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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Up Here!

Nothing to exciting happening here in the Upper Valley of Vermont! Not much snow, but lots of ice and cold temperatures. I like snow much better than ice. Many people have fallen and lots of people have colds and the Norovirus is hitting the schools. That is not a pleasant virus, it really gets the best of you, 24 hours but days to get back your strength. Luckily we have been fine. My mom fall but not on ice, right in her own kitchen. So I am off to visit and set up some help for her next week and a doctor visit or two are in the works. The distance is so difficult when your parent(s) get ill. I was just down 3 weeks ago but you have to do what you have to do, especially for family. Work has been great about letting me have the time off, I'm very fortunate.

So except for worrying a lot, making travel plans, paying bills before I go and working I haven't been doing too much. I finished one more Queen Anne's Lace scarf. I really do think it is lovely due to the beautiful Liberty Yarn. Let me show you.....

I have something else to show all of you. I have been watching my Orchids as they have been in hibernation for a few months and have been looking like this.

Now six of my orchids are in full bloom and look so lovely, a welcome bonus this time of year.

I have my new african violets in there too, but they are new. I put them in a round basket and am using it as my centerpiece for the kitchen table. Of course, we needed some candy hearts too! What's your favorite candy heart color and/or favor?

Hope you are all well. Thanks so much as always for popping in. I always appreciate your comments and visits. Your helpful comments on my cowl dilemma were great. Many thanks.

Stay warm and cosy and I'll be back as soon as I can.