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Friday, September 30, 2011

One Glorious Year!

Hello friends,

I am celebrating a full year of blogging. What a wonderful year it has been! I have loved recording my projects, adventures, family and thoughts with all of you! Thank you for all your lovely comments throughout the year. I have truly enjoyed this journey with all of you and look forward to another year of blogging. As I look back on this, I was so timid to put myself out there in cyber space, but it has turned out to be such a "rewarding" and "technical" experience.

So to celebrate I am having a give-away to those of you who comment and follow me on my blog. All you have to do is leave me a message and become a follower of my blog if you are not already and I will announce the winner on October 10th!

Would you like to see my give-away? When I was on vacation this summer I was already planning my purchase. In Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts USA, The Black Dog is very popular. It is a mascot, restaurant, tavern, bakery and shop with all types of fashion and gadgets. I thought what could I get that most people could use one of. There, of course, were so many options, I choose this pretty pink black dog key chain. It is made of beautiful ribbon, strapping and toggle and very durable.  Here's the link to The Black Dog www.theblackdog.com

AND here is the Give-Away and ❤❤thank you again for giving me this opportunity❤❤


Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Visit and Home Sweet Home

Hi Friends,

I'm back home after a lovely visit with my mom. We had lots of laughs and cries and visits with old friends and shopping and lovely meals out. Never any cooking for my mom when I am around, we go out something she rarely gets to do. So nice to shop together.  We can help each other and give advice on look and style! My mom is such a sweet sweet lady and I love her dearly!
We visited my brother and family, and my niece and her son were there, that was an extra bonus. Tommy is 3 and so handsome, don't have a picture, you will just have to take my word for it.

Here's a picture of mom, a dear friend and myself. Mom in the middle!

So as always, so hard to leave, but it was a wonderful memorable week. Memories will be keeping mom going for a while. I have to get her up, but so far can't persuade her to come. She is not a good traveler or lover of change.

I came home to my honey and Jack. All happy to be together and spend the weekend catching up.  Fall is here, BUT we are also having an Indian summer. Lots of warm temperatures, 80's, and the last of our flowers and leaves changing. I walked around and took some photos. This all took place while I was gone, not really.

Here are the last of my flowers in the yard, still pretty, but going fast!
                                                                 Love my Froggy, peeking out!

Among my many errands, unpacking, food shopping, cleaners etc. I was still able to go to the farmers market on Saturday. A good farmers market is still one of my favorite things to do. Who doesn't love fresh produce, crisp apples, pumpkins and bakery treats?! Here is some of my "bounty"!

Well, this is all for now. I will be back real soon, with some new happenings and a knitting ta-daaa!
Thanks for welcoming me back and visiting my nest in blogland. I do love your visits and comments and look forward to reading what's new in your world.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

4 a week

Hi lovely friends,

Just wanted to pop in and say I will be away for a week. I will be visiting my mom. I am way overdue for some snuggle time and fun time with my mom. She has been very patient. She is still reading "The Help", and loving it. I have read it and seen the movie, just fabulous! Still my favorite book at the moment. When you read a book and finish it, and are still thinking about it for days and weeks, you know it's a wonderful novel.

So anyway, I will share my adventures with my 84 year old mom when I return. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you when I return! Have a lovely week and hope wherever you are it is sunny and happy.


                                                       One of my favorite mottos


Monday, September 12, 2011

Shopping News!

Hi Lovely Friends,

I have a new shop of my very own! I had a few (2) people ask if I sold my polka dot crochet hooks, sooooo that got me thinking! I had always wanted to have an "etsy shop", now would be a great time to go for it. SO I DID!  Anyone can take a peek at www.etsy.com/shop/Robinmurray My shop's name is Robin's Nest. I am quite excited. At the moment I have polka dot crochet hooks for sale. I will be expanded my handmade items, including knit items, crafts, sewing, and basically a little of this and that! I promise all items will bring "someone" joy!

My first sale is off in the mail and it was so exciting, because it was going across the pond! Thank you, you know who you are. Here's a peek of what it looked like.

Oh my, just realized this will be posted before it is received....... it is a sneak peek for ALL!

Also I will happily custom make any size hook and polka dot colors.

Well, thank you for visiting and sharing in my excitement. Hope you tell me what you think.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Times are Changing!

Thank you my lovely friends,

I thank you so much for all your concerns and thoughtful comments on my family's safety and well-being due to Hurricane Irene. I truly appreciated all your wishes and ideas!

Boy, fall is indeed coming. Look at all the changes around here. I have been decorating for this transition!

                                           Apples, hydrangea, sunflowers, mums, mat

Trees are starting to change also, have not taken any pictures yet! It has still been raining, but not at the moment. Thankfully!!

I had the "best" day yesterday.  I am normally scheduled to work on Wednesday, but my day was cancelled by the office I work in. So instead of pouting and complaining I got to go shopping with my daughters. They were not what made my day that special though (but of course I loved seeing them).....it was my granddaughter "A" who we went shopping for. Today was her 1st day of kindergarten! Hard to take in, but so great to buy her some school clothes and have her pick them out. She definitely knows what she likes, and you know what she has good taste. My daughter sent a phone photo and she looks so adorable. Here are few pictures from yesterdays shopping spree and lunch out at Rainforest Cafe.

                                            That's "A" so big for Kindergarten today!

Here are some of my personal purchases

Books, I love books, The Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen is the best children's book. I love to have books at the house for when the little girls come, pretty bowls (portion control), and my dessert, cupcake injected with vanilla ice cream!     ❤YUMMY❤

So it was quite the day. I left at 8 am and returned home 8:30 pm. Four and a half hours were driving, but it was so worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thanks for stopping in and visiting. Love to see you and your messages. Be back soon. Take care and smile lots.


Jack would say hi and good bye BUT look what he's doing and the position!

                                                          Wish I could be that relaxed

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane Irene : (

Hi Lovely bloggers,

Just a quick update. Yes, Irene was quite the storm. We personally were not inconvenienced, just lots of rain and wind, no loss of electricity or water in basement. We were so blessed. BUT my neighboring shopping centers are GONE!! No more TJMaxx, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Kohl's, CVS, Hallmark Store.....I am so sad. Where will I get my craft supplies, and everyday needs? I will have to travel lots further and we didn't have that many shopping centers to begin with. Sorry to complain but it's been such an adjustment to begin with, moving away from Boston area. I know I will survive and shopping should be the least of anyone concerns, it just makes things a little more difficult. Oh, you may wonder what do I mean by stores being gone, their was so much flooding, water up to 5+feet and all merchandise floating about. So stores have to be gutted, and literally rebuilt, one even shifted from its foundation.
Thanks for listening. All the poor people who are homeless and need food are in my prayers.  I plan to help out in anyway I can. Knitting warm items and donating food are just a few ways I plan to help those in need.

I have to leave you all, with a few things we can always be thankful for.


Love to you all and thanks for popping in, xoRobin❤