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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Abby + Lizzie = Fun

Yes indeed, nothing in life is as great as a week with your grandchildren. We had such fun! Got into all kinds of mischief, made lots of messes, watched lots of movies, make cookies, went swimming, played at the children's museum, played in the snow, had tea parties, stayed up late, got Nannie to read lots of books, got new toys, and laughed until our belly's ached.

The pictures can tell the story..............

                                          Tea Party

                                         Museum play with giant bubbles

                                          Cookie making and decorating

                                          Fun lunch out

                                                   Breakfast time

                                          All smiles

                                         More play

                                         Dressing up Jack

More Museum activity

This is a snippet of our wonderful week. I really thought I took more pictures but these are the best. 

Seen then I have been sick and this is what I have been doing

Lots of tea and Kleenex

I think I am better but my cough is just terrible and I can't sleep at night due to the coughing. Nothing seems to help once the tickle starts. 

But I am walking better and not in pain, so I think I  will make it! 

Well, I promised a picture of my new bangs. Thanks for visiting and thank you to all my friends and all my new followers. I NOW HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Love this!

Look at my NEW book. I'm so excited to have received this fabulous "Pretty Patchwork Gifts"
by Helen Plilipps.  (I ordered through Amazon books) You must get this book and visit Helen's blog
here. You will not be disappointed.
I'm in heaven looking at all the projects, photos, and wonderful directions. This has got to be my
favorite book ever!!!

The pictures are so cheery, the fabrics so delicious, the ideas so clever and the I want to make
them all!
AND I will after I finish a few WIPs

I got a haircut!!! I got bangs.........I really needed a change and it is. I keep wondering who it is in the
mirror, what will honey say!?!?  Surprise, surprise...........

Look at my granddaughters as they celebrated Chinese New Year on Sunday!! Oh, how I love them.
I have them all next week for Nannie and Poppy time and their school break. Aren't we lucky?

Well, just had to share my love of Helen's book and let you all have a peek. Get one soon, if you can.
Love your visits and comments. I have been trying to reply to all, if you get a chance to return.

Wishing you all a happy and safe rest of the week,     xoRobin❤

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mostly Happy Pics

Hi Friends,

I'm still hobbling along! BUT I'm doing so much better, thank you for all your well wishes, I am thankful!

I wanted to pop in with February here already. Isn't this amazing, how time flies, even when you are not on the go.

                              Don't you just love this image. Love those candy hearts

                               Grannies are coming along, 110 so far, and more to come.

Look at all my snippings and lovely pincushion from Debbie at happylittlecottage.blogspot.com
She makes wonderful items with beautiful FaBrIcS

Had to purchase these tulips for a touch of "spring" in my house. Just love them, I think I will be keeping fresh flowers here until "spring", it does the heart good and puts a smile on your face!

                            And these keep us healthy! So yummy and straight from Florida

Couldn't resist not showing you this adorable tea towel. It was a Christmas gift from my daughter. I just love it, but not to use! It's to special :  )

Look what I received from my BFF, it was sent as , "My Sick Present", beautiful card, magazines and chocolate! Could I possibly ask for more......No way!  Thank you Patty❤

And look at my Jack, this is what he does when I am in my sewing room......my buddy

Thanks so much for visiting. I love it. Thank you for your comments. I'm flattered that you pop in and take the time. Thank you to my new followers, I appreciate you and love following you too.

Happy February and week to all of you, xoRobin❤