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Friday, February 10, 2017

All Things......

All things are great in the world now that I have this

I really haven't had a computer since April 2016, I was just using my iPad for emails, Instagram etc. That may be another reason my Blog was not active. Very difficult to post photos on an iPad if not impossible, at least I never could figure it out. Now I have this gorgeous new MacBook Pro and I feel like I have a new toy. Yes, I suspect I am a nerd to be saying that. haha

Importing photos has still been slow, I may have to contact my geek squad at Best Buy! Maybe I need to not have over 10,000 photos, but where do I put them....anyone???? Help!

We had a nor'easter yesterday and we are buried in beautiful white snow, cold temperatures and more snow for the weekend. As you can see I am looking on the brighter side of things and seeing beauty in this winter.

Of course some tulips help! These are artificial from our new Michael's Craft store, I prefer fresh, of course, but not always possible, so these are making me smile for now!

This is a photo of Jack right after his ACL surgery. Now 3 weeks later he is starting to walk on all fours. He has about 5 more weeks before he can run and play.

This is a morning photo after the snow storm yesterday, isn't the light beautiful!?

We have about a foot of snow and more to come.  Jack loves to photo bomb most of my photos. as you can see.

The bottom right photo is Jack's hair growing back. The top square is where he had the spinal and will take a long time to grow in. There must be 10 layers of thick fur!

This is a baby blanket and hat I gifted to a friend of our daughter's who is have a baby boy.
The blanket is called Peek-a-boo from the talented Cherryheart  It is crocheted and is so much fun to make. The knitted hat pattern is from my own but the design pattern is from the talented Kiwi from one of her sock patterns.

I loved making it so much, this is becoming my next Peek-a-boo blanket.....just to have on hand....💕

Well, I'm off now....thank you so much for popping in and finding me again. Sure feels good to be in blogland again AND with photos!

xoRobin and Jack (he wants to be included)

Friday, January 13, 2017


Jack did well in surgery . He looks like he has been through an ordeal, and he has. 24 staples, plate and screws and IV sights. Poor baby Jack, but he is 90 lbs strong and has a great doctor-nurse team to help him heal and surround him with love. (aka my husband and myself)

Stil can't post photos here on my iPad, if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know! Quick update on Jack, thank you all for your love and well wishes for Jack😘❤🐶❤

xoxo Robin

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello, I'm back!

Holy Mackerel where have I been you may ask. Well, my husband's retirement lead to getting Vermont home ready for the market, which involved 3 months of thinning out materialistic things and simplifing our "stuff" which was really hard. It was on the market for 6 months and we are still here, but loving our home as always. The size is wonderful for all our family, but we still want to down size, so come Spring it will be on the market again.

We had a wonderful stay in Martha's Vineyard for 5 months and enjoyed the beach, ocean, walks, gardening ad golfing. I'm enjoying my new outdoor sport but still not improving, maybe in another 3 years!

October we were back in our Vermont home and enjoying the gorgeous foliage and cool weather. Lots of catching up with friends, family and home. We hosted Thanksgiving, went to a beautiful family wedding and experienced another snow fall.

December is always exciting and my favorite time of year. Lots of decorating and festive times, fires in the fireplace, cozy nights and dinners. Christmas was celebrated for the first time at one of our daughter's homes. It was so fun and wonderful to be all together. My birthday was also celebrated due to being so close to Christmas. Just wonderful, "family is the best"!

Now here we are in the New Year 2017 and I have missed my blog so much, I couldn't let another year go by. I have missed all my blog friends, I hope you are still with me!

My Etsy shop is full now with crochet hooks, baby Button hats and fancy Pincushions. Please check me out at Etsy Shop. If you visit my shop, I thank you in advance❤

So here it is January 10th and JACK our beloved yellow lab is having ACL surgery tomorrow. He has been having issues for awhile with his right hind leg and it is time to do something. I'm a wreck but pray he will be fine. We have to travel to Burlington, Vermont (1.5 hours away) talk to doctor and then pick him up the next day. We are going to stay overnight in Burlington, a lovely city, and pick him up first thing in the morning. ( way to much information) hahahaha
I will keep you posted😊

Many thanks for popping over to my blog, I have a lot of catching up to go, so bear with me! Sending love, hugs and smiles to all of you!


