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Thursday, July 21, 2011

"3" *Winners*

So happy to report that my first attempt at any blogging type giveaway has been a great success and fun to boot! I had 11 lovely ladies respond to the Pay-it-forward type "friendly" giveaway! Three lucky ladies got picked, but I thank everyone who played and commended.  I truly hope something happy comes your way. Even in the form of a friendly smile or you just giving someone a wave and them waving back! Remember it's the simple things that seem to mean the most and are more lasting in spirit. So here we go. I took pictures:

I gathered my bowl, wrote the list, cut the strips, folded them.........


AND the lucky winners of Pay-it-Forward are:

I am so happy for these ladies! I will need your addresses, so please e-mail them to me. I will mail you a gift before the end of the summer! My email address is on my profile page.

✮Now don't forget to Pay-it-Forward to others✮

Thanks so much for joining in and thank you to all who entered.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pay-it-forward...doesn't that sound nice!

I was chosen by the Lovely Debbie at Happy Little Cottage as one of her "Pay It Forward" recipients. I will show you what I received, as soon as I explain how this works! Please check out her blog, if you have never, it is GREAT!

OK, so here's how it works...I have 365 days to send you your special something. When you receive my gift made especially for you, you need to then "pay it forward" and make something special for three other people...and on it goes....

And now it's my turn to pay it forward to three of you!  

If you want to join the fun, leave me a comment. Just tell me about your perfect craft and/or hobby, weekend and you will be in the drawing! (or just say HI!)

I will post the 3 winners who will receive my pay-it-forward gifts, on Thursday July 21st!

I think it will be fun, don't you?

OK, so I was fortunate to receive not "one" but all "three" gifts from Debbie because I was the only one who responded. Let me show you what Debbie made for me.

Here it is! Wrapped so nicely!

Beautiful Fabric! Yarn Bag!  Needle Holder Wrap!   Stitch Markers! (on safety pin)

                                          Love Debbie's Blog Card!

Well, I hope you all want to join in and meet new people and get a treat in the mail and just make someone else's day.

Thank you for popping in, you all must know I love your visits and friendships!