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Monday, December 27, 2010

Fabulous time was had by ALL!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. It was wonderful here in Vermont. The company was wonderful, the food was never ending, the gifts were plentiful, the smiles, laughter, and games were enjoyed, desserts......did you hear me say desserts, well they were delicious and exceptional. Let me show you one.
Now how amazing is this.........made by my daughter❤
A closeup of this Yule Log.....and it should come as no surprise that it was decadent and yummy.

And of course their were simple cookies......lots of fun to make on the 24th!

Lots and lots of sprinkles of course

We had lots of beautiful fires, music and lovely appetizers here

Next we worked on a 1000 piece puzzle, almost finished, no picture yet!
So we ate and ate, had some drinks, talked and chattered, laughed and were silly, did dishes and more dishes, played family games and were very competitive, stayed up very late and slept very well......the perfect definition of a well celebrated Christmas with family!!! (very much missed those not with us)

NOW we have this BLizzard 2010, officially named by Government. Here is what we woke up to today and what developed throughout the day until dusk.

Beautiful end to the blizzard, who could imagine this!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my Christmas here in my wintery nest! Thanks for visiting and hope everyone is well, survived their holidays and is ready for the New Year! All your comments are loved, cherished and remembered! xo Robin❤❉❤  Blessings to all

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

I wanted to wish everyone who follows me and to all I follow a very Merry Christmas! Hope that the day is filled with love, happiness, and laughter with those you love. If loved ones are not near, I hope you get to talk and feel the love that way. I have to do that with my side of the family due to the distance. Thank goodness for the telephone! I hope everyone fills their tummies with yummy food, dessert, and drink. I hope everyone gets at least one toy to play with because you are never to old for one!!! Let's face it everyone needs to play or at least read the directions to something. I will leave you with a few pictures. Blessings to all. xo Robin❤

Our beautiful tree!

Newest Ornament from my daughter.

And to all much Peace!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Snow Popping in!

Hi ladies, have missed posting!  Busy working, knitting and shopping for everyone. This holiday really snuck up on me. I think when you host a holiday, it gets you behind for the next holiday, which I am also hosting! But I love it all! Nothing like family❤

Snowy beautiful Sunday

Oh, it was pretty until it all turned to rain. Didn't take a photo too gloomy!

Picked out our xmas tree in the snow very festive! Will share when we decorate and bring inside.....still drying out.

Can't share what I'm working on......due to spoiling the surprise for family members, if they pop in!

Blessings to all who visit and all who don't.
xo Robin and Jack❤

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sorry for abrupt ending!

Had a difficult time with last post. Sorry! I will continue and I only had a little left to show. Don't forget to check out post before this one too!! Thanks ❤

These are my baubles I hang at the french doors. They look the best when the sun is shining bright. NOT much of that lately! Pretty none the less!

Light definitely not good, but I wanted to show you anyway!

Thank you for visiting. Love you popping in and visiting and leaving your lovely comments. See you later this week, until then take care, be happy and smile!

xo Robin❤

Christmas has arrived ❤❉❤

Hi Everyone, Spent most of the weekend decorating and listening to Christmas music. Oh, how I love Christmas music. I have it in the car too! Not to much knitting or crocheting happening BUT the house is decorated. Want to see!?! All but the tree, we wait till closer to Christmas, so it won't dry out too much. (my DH speaking)

My collection of nutcrackers in descending size!

This is my family room  mantel with trees, mitten garland and my Santa's I painted and glazed years ago, still love them!

X-Large Ball Jar with all sizes and colors of balls

Living room and antique tree and ornaments
 Christmas Nativity

 My Carolers

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec. 1st-Looking for Color!

Hi all! I am continuing our Color post for "color" in our winter months, only 3 months to all, depending on where you live and the days will be getting longer too! I started off with the last of my indoor flowers and moved around the house looking for color without getting into Christmas yet. (except for one picture)

So here goes!

My beautiful orchids and alot more are in bloom

Not sure the name of this one but it's pretty ( some kind of pulpit?)

My own dried hydrangea, still looking colorful

Outdoor ivy brought in and thriving with Jack's help

Color on a gloomy day!

Looks more colorful with the Sun! But still makes me smile : )

One of my favorites, it's in our living room and I see it all day long!

The start of Christmas decorations and lots of bright reds and greens will be showering my house this week!

Thanks for visiting my nest of color. I love all your comments and love visiting you too!

Happy December 1st to one and all!!  xo Robin❤