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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seeing is believing

Yes, we did get new SNOW! No, we are all not happy! 30 degrees F and windy BUT the sun is out.
This NOW has to be the end, we have had snow on Easter before but I don't think this late. Easter will still happen, maybe not an outside egg hunt but that's OK. We aren't having anyone for Easter this year so we will manage just fine.

Abby's "8" year old birthday party was fabulous. Please take a look

                                                 Party was at a paint your own pottery shop

                                      Love this picture, the back of little Lizzy in her tutu skirt

                                                    So intent and doing a beautiful job

                                                   Concentrating on painting the primer

                                                 Finished in time and mostly dry with glaze

 It was so much fun to watch the kids interact and have fun together. Oh to be "8" years old.
We had a nice visit, lunch together and then headed home. Just a perfect day❤

I have a few Easter decorations up but not my usually due to renovation in progress, no visitors, weather and just kind of not in the mood. But here are a few snippets of Easter cheer.

                     Almost forgot to show Abby's birthday cake. Horses were her theme!!
                                                            And it was so yummy

I want to wish all of you a Happy Weekend, Happy Easter, Happy Passover to all my blogging friends. I would like to welcome my new followers and thank you so much for finding me here in the world wide web! Happy Spring to you all and enjoy your free time.


            Couldn't resist sharing this pic of my girls and myself.  I look happy because I am!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Life goes on

Life goes on, just a little bit more complicated. We were all scheduled to have our bedroom bathroom renovated or shall I say demoed. Oh, it will be beautiful, but what a job to move and clear everything out alone and move it upstairs. (I should be really skinny) (not)   Our bedroom is on the 1st floor, so now we are upstairs and poor Hb has to go up at night and down in the morning on a cane. Not ideal, but we have had this in the works  "life does go on".
This master bathroom was here when we moved in 6 years ago and we have wanted to redo it ever since.  

                                                                    Old bathroom


Ta Da moment in about a month, or so.  Can't wait...... lots of banging and slamming and disrupting my daily routine.  But it will be worth it I'm sure  :  )

Snow is finally disappearing here in New England. If you look hard you can see some green and buds. Look hard.........

Not a pretty sight but it will be soon.............

This is a pretty sight though, all wrapped up to visit with grandchildren for Abby's "8th" birthday.
Time sure does go by fast. We will go to the end of her kids party and then visit, play and have a meal. I take all the time I can get with them. They are going to Disney for Easter so we won't be seeing them then.

                          From this

               To this beautiful girl

These are the two sweaters I made being used!  :  )

Anyone who has grandchildren knows the joy that they bring. My heart is so full when I am with them and I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend planned or even a spontaneous adventure, walk, or relaxation. Thank you all so much for your kind comments for my husband, they helped in so many ways. Sorry if I haven't had a chance to comment this past week but time got away from me. I have missed a few I know.

Happy Spring, xoRobin

                                                     Puzzle we did while recouping

Me too,  xoJack

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Hats

I have had such fun making baby hats this week! They are so fun and I can make one in a day and feel a sense of accomplishment. Since I have been helping my Hb so much with him not feeling well, it has been so good for me. You know what, I have been amiss in updating what happened this past Saturday. My Hb fell on ice and really went down hard. A few hours in the ER, many X-rays but thankfully nothing broken just lots of pain and unable to walk on his right leg. So he has been on crutches all week and I have been chauffeuring him to and from work. I did get him to stay home on Monday and half day on Tuesday. He has made great headway and now is on one crutch.....but really he needs a break. (And I don't mean that literally) I hope he can have a low key weekend and I'm going to see to it. Oh my, life sure does happen!

Can I show you my baby hats, here are the new ones

Baby blue hat with a cute ducky button and a new crocheted ball (pattern) from the one and only Lucy!

            Variegated baby yarn hat with pink birdie button and a pom pom. (made on a fork)

         Pretty in pink baby hat with doggy button and tiny stem

                           Three in a row       

I treated myself to these two ceramic houses from 

They are so sweet, I think I may have started a collection. Just what I don't need another collection.....I have quite the love of tiny cuteness, that always turn into a new obsession. Well, it could be worse.

