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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Could not resist posting

                    Just for fun............HAD ME CHUCKLING!  Enjoy and stay cosy

Love ya,   xoRobin

                                    Posted as "their motto" in the only store in my town

                                    Maybe we have a post office and book shop too...........

Friday, January 16, 2015

This n That

Lots of random things going on, some reading, "All the light you cannot see" by Anthony Doerr. It is an excellent book and very well written, I am 3/4 of the way done and can't wait to finish, although then I will be sad it is over!! (if you know what I mean)    I have been knitting a bit, it is perfect weather for knitting because it is so cold!!! Negative degrees most mornings and evenings, and highs of 19 degrees F during the days.
I finally finished a project, a lovely cowl, I will gift at some point. It's my second one in this pattern...I made it longer so it could also be used as a hood.

Take a look
                                                     I added 4 "

                                                     To get the hooded effect

                                           Love this yarn

Next up a lovely starry night picot dot wrap (ravrely pattern)...with hand dyed yarn 98% merino wool and 2% lurex fiber for the sparkle

Here it is so far

Unfortunately you can't see the starry part, hopefully when I am finished I can get a better picture.

I was gifted a beautiful Amaryllis for Christmas and here it is Day 1 of blooming

                                          It's going to be a beauty

Well, I guess that's all my "this n that"   my dear blogging friends, new and old, I cherish you all. Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights. Thank you for visiting and all you lovely comments.


  My 60th,  I have no idea what I'm laughing at, but it was funny.....probably mom being a nerd!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HaPPy NeW YeAr

So happy to wish you all a very Happy New Year full of love, faith, inspiration and laughter! Where would we all be without some of these things in our lives? I know I would be lost without my family, unconditional love, trust, faith, hope and creativity. We had so much of all of these things over the holidays! I feel very blessed and am so grateful!

I had a birthday, my 60th and it was the best. All my children, grandchildren, spouses, spouses to be were up. All except the Arizona kids but we had just spent some lovely time with them.
For my birthday my husband planned a dinner, in a private room, at a lovely restaurant, for all of us. It was so enjoyable. The company, food and conversations were the best. Everyone said something funny, loving, and typical of mom,  I just howled the whole time, mixed with a happy tear or two. My granddaughters even chimed in.....it was a glorious night and day.

We had a wonderful time in Arizona, the weather was in the 60's, much better than Vermont. We had so many great meals out, our B&B was so lovely and the inn keeper was so fun and talkative. (maybe too much, shhhhhh) Breakfast could last forever if she had her way, but boy did she know her history of Tucson. We visited  "The Sonora Desert Museum", saw owls, falcons, hawks and all birds of prey, Bobcats, prairie dogs, mountain lion up close, grey fox, Javelina (ugly gray/brown pig type animal) and so much more.
Here are a few photos

 Mountain Lion, right up against the glass  (this is not a cage but a habitat made like home)

 My favorite photo, can you see the little girl's reflection on the lion's head and then the tongue, yummy! (scary thought)

                                                   Prairie Dog, they are so cute

                                                   Standing up, looks like he/she is praying

                                                   Grey Fox, amazing to see

                                                    Barn Owl

                                          In flight

Another day we visited the Mission San Xavier in Tucson. The first Mission to spread religion to the Indians. It was a beautiful building, made of lime, sand, rock, clay and wood. It is still a working parish and school, 1st through 8th. You are allowed inside, everything is original from 1750's. It is considered to be America's finest surviving example of Spanish Colonial architecture. Statues dating 1750's, vivid late baroque altars, and original paintings adorn the interior. It is like walking into the 18th century.

                                                    Love this statue

                                                    Impressive and beautiful

                                                    Surrounding Mission

                                         They write messages with rocks in the valley

                                                    One of the many cactus

Well, that's just a few photo, hope you enjoyed them.

Our Bed and Breakfast in historic Tucson was so quaint, homey and floral, just the perfect spot to stay. We were so lucky because I only had a few to choose from, we were so happy with our choice.


                                                    Our room entrance


                                                   Another view

                                          Room decorations, so unique to the area

Well, this has certainly turning out to be a long post. We did much more, we visited an archeological sight and found many pieces of old pottery, with designs and paint. It was so much fun to explore and pretend to be explorers!!!!

Thanks for bearing with me, hope you found some things interesting. Many thanks for popping in to visit and thanks so much for making another year of blogging so enjoyable for me��
                                                               "HAPPY NEW YEAR"


Grinding holes made from the archeological sight from repeated grinding of stone, tools etc.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Dear Friends

May Peace and Happiness follow you thought the New Year and always,  xoRobin

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Festive Days are Here

Good Morning my lovely blogging friends! Time is going so quickly and the days are so full, 'tis the season they say! We have the white stuff in Vermont and have had it on the ground since Thanksgiving! It is so pretty, but it was a bit too early for me, now we will have winter until April, oh dear, let's not think about that now!  Christmas is coming, I'm all bought, wrapped, decorated and ready for family. I do need to bake and cook, but first a trip to Arizona to visit a son and daughter-in-law who can't make it for the holidays. So off we will go, hopefully to some warmer weather and fun.