Sorry but my computer will not allow me to get my photos, so I'm publishing this now and will try to figure it out🙁

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tooting my own Horn

Sorry to be tooting my own horn, BUT I actually finished my first pair of socks that only took 3 years!!!! Of course not 3 years of knitting, but 3 years are sitting in a knitting bag waiting patiently for me to JUST DO IT

And they actually fit and are cosy and warm and perfect for this wintery weather and my first sniffles of the year. So sitting and knitting this weekend and having fires and lots of tea was what made me so happy, I just had to toot my horn......I guess it is like a "ta da" moment.

So here we go in photos

                                                    Cosy weekend fire

                                                    Love the reflection

                                                    Jack enjoying the warmth

                                       My amaryllis has 7 flowers and another stem on the way

Well that's all folks, sorry to my Instagram followers for repeat photos. I am very active on instagram if you would like to see me there too. My side panel has my information, just click it.

Stay warm and have some yarn fun too, xoxoRobin

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Dear Friends! Lots to talk about in the new year,  just wanted to pop in to wish blessings and love to all of you who take the time to visit me here!

2015 was quite the year for my family, two daughter's weddings, one niece's wedding, renovation on our vacation home, a few minor health issues, and now my Hb's retirement!

Let's bring on 2016 with love, kindness, laughter, good health and new adventures!

I hope to be more active on my blog in 2016.....I will be in a new chapter in my book, actually I think a NEW book is more like it with my Hb home and new adjustments!

I'm excited to see what's ahead for us......I will always have yarn and crafts in my future....I have threatened my Hb on knitting and crocheting lessons hahahaha

No, but really I am looking forward to sharing my new adventures and experiences both good and challenging in my new "life's" book!

I leave you with much gratitude for your friendship, kindness, and motivating you all give to me to continue being creative and trying new crafts.

Jack and I send hugs to all of you and blessings for 2016

xoxoRobin and Jack

                                                          Celebrate safely and be Merry!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I've been so busy, time has gotten away, but you are all in my thought for a beautiful Christmas with family and friends. Hope Santa is good to all of you and don't forget the cookies and milk!!!

Be back after the holidays and my birthday!

xoxoRobin and Jack

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More knitting and crocheting

Hello my lovely bloggers,

I've been on a mission of making and finishing all yarn projects and having so much fun! I have actually been making time each day just for me and it feels so good!

Thanksgiving is almost here in the U.S., so I have been baking and prepping for the big day on Thursday! Lots of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas and all the naughty pies and cakes will be consumed! Can't wait. We will have TEN this year which is almost everyone minus three who can't be with us this year.  I will share photos after our Thanksgiving.

I purchased a wonderful pattern from Cherryheart called "Peek-a-boo" Blanket.
It was so much fun to crochet and I made it to match a baby hat I had knit, here's a "peek"

                       As you can see, I used Sirdar yarn, nice to work with, love the color!!

                       This is the knitted baby hat, with a motif by the talented kiwi yarns

                                                              Blanket with border

                                                         all ready for a baby gift

This really was a fun blanket to make and can be made in larger sizes also. This is Pram size 31"x22" with border.

Next up will be some mitten making for my granddaughters, but I will have to start after Thanksgiving.

                                                        This is the yarn and pattern

                                          I'm excited to knit them up with this beautiful yarn

So as I said I have baking some yummy sweets, meringues, peanut butter kisses, Toll House cookies and two batches of cranberry orange relish......yummy goodness!

                                                     Meringues and chocolate chips

                                                    Peanutbutter kisses

                                                                     Cranberry Relish

Tomorrow I pick up the 24lbs turkey, YIKES, then more chopping and prepping. I loved sharing all my recent busy days with all of you. Thanks so much for visiting me here.  I wish you all a peaceful week and weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. friends ❤️