarns. Oh, and of course some breakfast treats, freshly baked scones.

Here are my CK purchases I treated myself to. All arrived in one piece and I am one happy person.

Of Course I had to buy 2 of everything. I will part with a few.......maybe........I think.
Front and back

Lovely Tea towel, colors are so bright Red, White, and Blue.

I love the bag for groceries, books, knitting, or just about anything and everything.
Don't think I can part with one of these.

Just loved the look of the red daisy next to the mugs. (flower not CK)
push up collapsable daisy 

Even the wrappings were pretty. Linens came in this.
special delivery

Well, I did well for myself!

Ladies that's all! Enjoy your holiday tomorrow and all the excitement. God Bless Will and Kate.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Loved seeing everyone's lovely Easter weekend, decorations, and flowers! We now have FLOWERS too!
Yes, it's true! Not a lot of sun but enough warmer weather for the flowers to have grown and popped open. Oh, boy do I have lots of pictures. I will show you "some" so I won't bore you too much.

Here's a peek of things around my house and yard.

Daffodils, both large and mini.

Look I just figured out how to put words in the pictures. One of the options using picasa web photo. Wow,  a surprise to me that I did it and found the option. Who knew?!?

I found various plants on their way to becoming flowers later.

Oh I love this photo caption option.

Want to do see what we did on Easter!??  I hope so.

You may be wondering why we did a 1000 piece puzzle on Easter weekend.....well, our weather was not very good, in fact we had 2 inches of SNOW. So we made the best of it and had a cozy time inside. My husband said he felt like a prisoner in this weather but he snapped out of it fairly quickly.

Look at what else we did.

We ate lots and lots of candy, along with working on a candy puzzle. We were definitely on a sugar high.

Look at what Amy brought us for Easter. So sweet of her, but she always is!

Two beautiful vases that she arranged for us. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and the orange flowers, can't remember their name. Anyone know?

So nice to see my stone owl, back from the depths of snow. Looking good after the brutal winter. Do you know what he is doing?

Mr. Owl is holding up this!

The fence! It's on its last leg and I put him there last year and all is still well. I have my fingers crossed until we get around to investing in a new fence.

Well, I have lots more to share but I think I will wait until next time. Thank you for visiting. I so appreciate your time and interest in reading my blog. Don't be shy to leave a comment or become a follower, I would love  that if you care to.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peep Peep

Wishing A Happy Easter to Everyone! 

My Peeps wish you a Happy Easter Too. 

Discovered this adorable peep idea from tangledhappy.blogspot.com and the pattern was posted on whiskersandwool.blogspot.com. You should check it out. Tangledhappy has oodles of wonderful ideas in all types of mediums and whiskersandwool has the peeps pattern.

I had such fun making these marshmallow look-alikes!! Only now I crave to eat a whole package of them. (and maybe I will) I love them when they are hard and stale and rubbery. Yellow is my favorite color in peeps. I think because that was the original color. How do you like them and what color? I find it is quite an individual preference. Silly, but so important when you are talking PEEPS.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a Happy Easter, if you celebrate, and if not, a Happy Day.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheer up Sunshine!

Hi lovely ladies, Missed you all but kept up with all your wonderful blogs. No sun, still gloomy, kind of affected my mood. I know it will come and then it will be too hot, I know all this BUT it's been a looong winter. Snow almost gone, a few iris greens poking through and daffies, but still no sun! Here's a peek of what I'm talking about.

Still have to clean the beds.

I have a picture of my latest visit to MA. to  see my granddaughters. "Big A" is in her new Nannie made sweater and I think she looks so sweet.

Here's the other munchkin

I could eat them both UP!

I'm working on two new projects. One is another felted bag. I will be making it larger then the last. And it will be a WiP because it is sooooooo boring to just knit knit knit, but it will make a nice gift.
Here's a picture, the colors are called mercury and orchid.

