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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov. 30th-Oh My!

Can you believe it's December tomorrow! I'm so excited, but I hope it doesn't go as quickly as November did.  Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, how could it not be when you have family, good food, and blessings. Here are just a few select pictures.

Pretty table

Centerpiece from kids

Dancing happening

There were lots more but don't want to bore you! Hope everyone whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not have wonderful holidays and remember to count your blessings and forever be thankful for each day we have.

I'm back to crafting and knitting all for Christmas, so busy busy. I needed a pin cushion the other day so I made this.

Just a little toadstool, out of felt and button ladybug, it works!

Well, ladies and gents (if there are any) that's all for November! Take care, keep warm and smile bright!          xo Robin❤

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Done in the Nick of Time

Hooray the Red sweater is done. It was fun, but I don't think I want to make 2 more. There were 6 pieces to sew together, I like knitting from the neck down better. The least seams the better, but I do think it turned out nicely and I think my daughter will like it. It's was her Birthday on the 16th, so she will get it on Thanksgiving, instead of Christmas!!

So here's the taaa-daaaa

one more

Notice I have a black long sleeve top underneath, I think that looks best! So I got one to go with the sweater.

I have also been playing around with crocheting a tea cozy, inspired from Alice @ Crochet with Raymond. She does awesome projects!!! Here is the start of mine, still a work in progress. To be finished after Thanksgiving.

This one's a little clearer. I still have to put picot trim on handle and spout and button on handle side.

Well, Friends thanks for stopping in to visit at my nest. It's been fun to show you my little projects.
Don't be shy to comment, if you care too. I would love to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and many blessings to you, xo Robin❤

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank you for my Award❤

A big thank you to Teresa Kasner's Crochet for my Blogger award. It's so sweet and an honor as a new Blogger to boot! 
When receiving this you have to write 10 things about yourself. So here goes ☺

1. I have always loved dogs.....as a child I would check the want ads for puppies and call all long distance numbers to find out about them, until my parents gave in. It turned out to be a dachshund and she chewed a hole in my sweater on the way. (a two hour drive)

2. My favorite fountain drink as a child was and still is a root beer float with vanilla ice cream.

3. My favorite movie is Sound of Music.

3. My favorite fiction author right now is Jodi Picoult.

4. I love country music. Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and Zac Brown Band just to name a few.

5. I have always loved sewing. My neighbor growing up is the person who taught me to make my own skirts and dresses in high school. She told my mother to take me to Grants store to let me get all my sewing supplies and box!

6. If I misplace something I go crazy until I find it.

7. I like to bake more then I like to cook.

8. I am left handed, so was my father and so is one of my daughters.

9. I really enjoy going to coffee shops with a girlfriend or two.

10. I'm a dental hygienist and a RN.

Well, that's my 10 things and it was fun.....hope you had fun too! Now I get to pass the Beautiful Blogger Award to a few deserving folks!! So I hand it over to:

Crochet with Raymond

Dutch Girl Diary

Under the Tulip Tree

Thank you all for this opportunity!  Blessings to you this holiday season, xo Robin❤

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gloomy Day

Just me and Jack. I've been missing cos just not feeling well. Coughing all night, achy, and chest heavy......decided to give in and call it a lazy day of tea, TV, naps, and whatever I am able to do! It's hard to give in, BUT want to be well for Thanksgiving because I'm cooking!! So this is what it looks like. Can't see it but it's pouring.......

Just relaxing me and jack

I've got all the piece to one sweater done but now I have to sew it together....not my favorite part. Don't think I am up to it today, hopefully tomorrow or soon.
Not the best pic but you can get the idea. I hope they will like the style. I think I will pick out nice long sleeve tops for underneath. Then they will get the idea!

Well, friends thanks for popping in, sorry if it's not that exciting a post. I guess that expresses  how I feel. But I love you all for visiting and comments of course, if you like.

xo Robin❤

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Such Fun ❤

I have had such fun with my recent project. I think it is because it is for Nannie's little angels, Little A and Little E. ( pictures of them on recent posts) I did my first counted x-stitch in years, I use to do this alot when my kids were little and when it was really quite popular. Like anything else, things come and go and then come back like it's something NEW! So let me show you these tops for the holidays, a pink and white turtleneck for each little one!

Ok, now upclose and personal, the 3 designs. (2 from the internet and the xmas tree x-stitch part from Helen Philipps.

Happy Cheery House for Little A

Gingerbread Man for Little E

And both girls get the Merry Christmas Button Tree

So what do you think? Do you think the little ones will like them? I hope so because Nannie sure loved making them!

Back to my knitting needles tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great rest of the day and as always thanks for visiting my nest! xo Robin❤

Friday, November 5, 2010

Splash of Color

Great idea from Silverpebble to each month have an entry blog, Splash of Color, to get us through the dark winter months. Great idea don't you think!!!  I think it's brilliant ★
Here is my attempt

Been working on some x-stitch on some tops for my granddaughters, for the winter months since they are turtleneck. My needle work of late has been slow but coming along, just too many projects going, just like all us yarny people! So here goes.
Oh, almost forgot my inspiration is from Helen Philipps's new book and blog!!!  helenphilipps.blogspot.com


The start of it all

And then

And continuing
Still a WiP

I will show finished project soon ❤

End with a splash, my granddaughters artwork!

Thank you for visiting, I just love when you visit my nest. It really thrills ME ❤ xo Robin

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st!

Can anyone believe it is already November. I find it utterly amazing and quite scary. Time is whipping by, but on the upside lots of happy holidays are around the corner, which means family, friends, food, drink and laughter.....so that sounds lovely.
We had our first snow flake on Halloween.....so outside yard is all winterized and ready for the first real snowfall. Here is what the 31st looked like.
Then all ready for Winter
Love these old snowshoes sooooooo nostalgic!

Can still enjoy the sunsets!

We travelled this weekend, so no new tiny animals, I hope soon! We drove up to Saratoga Springs, NY and oh, my it was so pretty. It's near Lake George and also has outlets. Lots of fun there. I love college towns, they are so invigorating! Love the energy and kids! I also live in a college town,  Dartmouth College. So I am surrounded by this all the time. Aren't I fortunate, I reminded myself all the time. I think it is important to be thankful for what you do have, not what you wish you had or want or miss. We moved up here and oh I missed my family so much it was painful, but now I still miss them but am also so thankful for what I have learned and how I have grown to make my life happy for my husband and visiting family. Here is a pretty picture from our hotel room in Saratoga.

I hope you can see the pine cones. I love them! The sky was ominous but see the blue.
One more.

I snuck another pic

I hope all my friends have a great week. Back to needling hope I have something to show you soon, until then Blessings to you all and enjoy your day!

Love, Robin and Jack