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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas and Family Times

I sure hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday! I could see some wonderful times on blogs and it DID, in fact, look so happy, peaceful and FULL!

We all had a lovely Christmas, holiday, birthday, family time, game playing, eating and being merry! It just went on and on.......we saw all 5 adult children with spouses, grandchildren, boyfriends and dogs. We actually had "4" Christmases because everyone could not come at once. BUT each one was so very special and we feel so blessed to have our wonderful family.

Photo Moments

                                                 Abby and Lizzie in Christmas Jammies

                                                               One doggie present

         Christmas Brunch, delicious cinnamon pull apart bread, fresh from the oven

                                                              Savory rolls for Brunch

                                                               Little girl snow Angels

                                                            Festive Nails for the holidays

                                                          Group Walk with three dogs

                                                                  Ornaments galore

                                                         Blazing fire to set the Spirit


                                                            Christmas Dinner table

                                          Fabulous Brussel Sprout salad.......who knew!

                                                             Parsnips and Carrots

                                                       Fingerling rosemary potatoes

Standing Rib Roast

                                                            Nannie and her "Little Girls"
                                                                         Note my jewels

                                                                    Christmas crafts

                                                                          So Proud!

                                                                      Christmas craft #2

                                                    Snow, Doggies and Little Lizzie

                                Did I mention we have LOTS and LOTS of ❄❄❄SnOw❄❄❄

                                                                      My Snow Angels

                                                                Clever Girls

So that's a very quick summary of our Wonderful last 2 weeks.  I am wishing for all of you a Very Happy New year. May it be Happy, Healthy, Creative and surrounded with family, friends and lots of Love. Thank you for a year of your visits, comments and friendship. It has been a wonderful year for my family, certainty ups and downs but such is life.

See you all next year and many thanks again for your visits and friendship❤


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas One and ALL

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year. 

Love to All, xoRobin❤ and Jack

Be back soon❤❤❤

Friday, December 7, 2012

Just Saying

Just Saying

There is nothing like a brisk morning walk to clear your head, motivate you, put a bounce in your step and give you time to feel inspired and creative. Whether it is alone, with a friend or, in my case, with my pal Jack. I don't know who enjoys the walks more! This outing this morning for some reason was particularly invigorating and gave me some energy and inspiration for some new sewing creations........
unfortunately I can't share them right now, you guessed it, I don't want to spoil anyone's Christmas, if they happen to read this blog! But you can be assured that I will show you after Christmas, for sure!

So anyway, just popping in to say hi and wishing everyone happy days, filled with love, fun and Christmas Cheer❤

                                                           Jack in action, Says HI

Thanks for all your sweet comments, I love them all and appreciate you visiting me here.


Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd Red and Green all over

Happy New Week, Happy December 3rd, and hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I have decided to post "Just" photos of my weekend. (maybe a few words) The house has been Christmas-fied. I just made up a new word! I do that a lot. (so I am told)

Have a peek and enjoy your day my friends

                                                               Frost Moon

                                                          New Tea Towel

                                                  New Morning coffee mug

                                               Rosemary tree (smells yummy)

                        Outside summer Ivy indoors for winter and Christmas-fied

                                        My country rustic tree and antiques

            Snowmen in all stages and my chalk board and HB's added words

                                                   Mushroom and troll

                                                      Caroler Pup

                                                     Red and green

                                              More Red and Green

                                                  Red and Green

                                                Nutcrackers are BACK

          Red and Green and ornaments awaiting our "REAL TREE"  Birdies by the lovely Mia

                                                      Bobbles and lights

                                                          Red berries

                                                       Giant Nutcracker

                                              Love my Frosty figurine

                                         Ready for some lovely festive family meals

                                                    Bottles adorned by red and green

Have a lovely day and remember to be thankful. I try too and it really helps when things get tough.
Loving all your posts this time of year, take care.


p.s. Many people asked if the label maker works, I am sad to say it does not BUT it's a great conversation piece :  )