Now time for Christmas cheer in "our home"

                                         Christmas bunting up on the Kitchen window

                                                   Advent calendar opened everyday, always a treat

                         New outside Holiday slate for side door, bought at a local Artisan shop

Family room mantel, I love lights, really make things festive

                                                                     A little closer

                                                    Homemade holiday wreath for indoors

                                                    Ominous sky's and weather here in Vermont

                                            "Our Tree" all in its glory and smelling delightful

                                       Mini Norfolk pine tree, it has grown since last year!!!

           Living room mantel, the faithful nutcrackers all in a row, descending of course

                                                       Another lovely hibiscus bloom

 My bunnies all set for Santa and best of friends! Thanks to lovely Mia and Vivienne

Well, my lovelies, that's my story and I'm wishing you all a wonderful holiday season in advance! This is just in case life gets so busy I can't wish you Merry Christmas as it gets closer! I cherish all of you and am so happy I have this blog. It is an honor to have met all of you kind, sweet, creative and caring friends. I would love to meet so many of you and who knows, maybe it could happen someday. One never knows!  In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and be well!


   Mother Nature, confused I think......6 degrees outside, cloudy and a rainbow!  ???  !
                                                                    Love this photo

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December

How can it be??? December 1st and Thanksgiving over, although I am barely recovered. Oh it was fun, but lots of shopping, cooking, preparing, bed making, laundry BUT so worth it! And I would do it again in a second. Now Advent calendars have been opened "1st" and cards purchased, decorating to do, packages to buy, wrapping to be done and things to be posted. December is a busy month, but I do try to enjoy it as much as possible. We are going to Arizona mid December to see a son and his wife. That will certainly be a nice break and so exciting too. Back for Christmas and then shhhhhh, my birthday and It's a BIG ONE! Yikes.......

Here are some pics of Thanksgiving, I wasn't really into photos as much this year BUT I will share what I have

                                          Place settings, Abby (8) made turkey napkin folds!!

                                                                      Turkey Feast

                                        Adding my hibiscus photo, oh how I love this plant!

I made these two hamsters for the girls as a Thanksgiving treat and sewed a cape for them!!! They did love them : )

Well, that's all folks! Smile lots, enjoy, BE KIND AND GRATEFUL. Thanks for visiting, I'm thankful for all of you!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Little Girls

I was lucky enough to spend some time with my two granddaughters to help out mom while their daddy is on a business trip.
So what did we do on everyone's day off.......We went to the American Girl Doll Store and had a fabulous girls day!

We had lunch there, with the dolls of course! Lizzy had an appointment for her doll "Emily" to get her ears pierced.....oh yes they do that and a beauty parlor also where you can have your dolls hair done up. (french braids, undo's best) We didn't do that this time. But boy was it fun, let me show you with some photos

The first picture is of Abby in the matching sweaters I made for her and "Ivy"

                        Up close, don't think I ever showed the finished sweater for Abby

                                            Then of course there is Miss Lizzy, my cutie pie!

                                                           Ready for the Adventure

                                   The place is huge and so inviting and OVERWHELMING
                                          (I guess not as huge as NYC)

                                                             Mommy and little girls

                                                    Oh yes indeed we all sat for lunch!


                                       Look what a good time they had.....I was smiling too!

If you have daughters, granddaughter or want to adopt one for the day, I highly recommend a day at the American Girl doll store!!! Even if you didn't buy anything and just looked it is amazing and like "Disney".  They even have dolls for people who don't have their own to have lunch with, really sweet.  AND to top it off the food was even good!

So that was one day and then it was back to school and normal everyday life. I got to take the girls to school and do pick up. It was so fun to be part of their day. Abby had a musical concert where all the 3rd graders sang American songs in honor of Veterans Day.  It was a treat to see and hear.

                                             Can you see her second row, 4th from right side

                          And then there was special Art Class in the evening, Abby is quite good for 8 yrs old

                               The newest member of the Family "Dumpling" the crayfish

 So here's the story, the class was asked who wanted to care for a crayfish, well of course Abby raised her hand as did many others. But it was an adoption for life. So $100 later and my daughter setting this all up, they now have "Dumpling"   Welcome home surprise for Daddy!

And this is what you have to do if you have two working parents and two busy kids!!!
So organized this family and I'm very proud. Of course not all goes as planned but such is life.

So hope I didn't bore you but I just wanted to share my time with all of you. This was just 3 days out of a busy families life these days! Yikes!

I'm home and busy getting organized myself for Thanksgiving. Little bit of knitting in there also.

       Working on a cowl with Eco Cloud yarn, merino wool and alpaca, very soft!

Thanks for visiting dear bloggers. I love your visits and comments and hope everyone is enjoying whatever you are up to and finding time to just be!  


                                                                    Cold Vermont