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Friday, June 12, 2015


Down to the nitty gritty details of the wedding June 20th. Sooooooon.......

So excited and nervous in all good ways.

Wanted to pop in and show a few photos of beautiful Vermont at this time of year and touch base before the wedding.

I will be sharing so much after the event and then sharing news of another wedding this AUGUST!

                                                   My newest favorite t-shirt

                                          My Salmon colored POPPIES TO POP soon

                                           Peonies in full bloom

                                           Canopy of Lilacs





Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Month

One month ago today I posted, how can that be......

Yes, it's been busy and many balls up in the air but I wish I could have posted more. I don't want my blog to die. Hang in there with me my blogging friends. So this is what has been happening in the past month.

1. Had "A" and "E" for 5 glorious days. Lots of play and imagination happened.

                                                                2. Fairy Garden making

3. Sewing with a real sewing machine

Happy "A" with her pillow

4. Nature Walks

5. Sewing room creations=disaster area=fun!

6. American Girl doll outfit, designed by "A"

Note: little "E" and Jack

7. Goofy, happy kids

8. Terrarium making

9. Tulips

Couldn't resist

10. Bird Feeders

Love Ball Jars

11. MOB try-on/alterations
NO pic yet!

12. Bunny Delivery

Sugar(new) and Jay(new) join Betsy Buttons and Florrie
From the talented Green Rabbit Designs

13. Yard Clean-up

14. Staining deck

Boy, does water bead off it now!

15. Finished a Quilt
No pic yet!

16. Lots of this stuff

Busy busy busy

17. Mother's Day

Lovely Peonies

18. Fiddlehead gathering
from backyard                  

Sautéed in EVOL with salt and pepper, yummy!
Much like asparagus 

19. Trillium discovery

So beautiful and endangered

Well, this is what I have been up to. Thank you for following me through the list of activities, I hope I didn't bore you too much. I love to document my life and blogging is a wonderful way to do this, but the best part has been meeting and following all of you. Thank you for visiting and I will be keeping up with all of you also. Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend soon.

Take care and be well, xoRobin

Monday, April 13, 2015

Beautiful Weekend

We were so blessed with a magnificent weekend for Abby's "9" year old birthday party and Amy's lovely Bridal shower!
Abby's party was with 12 girls (counting Abby and Lizzy) at a "paint your own pottery studio". They do such a wonderful job organizing and preparing for the parties. There is a wall of pottery the girls can pick a fun piece of art work, plaque, initial, animal or hobby. The instructor explains the process of base coat painting, then a tray of 32 paint colors come out and the party begins. Nine year olds are so talented and their imagination is endless. After designing their piece of pottery they get to decide on the spray finish, gloss, pearl or glitter. (or a combo) After cake and ice cream the kids gather their masterpieces, that are mostly dry, and head home with gift bags and smiles. At nine the girls hug each other good bye, it really is so sweet. I told my daughter to enjoy this because it will not be long before there may be some boys involved......oh dear! Please stay little girls❤️

But we all know that doesn't happen, so now we get to enjoy the lives of our children as they get older and wiser and "in love".  Which brings us to Sunday with Amy's Bridal shower. It was a perfect sunny day, really the first mild and delightful day we have had this spring. (note: this was in Massachusetts, not Vermont) We had 52 ladies arriving at noon to the destination "Tuscan Kitchen" restaurant. Amy arrived at 12:15 with Andy in hand and the party started. Andy said his good byes. We had a lovely mingling time, then sit down lunch, trivia game featuring "the couple", prizes and then the opening process of the many many gifts. Amy's bridesmaids have this down pat and half open  cards etc so make the time is not so lengthy. Amy and Andy received so many lovely and useful gifts from their registry. I think many people think they enjoy a little wine....hahaha. Just kidding they did not receive any doubles and Amy was so gracious and appreciative.

Amy's future mother in law made up the most fabulous favors for everyone to take home. Beautiful bottles of Rosemary Olive oil that corresponded with the theme for their honeymoon. They will be spending two weeks in Italy!

Let me share some photos of both events!

