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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Little Girls

I was lucky enough to spend some time with my two granddaughters to help out mom while their daddy is on a business trip.
So what did we do on everyone's day off.......We went to the American Girl Doll Store and had a fabulous girls day!

We had lunch there, with the dolls of course! Lizzy had an appointment for her doll "Emily" to get her ears pierced.....oh yes they do that and a beauty parlor also where you can have your dolls hair done up. (french braids, undo's best) We didn't do that this time. But boy was it fun, let me show you with some photos

The first picture is of Abby in the matching sweaters I made for her and "Ivy"

                        Up close, don't think I ever showed the finished sweater for Abby

                                            Then of course there is Miss Lizzy, my cutie pie!

                                                           Ready for the Adventure

                                   The place is huge and so inviting and OVERWHELMING
                                          (I guess not as huge as NYC)

                                                             Mommy and little girls

                                                    Oh yes indeed we all sat for lunch!


                                       Look what a good time they had.....I was smiling too!

If you have daughters, granddaughter or want to adopt one for the day, I highly recommend a day at the American Girl doll store!!! Even if you didn't buy anything and just looked it is amazing and like "Disney".  They even have dolls for people who don't have their own to have lunch with, really sweet.  AND to top it off the food was even good!

So that was one day and then it was back to school and normal everyday life. I got to take the girls to school and do pick up. It was so fun to be part of their day. Abby had a musical concert where all the 3rd graders sang American songs in honor of Veterans Day.  It was a treat to see and hear.

                                             Can you see her second row, 4th from right side

                          And then there was special Art Class in the evening, Abby is quite good for 8 yrs old

                               The newest member of the Family "Dumpling" the crayfish

 So here's the story, the class was asked who wanted to care for a crayfish, well of course Abby raised her hand as did many others. But it was an adoption for life. So $100 later and my daughter setting this all up, they now have "Dumpling"   Welcome home surprise for Daddy!

And this is what you have to do if you have two working parents and two busy kids!!!
So organized this family and I'm very proud. Of course not all goes as planned but such is life.

So hope I didn't bore you but I just wanted to share my time with all of you. This was just 3 days out of a busy families life these days! Yikes!

I'm home and busy getting organized myself for Thanksgiving. Little bit of knitting in there also.

       Working on a cowl with Eco Cloud yarn, merino wool and alpaca, very soft!

Thanks for visiting dear bloggers. I love your visits and comments and hope everyone is enjoying whatever you are up to and finding time to just be!  


                                                                    Cold Vermont

Friday, October 31, 2014

Foxy Lady!

Scarf that is!!! Fooled you, I bet.

I've been working on this for the past week....way too long. but I ran into problems with the pattern : (

It was originally Finnish and translated to English and I may have either done it incorrectly or who knows?!  So after some frogging and lengthening I came up with my Foxy Lady scarf! Here is the pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fox-scarf-3  If anyone is interested in my changes just let me know, I will be happy to comment on my changes.

                                         Way to short according to pattern.......

Frogging.....................................and starting again

                                                    Foxy Lady Scarf was born

                                                   Kinda fun.....I can see gray foxes too, in the future!
                                                   And modeling a completely difference top

That's it for now,  Happy Halloween to you all out there!  Be back soon  :  )


The Skies are alive

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

they're on the loose

Look out! They got out! I was walking Jack and soooo happy I had my iPhone to catch all this fun!

I thought I saw a big pig on the road. Walk walk walk, I do see a pig and another and Wait some piglets! Who let them out? I don't see the farmers......oh dear, they must have escaped!


                                          Photos in the succession of Jack and I approached  

               (the whole time I am holding Jack's collar, we don't need leashes where we live)

                                                    They see us too!

                      Getting closer, piggy to piggy, what do you think, are they friendly?

                                                    Hmmmm Don't know?

                                                     You go, I'll wait here!

                                                    Ok ok, I'm coming, we're in this escape together


                                                 Aren't we cute......don't tell anyone about this!!

                             One close look at Jack and they were off and running, to this guy


                            Oh, don't worry, this human and hairy thing are here all the time!

                                                  See, I even let the hairy thing sniff me!

That was our big adventure down the dirt road! BUT it was a bigger adventure for the Piggies
Hope you enjoyed, I'm just so happy I could capture it!

Thanks for popping in dear bloggers. Love your visits and all your comments, always a treat to read and see that I have new comments.

