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Monday, January 18, 2016

Tooting my own Horn

Sorry to be tooting my own horn, BUT I actually finished my first pair of socks that only took 3 years!!!! Of course not 3 years of knitting, but 3 years are sitting in a knitting bag waiting patiently for me to JUST DO IT

And they actually fit and are cosy and warm and perfect for this wintery weather and my first sniffles of the year. So sitting and knitting this weekend and having fires and lots of tea was what made me so happy, I just had to toot my horn......I guess it is like a "ta da" moment.

So here we go in photos

                                                    Cosy weekend fire

                                                    Love the reflection

                                                    Jack enjoying the warmth

                                       My amaryllis has 7 flowers and another stem on the way

Well that's all folks, sorry to my Instagram followers for repeat photos. I am very active on instagram if you would like to see me there too. My side panel has my information, just click it.

Stay warm and have some yarn fun too, xoxoRobin