My other knitting project is a baby hoodie for someone I work with. She is having a baby girl. She already has a son so she is very excited for this little pink bundle.

I had this hoodie for "Big A" when she was 2. It really worked out nicely for easy care and wearing. This yarn is so soft and will wash well.

Part of my Cheer up Sunshine attempt were these beautiful tulips from the food store. Just a breath of cheer.

I love the variation in the petals. Don't know the names....just knew I had to have them!

I have been trying to come up with a label for my finished projects.So I have been experimenting with stamps and ink pads. I have come up with this, but will probably order professional ones at some point. Here's a peek of my first  attempt.

I will be working on this, just an idea at the moment.

Thank you all for popping in. Please don't hesitate to say hi, I read all my comments and cherish them all.
Hope you all have a swell week and enjoy whatever you are doing.    


Monday, April 11, 2011

Show and Tell or Ta-Daaaah!!!!

Ladies Hello! So nice to post today. I have quite a few things to show today. It was a very busy weekend, to tie all loose ends together. Babies born, gifts bought, handmade's done, cards bought, packages wrapped! It really paid off to have some baby gifts made in advance for special people. I always love to give handmade gifts but sometimes time does not allow, so I started this year with making and saving gifts for just the right occasion and person. It is WORKING! First I was able to use my yellow baby hat, remember this:

I add some store bought baby clothes and it is ready

Next baby born was a girl and I had made a crocheted baby afghan and it was perfect for this family friend and 1st baby!

Added a few store bought baby cuties and ready to mail

Then I finished Little A's vest sweater, blocked it, sewed on nannie's label and it's ready too.
I do love it, but it is very boxy. I think it will be very comfy but I was hoping it would be more tapered. Oh, well!

Now do you remember my tea cosy, and I didn't know what to do with it as far as buttons, flowers, do dads or what!!!

Well, I finally decided what I would do. Thank you for your comments, it was helpful but in the end I decided to do with what had attracted me to the tea cosy in the first place.................soooooooooooooo...........................here           goes........................................................................          

A button close up

I think I'm happy with it......do love the buttons and they were fun to pick out and arrange!

Well, this is getting lengthy but I wanted to show you a touch of Spring and I do mean a TOUCH.
It's a beginning and all things start that way so here is Vermont warming up and melting.

Last but not least, this is something I found as I was walking around the yard taking pictures of the above. All winter long I thought this was a tree staring to die or another tree fell on it or the bark was just peeling........but no look what really happened!

The work of a WOODPECKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The damage of a WOODPECKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT"S a lot of work and destruction, thank goodness it wasn't our house!!!! Always have to look on the bright side.

Well, My lovely friend, bloggers, and newcomers. Thank you thank you so much for stopping in and visiting. I enjoy you all and hope everyone has a fabulous day and week. Will visit you all and hopefully post again this week to show my next work in progress.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Lovely Yellow

Hello dear ladies, So nice to be posting today. Just wanted to show you my newest knitting project. My oldest granddaughter is turning 5 next week. Yes, I can't believe it myself! They grow up so fast especially when you don't see them all the time and just have them for special occasions. So spring and summer are coming here in New England, USA. I think, I hope! So I decided to knit in cotton and make "Little A" a vest sweater in Yellow. It's a great shade and will look so beautiful on her. Always this time of year yellow is my favorite color. It's just so cheerful, bright, and clean. The book shows the sweater in white which is lovely, but I don't think my daughter would appreciate it as much. So here is what I have done so far. Need to finish it by this time next week which shouldn't be a problem.

So what do you think? I think it's pretty cute! I have brought her lots of summer clothes and some toys, so I think I will be all set once this vest is done. Of course, I got a few gifts for "Little E" too.

I just saw my first robin bird today. I was so excited, just wish I had the camera near by.
Well, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! See you all soon. Thank you for popping in and please don't be afraid to post a comment. I love them all and reading them really brings so much joy!