Last but not least I wanted to wish all of you a Happy April and I know it is most welcome to everyone. 
Happy weekend to you all and many thanks for popping in to visit. We plan on relaxing with Amy, Andy and an extra dog for Jack. Hope your time is lazy or busy just the way you want it  : )


                         Happy Hibiscus Day                                       

and Jack��

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random Assortment

Finally finished Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt while on holiday. It was good but way to long, the message at the end of the book was nice but that was the last 50 pages out of nearly 800 pages. Once I start a book I am not able to not finish it......it's just who I am, my Hb can't believe it!!! I always think I should keeping giving the book a chance,  it will get going soon, or it will get better soon......
Anyway, I'm happy I read it, I do continue to keep thinking about it so, I think it made an impression on me.
 I just finished a book, Ripper by Isabel Allende, great suspense, serial killer book. That one I whiped through in a few days. Now on to Margot by Jillian Cantor, a novel about Anne Frank's sister, I'm enjoying it very much.
Always love having a book being read, something on my needles, something being sewn, and lots being planned in my head for my next project, then it's a good day!

Thank you all so much for all your well wishes for my husband. He is feeling better. All tests have come back negative so that is a relief. Every test/procedure he has had done I feel like I have had done too. I'm exhausted, but still all is good and we are feeling blessed. I sincerely appreciate all  your lovely comments and prayers. Thank you❤

My next baby hat is pink and ready for a little baby girl or to put in my Etsy shop.

Last December when our son got married I told you I would show a few pictures, well I have two to share. Oh, I do love them.....not the best photos from me because I took a pic of the pic, but you can enjoy anyway. They look so happy and adorable.

                                                                    "Young Love"

                                                                      "Love them"

So there you go as promised. Do wish the photos I took showed up better but they look great on our mantel.

Next up, trying to make SPRING come into our home even though we still have tons of snow outside.

                                                        Second life for my Amaryllis

I must get something done today, Saturday, I just had to say hello and visit with all of you dear blogger friends. Thank you again for all your well wishes for my husband.  I hope you have a weekend just the way you want it to be.  I appreciate you all.


                    and Jack              

                                                    his new toy, he loves his squeaky toys

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Lovely Taste of Summer

Miami, Florida was a breath of fresh air, sunny sky's, ocean views, sandy walks, shell collecting, book reading, no cooking, meals out, fun drinks (anytime you want), fabulous hotel, and the list goes on. There is nothing like getting away in the middle of the winter. We had so much fun and it was even in a reduced amount of time. My husband wasn't feeling that well so we had to head home on Wednesday. It was heartbreaking but not as heartbreaking as having my Hb not feeling well. So home we went to more snow then when we left and even drove home from the airport in Boston to a whiteout of snow. The good news is after some tests and a few more to come, my Hb is feeling better. Home is always where you want to be when you are not feeling well!
Let's see some photo of our holiday!

                                                   View from our room balcony-sunrise

                                                   Another angle-midday-lap pool

Tennis courts-there was an event there whether modeling tennis wear or famous player (not sure which) Fun to watch!

                                                                  Love that ocean

                                                                Walking treasures

                                                Teeny tiny shells, coral and more

                                           Yes, my painted toes, book, sunrise☀ and morning coffee
                                                                   I was in heaven❤

I will share a few more pictures on another post, but I think that's enough for now. Don't want to overdo!

                                  Came home to this hibiscus bloom---perfect timing for me!

I made this baby hat while my Hb was having tests. It's for a special new baby in the extended family.

And of course you can't forget the "big sister" too when a new baby comes along. All ready to pack up and mail!

I also came home to my lovely purchase from Mia, she makes the most wonderful felted items, take a peek!

I also received my beautiful glass bobby pins from Anne.  I was a winner of her delightful giveaway. Anne is celebrating her 1 year of blogging, visit her and congratulate her, you will love her blog!!

Well, M' ladies and gents (just in case) thank you for visiting me here and listening to my story and my life. I need to catch up on all of you, so I'm off to visit all of you!

Jack was so happy to come home from "The Ranch" (his doggy daycare) I can't blame him.


                                                    My new cards-business size and mini