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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mystery answer and new Makes

Hi there everyone,
Hope all who celebrated Thanksgiving had a lovely and tummy full day! I did and now I have to get back on track. Amazing how a few days of eating everything and drinking can really get you off track and put on some pounds. I'm short so it doesn't take much : (

Well, that's not fun talk, so let's move on fast. So everyone thought my item sitting on my new cabinet in my last post had something to do with a loom of sorts, and that is right, but not what I was looking for.
It is in fact part of a loom, let me put up another picture and maybe a little closer up.

                                                              Can you see this frog?

                                        Can you see the three colored threads and shuttles?

                                                            Here's the frog "LABEL"

                                                 Can you see the shuttles and the gears?

You put all those things together and you get a LABEL maker. It makes continuous labels on the loom. I found this at a Yarn and Fiber Festival here in Vermont. It featured mostly yarns, but there was one stall with antiques dealing with sewing and wooden items.
So I hope you are not disappointed, I thought this was really neat and had to have it!

Christmas is COMING!!!! So much to do, so much to buy, so much to make, so much to bake........but you know what, IT'S ALL SO FUN! If only the days were longer! I will start decorating in the next few days, I like to have it all up by December 1st, so this weekend will be my goal. I know many of you are decorated and already enjoying the season, I'm right behind you and catching up!
I have seen some lovely decorations on many of my favorite blogger, definitely keeping me on my toes.

So I had this idea of making a few aprons for gifts. I have this love for dish towels and wanted to use them for the design of my apron along with some of my fabrics and buttons. Look what I came up with.

                   This is a moss (color) check dish towel and lovely Riley Blake Designs fabric

           I made a waistband with the fabric and added some buttons in fun colors and shapes

                            The ties are nice and long and perfect for all sizes. Added my label on the tails.                             (Oops photo upside-down)

                        I love the fabric and was so happy to find buttons to match in my stash :  )

I want to share with all of you who visit me something I found on Facebook. I love it, had to share.
It is a little bit sad, but it is part of everyone's life and nice to remember.

Thanks for visiting my friends. What are you all up too? I will be visiting all of you to see!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ta-Da and Blessings

I finished my Cabinet! Hurray, I love it and it works! No more fabric clutter and everything in its place!
(for now)

Have a look and then I have a message for all of YOU

Here's a collage of the inside and top decorations.  Does anyone know what the item on the left side is? First one to guess will win a gift, which I will get out in the mail next week! Good luck!!

1st row, middle picture, what is it?

I want to thank all my old and new blog friends for your friendship, love, kindness, and inspirations you all give to me each and every day. I treasure all of you and feel very blessed to have discovered this way of communicating and meeting all of you. I love blogging and feel enriched from all my friendships around the world.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

What are you doing down there?

That's what Jack has been saying to me of late!!!!

I have spent so much time down in my basement, doing the mystery I mentioned last post. I had no idea it would have so many steps, but it is coming along and I am pleased.
Have a look see, not done but, nearing the end!

First the sanding, then the tack cloth, then the 1st coat of paint, drying, sanding, tack cloth, 2nd coat of paint, nice and smooth ; )........staining doors and cabinet top, drying, sanding, tack cloth, 1st varnish, sanding, tack cloth, 2nd varnish, put doors and inserts in, move to sewing room......part I'm so excited for......putting all my fabrics in!!!! Then major room clean up and organizing. Can't wait to achieve this, then major photo shoot!
I had a difficult time picking a color I thought I could live with for a long time and also have a country old fashion feel. I think it will be great when I'm completely finished.

So Jack finally braved a trip down the cellar stairs to see what I was up to. He is not crazy about the steep staircase, but he did fine. After all he weighs 80 lb. and is really athletic! Don't know why he has always hesitated.

My knitting project at the moment is a lovely cowl for the winter months. It's a fun pattern and works up quickly. It can be worn as a scarf or has a hoodie. Want a peek? This is also not done but coming along.
You might say I have a lot on the burners. Oh well, better then nothing cooking.

I will model it for you when I finish! I hope it won't be to much longer.

Thanksgiving is coming here in the USA. So lots of cooking will be happening. But first many trips to the food store to get all the fixings, that's the part I dread! Everyone has the same idea and there is no way of getting around it. But once you have the groceries it's fun. I will be having 10 for Thanksgiving dinner and all sleeping over. It will be lots of fun! Did I say I will be making up lots of beds too!!!!!!

Hope to be back before next Thursday for at least "one" Ta-Dah. Thank you for coming by and seeing what I've been up to. I love visiting all of you and wish you all a happy weekend.

I leave you with my sunset today. It's a pretty one ❤


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cold Days=Tea and Knitting

November's here and so is the change in the weather. The mild days are gone, the heat is up in the house and the days are shorter, of light that is. I really don't like daylight savings time. Darkness at 4:00pm is so hard to get used to. Oh well, thank goodness we can be cosy inside, clicking away, tea in the kettle and maybe a fire in the fireplace. I CAN get used to that! Jack still wants his daily walks and he lets me know, if I forget. He has something to show you from today's walk and I have things to show you too.

Jack first, he has new friends.

                               The cows have multiplied to 3 cows and one calf (not pictured)

                                                               Jack just saying Hi

Sheep have multiplied to 14, here are seven. They keep them separated. Although I don't know why.

                                 Always Tea Time after a brisk walk and some "Click-clicking"

                                               What's pink and white and warm and cosy?

                                                           A winter hat for Little "E"

But what about Big Sister "A"????

                                                   Couldn't forget "A" sweet little head!

    Here the two are, can't wait to see them this week and give them their cosy winter hats

                                               Hope they fit, I'm pretty sure they will :  )

I'm working on a furniture project for my sewing room, still a WIP, but coming along nicely.

Want a tease?

Sure, why not....................

                                  Sorry you can't tell much from this, BUT that's the surprise.

Until next time, thanks for popping in and visiting. I love "seeing" you and feeling your friendship from near and far.