                                                    Birthday Girl


 Lizzy working on "Poppy's" name, she was making this cupcake for Hb because he has the flu : (

                                               Nannie so proud and in love with these girls
                                               (note: Abby made two, her dog and Jack (for Poppy)

                                                    Wall of pottery

                                                    Cake and ice cream and Wishes

As you can see it was a fun time for all. I was so happy to be part of this celebration! Maybe I will have a paint your own pottery party this year and invite you all! Now wouldn't that be something : )

On to the Shower

                                                    Little girls already to go

                                                    Beautiful setting

 My son-in-law went to Chinatown on Sunday morning to pick up the special cake, couldn't be fresher or more delicious

                         Favors EVOO, beautifully executed by Amy's  future mother-in-law

                                                    Flowers and framed invitation

                                          Gift bags, prizes for games (I made the 5 "wishes" ones)

                                         Proud "me" and the bride  (little 5 foot Amy has heels on)

                                                    A few of her bridesmaids Meg and Danielle

                                          Gift time

There are many more photos from the girls, I will need to download!

I hope you enjoyed this weekend with me, I will be smiling for a while and feeling all the love!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and thank you for visiting here with me. I love seeing your visits and even more enjoy your comments. I hope to be back soon, or at least in a weeks time.


                                          Welcome Nannie
Look what the little girls did on my bed for my sleepover! I bet you can feel the love, I could

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Balls in the Air

Good morning dear friends and hello to any new visitors, I welcome you and hope you follow me.

Spring is still not here in Vermont, not even a tease!

In my world there are so many balls up in the air, I am managing by taking things day by day and at times hour by hour.......that's not to say things are bad, in fact, everything is so happy and exciting just  a lot at the same time.  If you are in my age bracket you know by now that, that is the way it normally works, "feast or famine"!
We have renovation happening at our vacation home in Martha's Vineyard which is so exciting. We had our first peek this past weekend and I was bubbling with excitement verging on goofiness! I was a real HGTV person in awe of the job that had been done. I normally can't picture the way something will turn out until I see it, I'm a very visual person. I can show you a peek to get the idea.

This is the back of the house with an added sunroom and expanded kitchen area in green. So our 800 square foot house will expand to 1400 sq. ft.  Also being added is a bathroom upstairs.
"My MV McMansion"

Inside peek, there is a lot of open space and cathedral ceilings. Hard to explain in this state. Have to wait until summer for the unveiling.

This was all so thrilling to see, but now I have to purchase so many light fixtures and get them down in time so I don't hold them up!!  It's a 4 hour drive and a 45 minute ferry ride, the drive is a bit much but I do love the ferry.
We are doing all this because we hope to spend half the year there when we are completely retired. Island life is so great and Jack loves it!

Wedding countdown 80 days away!!! Fittings to take place, invitations out, bridal shower in 2 weeks, gift bags etc.....all good stuff but a lot. I manage with my lists and lists and checking them off  :  )

Look what happened when we were at the vineyard

                                                         How cute is this?

The bridal shower is on April 20th and I'm almost ready for it with the help of all the girls in the bridal party and of course the two flower girls! (did I say there are 9 bridesmaids) Yup that's right!
The shower is at a restaurant and will be very nice and festive.

Now about Jack, I took him up to the surgeon vet. in Burlington, Vermont an hour and half away. It was an early appointment so we were up early. Good news he does not need surgery!! Thank you so much for your thoughts and concerns for my boy! He had a slight ACL tear, but not necessary for surgery because he was getting better on his own. Thank you Jack, I feel 4 thousand dollars richer. Yes that what it would have cost, but Jack is worth it :  )
Burlington, Vermont is on Lake Champlain and is so beautiful, still frozen. Here's a photo and yes it was cold.

People are still walking on the ice, but not ME! The mountains in the background are the Adirondack's in New York.

                                           Jack resting on one of the sunnier days!

Well, my friends, I better get up and get something done, but wanted to talk to all of you! I won't be blogging as much as you can see, but I'm still here and will be reading all of your posts. Thank you for coming back post after post, I do love to see you and read all your comments.


                                                  Visitor on the ferry, it was snowing/raining

                                                 But that's end with a Spring Bouquet