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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Few Firsts

Thank you all so much for your sympathy with my leg injury. I'm doing better. Since last I blogged, I have been to the orthopedic doctor and "MY FIRST" time with Physical Therapy. I am now in a hinged knee brace and boy, did it feel great to get out of the immobilizer. Now, after my first PT I'm to do stretching exercises and not wear the brace as much. So I'm making strides! It seems I dislocated my patella (knee) with the impact of the blow to my knee (from the dog). That is why my pain was so severe and the swelling immediate. I need to now strengthen my ligaments, it's amazing how quickly all this deterioration in movement and tightness happens.  I see the light at the end and I'm optimistic!

                                           New hinged knee brace

Now, my exciting "New First" the second one. I made a new design for my crochet hooks. I'm in love along with many others with buntings, thanks to my UK friends!!!! I had the thought to try to made a bunting with the sculpting clay. I enjoyed the challenge and even like the result. What do you think??

                                         Can be found in my shop

Since I have been so stationary, I have made a lot of headway with my Granny Square blanket. Amazing what you can do when you are forced to slowdown.

I think am making a Queen size spread, but not to go over the sides, just to be a coverlet on top, so I have a long way to go!

Well, my friends, that's all I have to tell and show! I'm really quite boring right now, so thanks for  taking the time to visit. I'm really appreciating it more than ever. I leave you with this lovely photo, I found this somewhere on the www. or pinterest!  I do love pinterest, you can really get captivated in it. (in a good way)

Love to all, xoRobin❤

Monday, January 21, 2013

OUCH, this is ME now

Well, I'm back from visiting my mom. I really had a nice visit will her. Mom really doesn't believe I am her daughter, but she wishes I were. I corrected her for a while, and then I just play along, as us being good friends who really love each other. ❤

We did some fun things and helpful things, like food shopping, few meals out, visiting people and a little shopping for pleasure. Mom brought a lovely watch and insisted on getting me one too. I will have to show you next time, no photo at the moment.

So, I got home Friday night, it was so nice to be back with my "Honey" and Jack! Then on Saturday I did a big food shopping because, daughter, Amy and her boyfriend and Leroy the dog were coming for the long weekend. (Martin Luther King Day). Does anyone else feel like they are contently at the food store? I do for sure!
Well, we had lunch, chatted, and decided to have a nice walk before Lasagna dinner (which I had made earlier in the day)

Look what happened and then I will explain

 A Neighborhood dog came running full speed into my right knee! OUCH! Oh, it was painful. So I fell onto the road and everyone came running, meanwhile I am just waiting for the pain to subside. I have to be driven down the driveway and carried into the house. We immediately iced the knee and ACE bandaged it up. This dog did not steer away from me,  just plowed right into me, he is a black lab and still a wild pup, so it was just an unfortunate accident. This all happened Saturday evening, so Sunday morning we had to go to the ER. My leg had swelled up during the night and I could not put pressure or walk at all. After x-rays and visit. I am happy to report no breaks, but I will be seeing an Orthopedic doctor this week, after swelling goes down, to see if I have a tore ligament. Oh boy, what a nuisance. I can't believe this.
I was then completely taken care of and spoiled with flowers.

                                                  AND Balloon

                                                   WHOOOO doesn't love an OWL

                                                    I was given Wine.... sure to help!

                             Homemade Calzones were made, before baked, veggie and meat.

 So I will be having a lot of time to work on my Grannies! Also worked on while visiting Mom.

 I leave you with Leroy and my TWO ANGELS who helped me through this ordeal.
❤Thank you Amy and Andy❤

I will let you know how I am doing, can't wait to get up to date with all your blogs I have missed. Thanks so much for visiting and listening to me. I enjoy your visits and lovely words. Thank you and hope you are all well and enduring this strange winter!


