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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sweater Weather

Boy, has it been cold in the New England area of the United States. Negative degrees in the early morning and nights. Most days we are just reaching 12-18F, not too much snow on the ground but we do have some and ice. My husband went off the road the other day, just due to black ice and negative degrees. Not to mention it's so early when he leaves the house they hadn't even sanded the roads yet.
He was fine, by the way, just an inconvenience and a scare when I saw him back at home again, without the car. Oh, forgot to say it happened just half a mile from home and it was in a ditch. We had to call Triple A to get towed out. But all is well and we are thankful it wasn't worse.

 So due to all this icy cold weather I get to wear all my warmest sweaters and have been knitting them too. Great to have yarn as a hobby with winters like this one. I finished (almost 8 year old) Abby's cardigan and am very pleased. Here's a finished photo.

                                                                     Abby's Sweater

Pattern: Heirloom Stitches, exclusively distributed by: deep south fibers   "Ragman"
This was a really fun pattern to knit up, very easy and a very classic design.

Made with size 10 1/2 knitting needles and 10 1/2 double tipped needles, Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash, 100% superwash merino wool
This is a size 10,  6-1 inch Buttons

                                                     Nannie's label, love to put labels on
                           Actually this is the truer color, lighting in the winter is never the best

Then I made this 18-24 month same pattern for a future baby. Planning ahead. It's just such a great pattern and baby sweaters knit up so quickly. The yarn is the same Cascade Yarns 128 superwash chunky.

                                     I added a crocheted border to make it more a baby girl cardi
                                                                            (picot stitch)

I think I'm going to make a sweater for myself next, if I don't get sidetracked with other projects. I can dream!!!

We all need flowers to brighten up our long winter days. Tulips have appeared at my local food shop so they hopped in my cart :  )

        My amaryllis is coming along and my Hyacinth also but it has been extremely slow..........
I've been trying to be patient, really I have........................

                                                                      Shear ICE

                              Forgot to mention there were two cars off the road, not just hb's
                                          (he would be happy I mentioned that detail, hahaha)

Well, "Me Ladies" I guess that's all for now. Do take care, enjoy your day, thank you for visiting and as always thank you for your sweet and cheery comments. They mean so much to bloggers, Right?!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Knittin' Crochetin' and Readin'

Lots of projects have been happening over the pass month or so. My kids sometimes put me to the challenge!! In this case, I received a text from Amy (but also sent to Kate and Leslie) (all daughters) Amy said mom can you make me one of these?! Then my phone keeps beeping, me too, me too. I said REALLY you want one of these. OK, I did a little ravelry searching and oh yes there were many free patterns......... so now I was being challenged. Now I had to try, because really my kids think I can do most everything, hahaha, so I picked out yarn from my stash and got my crochet hook...... within an hour this was created.

                        AND THIS

Why you ask........well I guess beards and moustaches are popular and all the Red Sox baseball players grew real ones, so fans picked up on it!!

 This is what it looks like, chained loops for ear attachment. Really quite a fun accessory for "kids"!
Here is the link if you are interested Beard

Next challenge was from Kate, via text. Amy and Kate and myself, for that matter, are Hunger Games fans of both the books and the movies. So Kate had just seen the second movie with Amy and I guess Katniss is wearing a cowl type shawl in the movie. Yup, you guessed it Kate would love one. Oh my, I didn't even know what it looked like so the search began again on Ravelry. I found a great
you-tube video here,  and the challenge was on! If you go to the frugal crafter, search for katniss cowl, she is great and entertaining too!  Here it is and Kate loved it on Christmas day. Although I don't have a picture, it did fit perfectly. It is both crocheted and knit. Body is crocheted and the cowl is knit.

Being blocked

                                                                         Knit cowl

This is a leaf pattern scarf, made originally from Meredith    It's a great pattern and really fast, easy and pretty.

                                           Knit is progress for Abby on her birthday in April.
                                                           It's a chunky knit cardigan

I said I would share the book I'm reading. It is "Life after Life" by Kate Atkinson. The book has been highly recommended. So far it's not my favorite........ but I will judge it again when I finish, it's only fair!                time passing.....................
OK, I finished the book and I do have to say I thought it was strange and weird, BUT many loved it, so give it a try and let me know.
Basically the main character dies many times and you get to see how things would turn out differently if this happened or if that happened. Just different!!!!!!!

Well, ladies and gents (if there are any) thank you for stopping in, love your comments, treasure you all and your kindness.

Be safe, keep warm and keep creating!


Love this photo, found it on my Facebook newsfeed.........did you know  A cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed. When you see one, it means they are visiting you. They usually show up when you most need them or miss them. They also make an appearance during times of celebration as well as despair to let you know they will always be with you. Look for them, they'll appear.

Needless to say, I've seen them in moments of need and I thank my mom and dad  xoxo

Monday, January 20, 2014

LAST Catch up and moving on..........