Have a great middle of the week day and hope you have some adventures too!

xoRobin and Jack, (the hairy thing)


Sunday, October 26, 2014


Here's the Dutch Apple Pancake recipe I promised to all the lovely ladies who requested it! Trust me this is so good and worth the calories!! (every once in awhile)

There are so many recipes for this apple pancake. BUT it is a must that you have a cast iron skillet! So if you don't have one, you can find them inexpensively at TJMax store and many other stores. 

Check this website to read about methods and see u-tubes


You can also check out Martha Stewart's recipe, there are so many out there. 

Here's another recipe from Bickford's restaurant (I used this one, with added cognac from another recipe, which I can't find, Just a splash)

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs
1 large or 2 medium apples (I used 2 apples)
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon 

Preheat oven 400 degrees
Mix sugar and cinnamon

Mix flour, milk and eggs together. Melt butter in cast iron skillet. Remove from heat. Pour mixture into skillet. Peel and slice thinly the apples. Place on top of mixture. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mixture. Bake 20 minutes or until nicely browned.
Serve from skillet
So yummy, we didn't even need syrup. 

                                                    Before going into oven

                                          Just out of oven

                 On serving plate

Enjoy, xoRobin
                     Be back very soon❤️

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Fun

Hello dear blogging friends. October is a nice time of year to do many activities you can only do in the Fall/Autumn.

The trees are dwindling in color but we still have a few bold colors left. These are from our backyard. I noticed them after I saw "this" the other morning.

A few visitors came to feast on our red berries, getting ready for the winter months. They are pretty cute and very young.

So back to activities.....we met up with our little granddaughters and mom and dad and we went Apple picking. Talk about good old fashion fun, this is it. We use to do this every year when the kids were little, so it was a treat to do it again.

Look at the fun

                                                    Beautiful orchards

                                                    Beautiful Abby(8) and Lizzy(6)

                                                   Reaching high

                                                    Many uses for an apple picker

                                                    So many dropped apples, yummy smell and sight

                                 So Sunday morning was a treat with a "Dutch Apple Pancake"
You make it in a cast iron skillet and let me tell you it is good. SO good you don't even need syrup!
If anyone wants the recipe just leave a message in the comments and I will get it to you.

The weekend before this we went to an October Festive at Harpoon Brewery and that is also lots of fun. It is only an half hour drive from us and was a beautiful fall day. The company was good, beer was hoppy, soft pretzels and sausage all so tasty. Not my normal diet but so much fun to join in on the fun.

                                   Of course the place was packed and the beer was flowing!

Many walks have happened and lots of leaf collecting. I often have the desire to use my watercolors when this happens. I'm not good at ALL, but its fun. The app "Watercolour" is awesome though.

                                            Look at these stunning leaves



                                          Playing with water and paint

                                                   Added to peg board

Lots of fun, out of my system for another year!!!

The photo shot for Amy and Andy (the bride to be and groom to be) went very well. The day was perfect and the location was exceptional. Shelburne Farm in Burlington, Vermont. It is a mixture of landscape of farm, hills, gorgeous sky's, Lake Champlain, beautiful Inn, museum, and barns. The photographer took 525 pictures. The ones I saw were so fabulous. Here are some scenery photos

                                                    Sky and Maple tree on farm

                                                    Believe it or not, a BARN  Look at those windows

                                          Lake Champlain, across the lake is upstate New York

     Like I said a perfect day. I will share a few photos after they have been downloaded.

I've been knitting lately, My LYS has a winter project I signed up for. Make 7 scarves, one a month and you don't get the patterns but one a month and then you sew them together to make a lap throw. I thought it would be fun and so far I have two scarves knit and now have to wait until November for the next pattern : (  The exciting part there is a motif pattern on each scarf and it is a mystery. It will either say something or be a design, so I'm looking forward to the reveal.

                                                    Name of Project

                                          Two scarf patterns

                                                 Scarf one and two.....it will measure around 42"x48" and then a border.  
                                                 So it will be a surprise to me also!  

I have also been spending some time buying fabrics for my stash! So much fun to collect and then make into the perfect creation.

 Aren't these beauties!!!!! Love the bike and bunting❤️

Well, my lovelies, I will end this long post and wish you all well! Hope your days are fun, happy and full of love. I thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. Love all your words❤️


       Abby and her scarecrow friends "Jack and Jill"  Now on either side of their driveway��