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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Look who came to visit the nest!

I made Olie Owl yesterday and it was lots of fun and quick! Here's another picture-

I'm hoping to make a few more animals this weekend!  Hope everyone is doing well and have a wonderful weekend with all that you are up to!!
xo Robin❤

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in my Nest

Hi Friends, 
Back from my Nannie and little girls week, oh we had so much fun! Nannie will need a few days to catch up, but my am I happy to have had this time with my little angels. They were so excited to see mommy and daddy!!!! 
Mommy, Abby, Daddy, and Elisabeth   We met them at the airport, it was soooo exciting!

Moving on now.............

Just a pic of my mantle and pumpkins....oh and I still have my flower garland up! Guess I should change that. At my food store today I picked up a cinnamon broom, it smells so good and looks festive. Here it is

Now, I'm having a little trouble getting focused and back to my WiP. I was going full speed but now that I got distracted I am not jumping right back in. Help! Does this ever happen to anyone else? I welcome any comments and motivational tricks. Thanks, and thanks for visiting.
xo Robin ❤

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello again!

camping car
Just popping in to say hello. I am up to my eyeballs with my two lovely granddaughters for the week, while my daughter and son in-law are on a much needed vacation to Las Vegas. Oh my, how I have forgotten what 24/7 childcare is like. Even with the best of the best. I'm a Nannie don't forget, so we are bias! We have played outside and collected pretty leaves, played with the dog, walked the dog, taken pictures of the neighbors sheep, gone to the playground, made cookies, made a camping car out of a garment moving box in the basement, gone to the library, picked out a toy at our toy store, gone food shopping, gone to the local children's museum, colored in new coloring books, watched Mary Poppins a few times and oh so much more and it is only Tuesday night!!! But the piece de resist dons is the up and down at night after you have read books and books, given kisses and more kisses, lovingly tucked them in, to have one of them come down again and again for this and that and this and that! That's when I realize just how old and tired I am!!!! BUT I love them to bits and pieces soooooo it is all forgotten after a night's sleep and ready for good morning hugs in the morning, even if morning has now become 5:30 am.
We also went to a farm for the cornstalk maze.....really fun. "A" on poppy's shoulders.

Movie time! One relaxing, one up for fun and games.

Sisterly Love!

Me before the visit....don't look like that now!!!!!!

I will play with my yarn again............xoxo Robin ❤

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty in Red

So excited to be starting this sweater. I think it is so trendy, yet will be a go to sweater for my daughters. I think it will be able to be dressed up or down. Just the kind of clothing I like. 
So here is the beginning
Katia/Peru yarn-wool/poly/alpaca

This is what it will look like!
Isn't it lovely!?
One more picture

See my sheepy tape measure, the black sheep!

Well that's all for now. Hope everyone has a delightful day and thanks for visiting my Nest! And lets all be sooooo thankful that we are all so fortunate.....I am saying that because I have been watching the miners being pulled up from the collasped mine after 70 days.(in Chile) I can't even fathom that. Blessings to them all and their families.

xo, Robin ❤
And I really appreciate your comments and visits, many thanks.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Celebrating!

Yes, I'm celebrating I finished my baby blankie. Now I have a gift ready for the right person!! Always a good feeling. Only the person it was for has long ago had the baby and I gave something else, oh well. 
So here it is.....
I did one row of SC in white and one row of picot stitch.
Here is one more picture....
It measures 32"x25", the perfect size for a port-a-crib or stroller or car seat. I used Plymouth Yarn Encore D.K., about 3 skeins of each color. The pattern came from Project Linus, Granny Ripple Afghan http://www.citiusa.com/grannyripple.html 

My new project will be a knitting one. My plan is to make 3 bulky cropped cardigans for 3 daughters for Christmas. They should work up quickly with size 11 needles and bulky yarn. I will put a picture up soon.

This past weekend was so spectacular! The colors and sunlight were just lovely. Here are a few pictures....
The Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vt.
Some of my last Cosmos. I love old-fashion flowers

And my old-fashion nasturtiums.

And one more of my favorite things....
I love chimes, such sweet music....all day long!

Thanks everyone for visiting and sharing in my excitement of finishing my blankie!
❤ Robin

Monday, October 4, 2010

Crispy Fall!

Great fall weekend here in Vermont. On Sunday went on 1 walk and 1 hike.....my yellow lab "Jack" never ever gets tired. I do though! Here are a few pictures from the morning 2 mile walk.

Can you see anything?

                                                                       Now can you?

                                                          A sweet birdie nest, so well made!

Then we continued and enjoyed the scenery.

                                           Can you see the morning fog? A very crisp day.
                                           Great apple eating and cider weather!

Next I went to King Arthur Flour Bakery, up here in the Valley. It is a yummy place and has every baking supply and kitcheny type pan, utensil, towel etc.
Here's a sampling:

                                                                    Yummy Oatmeal Bread

Home again for my 2 mile hike with Jack!

                                                       Notice the collar, it's hunting season.

                                              Last picture from on top of the fire tower.

Hope I didn't bore you too much. It's just all so beautiful.So you may be wondering, where are all the crocheting and knitting projects?  I'm working on the baby blanket and hope to show it finished soon, remember this one.

Well, thanks so much for visiting my nest, I so appreciate your company.
Hugs, Robin