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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Oh dear, I hurt my back by just bending at the waist. How is that even possible? Getting older is not a treat, it's true you can't be a wimp when it comes to aging. I'm trying to age gracefully but it's not easy. Everyday there is a new ache, a new creak, a new wrinkle and now another new pain! I can put up with most things but I'm finding I'm not much good at not being able to get out and about. Too many days in the house and I become quite unbearable, sad and lonely.  I'm definitely a people person,  love to chat and help others......so if I'm not feeling well, things do come to a halt.   :   (
I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, on a Saturday of a long weekend, so I hope I can get some relief and pain medication for the lower back spasms. I will be seeing a PA (physicians assistant), I can't remember the last time I have seen my real GP. I have nothing against PA's at all but it would be nice to get the doctor you started off with in the first place (once in a while). Boy, I'm on a roll. I know, not my usual voice but I'm in pain.  To think I went to a zumba class two days ago and yesterday walked 2 miles and then bent to pick up an empty box and now I'm incapacitated. Ok, I know it could be so much worse and I certainly know that, so I will stop and count my blessings.

How 'bout a few pictures

Remember this doggy, "Betty"  We had a visit from her and her mommy, our daughter Leslie!
Lots of fun and Jack had a playmate❤️
Jack loves other dogs and they love him, he is always the Big Brother!

                                                   Hi, Betty's Mom

                               The calves found a shady spot, way far away from the barn area

                                           So lovely, so blessed to have farm animals down my dirt road

                                                      Look what caught me on our walk

                                                               They got Jack too

                  This piggy just had 11 piglets, but not visible, they are in the barn. DARN

And the tan one just had 7 piglets. I know it's such a tease to not see the piglets.....it's a tease for me also. I think I have to time it with the farmer to get in the barn. But I won't be walking this weekend :(

Lastly a photo of my early June Flower Basket that is still doing so well. I'm really in love with the colors and the combination of the plants I chose to plant in it this year. Normally my baskets fizzle out by now.

                                                                   ONE MORE

"I Spy" a slipper toe

Well, it's time to rest and lie flat. Doctor's visit got canceled by me, I'm going to wait till Monday and just rest up. I have some pain meds. but for now I'm sticking with Advil.  Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and thanks so much for visiting me. I know I will really enjoy your comments this weekend. Be back soon, September here we come. YIKES!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Where has the time gone? Two week vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Home and family visits that is where!
We had a lovely time on vacation, lots of sunny weather, we were so fortunate. We played golf, ate out a lot, did some home projects, beach walks, and lots of reading! I love to read on vacation a true sign of vacation. Discovered a new author Jojo Moyes, Me before You, what a great book and a tear jerker too. Loved her book and can't wait to read her others.  Read Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand, very good summer beach book, another new author for me Robert Galbraith, The Cuckoo's Calling, great detective mystery book. I will be reading the sequel Silkworm after my daughter is through with it!
Now I 'm reading Big Little Lies, by Liane Morianty so far really great, same author from The Husbands Secret a great read!

Well, we were so excited to have our two granddaughters and daughter here for a few days after getting home from MV. We hadn't seen them  for a while so I was more then ready. Elisabeth (Lizzy) just turned 6 years old so we had a birthday party and not just any "B" party, a red, white and blue party at Lizzy's request! So I looked for all the right colors for the decorations and I think she was more then pleased. We had spaghetti and meatballs also requested and a special cake from our local bakery, Hanover's double fudge!

                                                    Dining room/party room

                                      Special birthday cake and I hope a good wish come true!

                                  Lots of balloons, we were afraid they would pick her UP!

We had a great hike one day, a museum day, and playground play!

                                                     Museum kite making event

                                         Movie watching after a long day, all bathed and in PJ's

                                                    Playground fun

                                              Hiking and fairy searching

                                                 Can anyone name this beautiful flower??

Look what's happening here................. I'm so not ready..........................bring back summer!

I love Fall weather but it just doesn't seem like we have had enough summer yet. BUT it has been a lovely summer!

Hope you are all well and enjoying some free time for hobbies, gardening, family and yarn loveliness! I have not made anything this summer which I think is a first, so the Fall will be a good time to start and get my mojo back!

Thanks for coming back and visiting me here, I'm so behind in blogs, but I will be catching up soon. Love to you all, xoRobin

                                         Look who's back.....sheepies.......here's a sweet one