Thursday, January 10, 2013


I love orchids and I guess they love me too. I must have the perfect setting and exposure. I have been collecting them for about ten years now and still have my first. I have ones from Home Depot, Ikea, expensive florists, and many from a lady in Martha's Vineyard who sells them at the farmer's market. Honestly, the ones from this woman are the best and do the best. When they bloom they last forever, and I mean months, and then they may lie dormant for a few months and start allover again. I fertilize them about three times a year and water them once a week. There are a few ways to water, one is just the ice cube slow melt and the other is a soak from the bottom up in a sink of lukewarm water. I do the later way the most. After you soak the container then you drain it in the sink until no more water is coming out. Once a week is plenty for an orchid, you don't want to over water.
I have some pictures of my gems, from blossoms, to new buds and stems.

             This is just the beginning for this orchid, there are many more to come

                                           Isn't this a lovely color combination?

                            Hope you can see the growth in the stems in the next few pictures.

                          Nice sturdy stems to bear beautiful orchids, in weeks to come.

             Not a particular good shot, but can you see the white orchid and the new stem.

                                             Another orchid and more sturdy stems

               This is one of my favorites, a little smaller orchid, I think the flowers are so sweet.

                   More growth, I will have to update when all the stems are in full bloom  ;  )

So what else have I been up too. I have been stocking my Etsy shop with more crochet hooks. Much to my delight and amazement they are selling and everyone loves them. I am so happy they are loved and that they bring people happiness and joy. What a nice feeling to know people are enjoying something you have made and then making something that will also bring joy to others.
Here are some of my latest.

What else have I been up to, Reading, walking/running, and getting organized for 2013, and purging my wardrobe and stuff. Boy, is it hard for me to part with things but I am slowly trying to thin out and give away. After it is all said done, it really feels good! I am taking a drawer at a time and then a closet at a time until I am finished. I believe it will make my life simpler  and have a freeing feeling once I am through. Plus I am hopeful that others will benefit with this effort also!!

How are all of you doing? I hope well. I am off to visit my mom this coming Monday, so I may not be able to keep up with all of you, BUT I will be thinking good thoughts! Thanks for popping in, oh, how I love your visits! Thanks for taking the time to comment and as always I'm thankful for all of you.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Calendar Girl

Time to get organized and productive. I'm a Calendar girl, not in the ways of being in one, (hahaha)
 but by having too many of them. I have Calendars and date books and organizer notebooks and individual monthly calendars, oh I love them, that's for sure.

I have to write dates and appts. in my purse datebook and on the calendar in the kitchen and in my sewing room and so forth........

I can never decide on one, so that's why I have a collection of them each year. It's hard to be organized when you have to put in dates so many places, but I do!!!
Anyone else have this obsession?!?

Take a look at my Calendars for this year

As always my Lovely daughter makes up a Special Calendar for us each year with lots of fabulous pictures of the Little Girls. IT is always my favorite and most treasured!!

                                           All the photos for each month are adorable

                     Then there is the Cath Kidston datebook I keep in my purse

                           Then the weekly Keep Calm calendar I keep on my desk

                       Then the 3 ring Martha Stewart binder I keep on the kitchen counter

                Then the Susan Branch one I have in my sewing room. I love her and
                                                  she has a fabulous blog here

Then a lovely mini fold out desk calendar that goes on a paper stand (in the background) I'm using this for my next notebook.   Foldout from "Paper Source" store.

I am a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks. I thought I would have one for each month and put anything and everything in it. Everything from to do lists, to thoughts, to ideas, to dreams. Moleskines come in lots of colors, so it's fun to pick a new one for each month. So I will see how this works out.

I don't know if these are sold in Europe and elsewhere but they are plentiful here in the States. (and very popular)

Next monthly poster calendar I have on one of my desks, by Kate Libby  I love her art work, neat and simple.

           Last but not least, Free Mollie Makes calendar from magazine subscription, always FuN

So what a collection! I think I may not be the only one who has a few, but no more for me. At least I will try!

So Christmas decorations are all away and it is nice to have it simple and tidy. I am still enjoying the feeling of vacation because I am not working right now. I have been able to get so much done and it really is feeling good. I will be visiting my mom again in the next few weeks and I am able to plan accordingly, since I have more time.  SO all is well and all is calm.

I thank you for popping in. I love your visits and now I can comment on your comments or answer questions because I was able to figure out how to add reply on my blog. We will see how it works out. Have a great weekend and again thanks for stopping by.