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Monday, May 26, 2014

They're BACK!

Yes, they are back and in full force. So determined, aggressive, and brilliant!
The mighty humming bird, so tiny, yet so powerful, swishing and sweeping and whizzing by. Always in competion with other hummers to get to the feeder first.

This is the best my iPhone can zoom in, but they are beautiful this year!

The yard is shaping up and I have had so much fun getting out and enjoying the fresh sunny weather. Of course mixes of clouds and drizzles, but that's what makes the flowers grow.

                                           Impatiences surrounding our purple lilac tree

 My herb basket, I decided to plant them in a basket this year, so I could bring the basket into the kitchen when I wanted fresh herbs, flat italian parsley, basil, rosemary and nasturtium

                                          Patio tomato plant and nasturtium for color

                                         Petunia window box

                                          Petunia and lobelia window box

                                                    Roadside beauty on a walk

                                                    Close up

                                                     Woodpecker damage

                                                     Piggies times 3, apparently more to come, so I hear

                                                     Ominous sky

                                                    Pretty boy Jack, I mean handsome boy

                                                      New find, ball jar with floral lid....

                  I'm thinking centerpiece, floral arrangements for rehearsal dinner June 2015
             Yes, I'm always thinking in advance, even a year from now.

Thanks for popping in dear bloggers. Thank you to my new followers and amazing faithful original friends who started this blogging experience at the same time years ago now!


                                     Thought this was an artistic photo of Vermont farm country

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Great Walking Weather

 Hello sweet bloggers!

Just a quick message that all the packages for the contest winners are off in the post. If you don't mine  all you lovelies would you let me know when you receive them. It's just nice to know that they have arrived safely! Thanks

Mother's Day weekend weather was so perfect, you just had to be outside as much as possible. We did lots of gardening, walking, had dinner out and enjoyed hearing from all the kids.
I'd love to show you some of the things we saw on our walks. I'll show you first the new things on our  loop by our house and second some shots near Dartmouth College's Occum pond. It is part of the "Outing Club" where you can ice skate in winter, golf, hike, bike ride, and canoe on the Connecticut river.

                                      OH YES INDEED, we had pigs down the lane (loop)

                                                AND we Have baby CALVES

                                              Jack had a nice swim in one of the brooks

                  Lots of fiddleheads, I have not eaten them though, many people LOVE them
Do any of you sauté them and enjoy?

                                                   Quite the Tree, love the branches against the blue sky

Now for the other walk

                                                 A really huge snapping turtle

                                                 Smaller one

                                 Do you know what this is? .....................hundreds of goldfish

                                           Isn't this amazing?!

Something else amazing.........

                                   Our new shower, but waiting for the fabricated glass walls

                         One of the sinks and medicine cabinet but waiting for the lights

Well, all you lovely people, thank you all for visiting me.  I love all your comments so much, thank you all in advance.


My new lawn decoration, quite in love with it!!

Friday, May 9, 2014


YES it's true!

You are all winners in my book and I thank you for entering my cute contest. Everyone was more or less correct and it was a fruit bowl so to speak.


It is Mother's Day in the US this Sunday and I want to celebrate with all of you, so that is also why everyone of you are winners. I'm feeling very sentimental this Mother's Day because it is the first since my mom passed in September 2013, the first of each holiday is always the worst, as so many of you know. So it would make me feel wonderful to honor all of you dear friends, mothers, and grandmothers, along with myself. I have a beautiful tea towel to send off.  Vivienne, Joy, Teresa K., Jane, Gilly, Helen, Anne T., Anne, and Meredith please email me your addresses and I will be ready to get your package off! Thank you all again for being in my world.  Email vineyardrobin@aol.com

                                 If you have a favorite let me know, and I will try to deliver

                                                          Happy Mother's Day Mom!


                                                                      ❤I miss you❤

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I have this funny and special picture that I have framed. It was drawn especially for me by Elisabeth (Lizzy) my 5 year old granddaughter. You know she is quite the artist and is learning to read and spell words. She spells words just the way she says them, which is basically the contest. This is precious and a treasure for me, a forever keepsake. So the first one who comments with what Elisabeth is writing will win the contest. I will be sending something to the winner, but I don't know what yet so that will be a surprise too.

Here is the framed picture, you will have to zoom in I think.......Good Luck!

                                                                  Have fun

                                                                   And one last thing                                      

                                                                   See she can read

                                          "First Book" Love that Dr. Seuss and Lizzy!


Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day!

I MAY! It's always such a happy month to me, flowers, end of school year activities (even though all my kids are grownup), no jackets, long days, birds singing, more people out and about, oh the list could go on and on. But you get the idea.

I just want to wish everyone a Happy May Day and summer/winter depending on where you are living. Thinking of you all!

I will be having a ta-daaahhh moment next week with our completion of the master bathroom. It has been a month or so of disorder, but my oh my I think it will be worth it!

I wish all of you a fun packed weekend or as calm as you need. We are headed to Martha's Vineyard to open up our summer home. There will be lots of work but who wouldn't do that to be by the sea!!! Hope to take a few pictures :  )

I leave you with a few pics

                                               Flowers will grow anywhere :  )

                                               This is our forsythia-just starting

                                                Lovely ground cover

                                    Oh yes,  more baby hats in the making-I've gotten bolder

                            Deciding on which button purple elephant or white bunny

                                                           LOOKY LOOKY HERE
                   Yes, I was one of the lucky one to purchase one of Vivienne's Bunnies!
                                                              Meet "Florrie"

                         xoxo Florrie met Betsy Buttons, they are fast friends already xoxo

                                                      I end with this Button Delight!!!

Next week a contest!!!!! Can't wait to tell you about it. Be back on Monday  xoxoxoxo

xoRobin and Jack too