Hello to All you Lovely Ladies!

So I am still getting my blog up to date with the end of December festivities and New Year's. I hope to get all caught up after this post. How did this happen....I don't know.....maybe the wedding...... maybe just me!

So OUR Christmas was on the 27th of December with all the kids we could gather. It was also my birthday amd my last one in my 50's. How can that be, well I tell myself, "it is what it is"! Happy to be able to be here, to talk about.........
Then after the lovely Christmas weekend, we had our two granddaughters, Abby and Lizzie for a few more days. It was so much fun and we even had New Year's Eve together, which you will see in photos. The littles wanted to eat in the dining room and stay up late. SO they stayed up till 9:30, and we made it till 10:00. Real night owls this group. I've never been a New Year's Eve fan, I like to be home, have fun food, make a toast whenever and be with the one you love or in this case "granddaughters" too!  I'm not much for New Year resolutions either because I think each day is a new day and we can all try to do our best each day, anyway. Well, enough of all this, how 'bout some photos!

                                         Lovely homemade Birthday cake by Amy and Andy

                                                      Beautiful flowers for A + A

                                                                       "My Angels"  
                                       As you can see Lizzie is a character on the left, 5 years
                                                                      and Abby 7 years

                                 One Christmas craft made by Lizzie and Nannie's help

                                             My son Ted and his dog Zoey  (and of course jealous Jack)

                                           Jack takes a lot........during the little girls visits

                              Getting ready for New Year's, girls had fun making table settings

                                                             Ready with chop sticks

                                                                   Popper time

                                                                   Banner strung

                                                  Cosy time on Nannie and Poppy's bed

 Another Christmas craft made by Abby, she did a great job with only a tiny bit of help

                                                    Gifts to myself from Cath Kidston

                              My new tea mug and dish towels, if I can dare to dirty them

 My newest find, design your our journal, date book etc by May Designs. Check this out, it is so fun. The books are hand sewn and you pick your design, font, label etc.

                                                  Handsome Jack not to be forgotten

                       Look what Mother Nature did on my walkway, an icy smiley face : )

Hurray, that's all my pictures in December. Thank you for back tracking with me and now my blog is mostly up to date. Finally next time projects, knitting, crocheting, and what I'm reading. Oh, I almost forgot a home demo happening in one bathroom. Never fun, but hopefully the results with be exciting.

Thank you for visiting, following me and being wonderful friends. Your comments are so appreciated and I thank each and everyone of you!

See you soon, xoRobin

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 January❤

Happy New Year Dear Bloggers! 

Where have I been?  I have been here, yes, just catching up, enjoying family, holidays and trying to just be. Everything has been so festive and so many wonderful family times! We actually spend Christmas 24th and 25th in Boston! Yes, it was certainly different but, oh, so nice. Due to the wedding in early December and everyone being together we couldn't get people together again until the 27th and weekend. ( have to share the kids with their in-laws, boyfriends parents etc) 
So we had the brilliant idea to spend the two days in the city. It was so lovely, we stayed at the FOUR SEASONS HOTEL and were so indulged with all the luxuries you can imagine. We walked the city all bundled up, it was seasonally freezing. We had Christmas Eve dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, PF Changs. We brought an artificial tree and decorated it in our room and opened a few presents. (all arranged by my husband, yes he's a sweetheart)  We walked to midnight mass at the most beautiful church, "Trinity" in Boston. Walked back to the hotel and had the best sleep. Christmas morning was so stunning. We woke to looking out at The Boston Common and a fabulous breakfast in the Four Seasons dining room. The Common was calling us so we walked on Christmas morning to visit the Ducklings and even a market open on Christmas morning! The city is so exciting and a whole different way of life. Yes, I know it was different but I think we made the best of not having the kids actually on Christmas day!!! We had FUN
We then spent the rest of the day with Hb sisters and family. We always have so many laughs,  delicious food and love.

Here are an assortment of photos

                                                   Four Seasons Hotel

                                                   Boston Common right out our Hotel window

                                                 Our tree being decorated

                                         Oh so pretty and gifts

Boston all lite up

                                                    State House

                                                   Frog pond frozen and flooded for ice skating

                                          Commonwealth Ave. walkway all a Sparkle

                                          Hahahaha Our tree from the street looking UP

                                          Trinity Church

                                          Christmas morning and the Ducklings


                                                    All in a parade

                                                    Pretty cute

            Make way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey, I'm sure you all know this book.

                                         Just beautiful elevator doors, had to capture

That was our Christmas!!! Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks for coming along with me.

This is Zakim Bridge in Boston and we are leaving to go to Christmas dinner with family!

Well, so much more to come........be back soon with my birthday 27th, little girls, New Year's and projects............


                                          Don't you just want to kiss Jack's nose?!?!