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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lovely Summer News

I know it has been so long since my last post.......it has been a wild ride of weddings, summer days and plans for next August 22nd daughter's wedding. (not to mention reno on MV house)

Amy and Andrew's wedding was absolutely beautiful and lovely in every way. We all had the best time and the weather was picture perfect.  The best way to tell you about it is with a few pictures.


                            I love this happy photo........married and happy and ready to party

Abby and Lizzy made the sweetest flower girls~see "ELLIE" the elephant for support!

                          Finally me in my dress~no formal photos yet~it was very comfortable

                                                            Gotta love LOVE

                                                        Goody bags in guest's rooms

                                             Event tent being set up~love the top flags

              Wedding cake from text~sorry~ really have to get the professional photos

I will have more better photos but this is a start~Let me show you the quilt/wall hanging I made for the newlyweds~they loved it

                                                    This was so much fun to make for A&A

                                                     Each door has a different motif~fussy fun work

                                                                       From ME

                          I also made this sign for the reception~galvanized bucket with flip flops

 We ordered 200 mini succulents and baby ball jars for the take home gift at everyone's seat

 After making 150 jars, I really never wanted to see another succulent~but they were a hit~and still alive!!

Well, my friends this has taken a while to write, I must get going but I have missed blogging and have so much more to share. Next Time, more on summer, Leslie's upcoming wedding and so much more.

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