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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn is Here

Hello dear friends and followers, it's been awhile, but I am alive and well. Although I did hurt my back this past weekend with fall cleanup. I think that is why I am finally getting to blog and sit with an ice pack on my lower back. Yesterday it was heat that felt good but today it is cold that is helping. I have all this energy but my body is not cooperating, so frustrating and sad......but I will heal and mend and be raring to go soon, I HOPE.

So this summer the two weddings were amazing, both daughters married, happy and blessed. Can you believe we are still waiting for some of the professional photos. I'm sure there will be some beautiful wedding photos for Christmas presents :  )  

Our renovation in Martha's Vineyard is complete. It truly turned out so beautifully and the new space and kitchen is wonderful. We didn't get any real time to enjoy it yet but we will next year. We'll be closing it up for the winter and reopening early spring!!! (the weddings took all our vacation time...so worth it needless to say)

Autumn is here and the colors are finally coming, really slow this year due to the dryness we have had. But the past rain and sun this past week did it's magic! The weather is chilly in the morning, warm in day and then back to chilly in the evening....three change of outfits!

Now that all the activities and planning for the two weddings are over and the renovation is done, I'm a little in limbo and finding myself again. I truly loved the whole wedding planning and actually miss all the family hustle and bustle. The holidays will be here before long, so I will be fine.

Let show some photos

                                           Farmers market harvest

                                           Love this.....see the heart❤️

                                           Still lots of flowering plants


           Oh dear.....don't know what happened in my yard.....but I do know it was not Jack

Thanks for visiting my dear friends, HAPPY OCTOBER, and I sure hope I am back soon! I have missed my blog and all of your lovely visits and comments.

Next time I will share my hexie baby blanket and books I have read this summer. (and there are many)


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Days

A few days of fun with fabric, needle and thread! There must be a baby in the future after so many weddings, so I'm inspired to start making a baby quilt~~~~~~~~although, my fabrics are girl oriented, that was my inspiration~~~~so we will see!

HEXIES, hexies, HEXIES, and more hexies

                                          Vintage fabrics, my favorite

                                                    Love seeing the piles add up

                                                                   Box of goodies

                This will be my pattern~I didn't want flowers, more honeycomb effect

                                          Staples trip, love that place~time to get organized

                      Getting ready for vacation~hip hip hurray~ one week and then wedding time

                                                    One of Jack's friends down the road~sweet

                                                    Friend #2

Thanks for popping in my friends, Just sharing my happy makings, and loving the time I get to play with fabric!

Happy Summer. Treat yourself to one of these I DID!!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lovely Summer News

I know it has been so long since my last post.......it has been a wild ride of weddings, summer days and plans for next August 22nd daughter's wedding. (not to mention reno on MV house)

Amy and Andrew's wedding was absolutely beautiful and lovely in every way. We all had the best time and the weather was picture perfect.  The best way to tell you about it is with a few pictures.


                            I love this happy photo........married and happy and ready to party

Abby and Lizzy made the sweetest flower girls~see "ELLIE" the elephant for support!

                          Finally me in my dress~no formal photos yet~it was very comfortable

                                                            Gotta love LOVE

                                                        Goody bags in guest's rooms

                                             Event tent being set up~love the top flags

              Wedding cake from text~sorry~ really have to get the professional photos

I will have more better photos but this is a start~Let me show you the quilt/wall hanging I made for the newlyweds~they loved it

                                                    This was so much fun to make for A&A

                                                     Each door has a different motif~fussy fun work

                                                                       From ME

                          I also made this sign for the reception~galvanized bucket with flip flops

 We ordered 200 mini succulents and baby ball jars for the take home gift at everyone's seat

 After making 150 jars, I really never wanted to see another succulent~but they were a hit~and still alive!!

Well, my friends this has taken a while to write, I must get going but I have missed blogging and have so much more to share. Next Time, more on summer, Leslie's upcoming wedding and so much more.

Few questions:

Does everyone have to enter one photo at a time when writing a post or am I doing something wrong?!

Can someone follow me who isn't yet, I have been stuck on 140 forever, I don't even know if it works!
Thank you for any responses xoxo

Thank you all for visiting and I hope you all have "DAISY DAYS"


Friday, June 12, 2015


Down to the nitty gritty details of the wedding June 20th. Sooooooon.......

So excited and nervous in all good ways.

Wanted to pop in and show a few photos of beautiful Vermont at this time of year and touch base before the wedding.

I will be sharing so much after the event and then sharing news of another wedding this AUGUST!

                                                   My newest favorite t-shirt

                                          My Salmon colored POPPIES TO POP soon

                                           Peonies in full bloom

                                           Canopy of Lilacs





Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Month

One month ago today I posted, how can that be......

Yes, it's been busy and many balls up in the air but I wish I could have posted more. I don't want my blog to die. Hang in there with me my blogging friends. So this is what has been happening in the past month.

1. Had "A" and "E" for 5 glorious days. Lots of play and imagination happened.

                                                                2. Fairy Garden making

3. Sewing with a real sewing machine

Happy "A" with her pillow

4. Nature Walks

5. Sewing room creations=disaster area=fun!

6. American Girl doll outfit, designed by "A"

Note: little "E" and Jack

7. Goofy, happy kids

8. Terrarium making

9. Tulips

Couldn't resist

10. Bird Feeders

Love Ball Jars

11. MOB try-on/alterations
NO pic yet!

12. Bunny Delivery

Sugar(new) and Jay(new) join Betsy Buttons and Florrie
From the talented Green Rabbit Designs

13. Yard Clean-up

14. Staining deck

Boy, does water bead off it now!

15. Finished a Quilt
No pic yet!

16. Lots of this stuff

Busy busy busy

17. Mother's Day

Lovely Peonies

18. Fiddlehead gathering
from backyard                  

Sautéed in EVOL with salt and pepper, yummy!
Much like asparagus 

19. Trillium discovery

So beautiful and endangered

Well, this is what I have been up to. Thank you for following me through the list of activities, I hope I didn't bore you too much. I love to document my life and blogging is a wonderful way to do this, but the best part has been meeting and following all of you. Thank you for visiting and I will be keeping up with all of you also. Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend soon.

Take care and be well, xoRobin