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Monday, May 20, 2013

Brimfield Antique and Flea Market

Great time was had at the Fair!!! Lots of people buying, lots of people selling, lots of sun and smiles! Fair food, kettle corn, lobster rolls, fresh lemonade, turkey dinner in a sub roll, fries, and drinks! Lots of walking involved, so comfy wear was important.

                               Tents, people, backpacks and carts

Things I liked and didn't get, lovely baskets, vintage thread cabinets, antique desk (top comes down), church pew bench seat. Aren't they all special?

Things I did purchase vintage yarn spools, wooden darning holder, table cloth (loved the fabric), fiesta ware (I have this in MV), woven laundry basket made in India, kilt safety pins for sweaters, bell necklace (handle of SS fork and fork tong for bell)  makes a lovely chime!

I think I did well, no large purchases but it was fun to roam and dream.

Now actually home this week and so looking forward to catching up both in the house and outside.

More to update you all soon. So much going on, my head is spinning.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your days and nights. Thanks for visiting me here in my world. I appreciate your visits and comments.

all my best to you, xoRobin

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back Home

I'm home and couldn't be happier. Vacations are great, visiting mom is wonderful but there is no place like home. One week in Arizona, home one day and off to Pennsylvania for five, home then wonderful trip to Massachusetts to celebrate Mother's Day with kids......it's been a busy whirl wind. I am happy to stay put for a spell, but more travel this month but short trips.

This weekend we will be going to a fabulous fair called Brimfield Fair in Western Ma. It is a huge antique, flea market type fair.  I promise to take lots of pictures. We are not really looking for anything special just wondering and enjoying. I'm sure I will find some treasures though.

So what about Arizona, well it was hot!! 102 degrees in Phoenix while we were there, really too heat for me! The day my Hb was at his conference I just had to shop at a mall. I know it was tough but it was my job. Scottsdale, AZ is 25 minutes from Phoenix so I was able to take the rental car and explore.  After the conference we had our vacation. We travelled to Sedona where the red rocks are and it was exquisite. I had asked the question, how will you know when you see the rocks, WELL, there is no question when you see them for the first time. Take a look

                                          Aren't these photos amazing!?!?

We took a "Pink Jeep Tour" up the rocks and saw so much and actually learned about the rocks, vegetation, and history. It was so much fun. We climbed and descended some fairly white knuckle mountains. Take a peek

We ate some awesome authentic Mexican food and a few too many margaritas!! Well, not to many, I don't think that's possible!

We stay at the sweetest, loveliest villa in Sedona. I'm going to show you in photos.

Entrance to "Adobe Grand Villas" 

                                                                  More Entrance

                                                              Adobe Villas

                                                                       Our Villa

                                                 Garden Door, I was immediately in Love

                                                                     Garden Bed

                                                     Enormous deluxe Bathroom

                                                                Two beautiful sinks

                                         Walk in shower and water came out of a watering can!

   Kitchen with bread maker, they made fresh bread for us each day. The aroma was heavenly!

Fireplace that we had going every night and lovely window sit

                                              Roomy bed with framed headboard with gates

                                                      View from balcony into gardens

So as you can see this was quite the spot. I did not want to leave, three days was just not enough, but I know where to return someday!  You can check it out if you like at Adobe Grand Villas

I have more to share but I think I will have to do it in a next post. This has been timely enough.
As always, thank you for visiting and commenting. I love to read each and every comment and will answer any questions. Have a happy week and I be back with more I promise!

So nice to be back, xoRobin