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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mostly Bunnies and Home

Hello Everyone, faithful followers and NEW. I thank you all for visiting and Welcome!

I'm back from visiting my mom and we had a lovely time together. It was a very relaxed visit with only one doctor visit and then lots of girlie time, mani and pedi's, hair do appt., shopping, and a few meals out. Mom was in heaven, I pooped her out and honestly she pooped me out too! Her health remains good and her dementia changes each visit, but always a sunny smile on her sweet face. There's nothing like your mom ❤

I have so much to show you, I don't really know where to start! I have been trying to get ready for Easter, we are having at least eight for the weekend. So lots of cooking, planning and beds to make up! Little girls are coming so there will be egg dying, easter baskets, egg hunt, and playing. For the big kids there will be easter baskets (never to old) and lots of yummy meals and probably some game playing.
 I wanted to make something for the baskets for the little ones, so with the help and free pattern from the talented and delightful Julie from little cotton rabbits, I made these itty bitty bunnies.
Let me show you, I think I may be making small quilts, if I don't run out of time. I guarantee  you will want to make one, as you can see I couldn't stop at one.

                                    FIVE LITTLE BUNNIES SITTING SO PRETTY

                                      Teeny tiny buttons on little smocks

                                      Easter baskets are ready, Jolly, Polly and Holly

I used this fuzzy yarn and it was difficult to knit and work with, so I designed a different bunny, Molly, with a cotton tail.....below

This was quicker to make, no limbs!

                                               This is my sweet little baby bunny, named Dolly!

                                                                   Polly and Dolly

SOOOOO, who wants to make one, I think I could make more if time allows! I used DK yarn for
 Polly, Jolly, and Holly. I used baby yarn for Dolly. The needles were 2.75mm (but you can use 3mm). I used a self striping sock yarn for the smocks and buttons from my stash. I used DMC thread for the eyes and nose and light fabric for interfacing on face. If you make one "ENJOY"!

I have also done a little shopping from some of my blogging friends and have fallen in love with my purchases and even was a giveaway winner.

Please see what I'm talking about ❤

Meet Betsy Buttons, my beloved purchase from Vivienne at Green Rabbit Designs. Isn't she lovely?!

                            Betsy Buttons joins my beloved "Trusty Rusty" pup. His nose is worn off from hugs.

                                                     ❤BB up close, so precious and petite❤

Another beautiful purchase from Mia at Handmade by Mia. I love my blue Elephant and birdie, they bring me good luck!

Mia does such a beautiful job with her talents, up close with Hefner Heffalump and his best friend
 F. Uchcia the birdie!

A sweet Easter gift from my BFF, Patty! Carrot Bunny on my hutch bringing smiles and love to all!

Isn't "she" the best?!

Cath Kidston in her glory! I use this as my accessory carryall for my hooks, needles etc. Love all the patches and pins.

                                                                          Back side

                                                               Little cottage needle case

                                                            Tin for itty bitty buttons

AND I was a Winner!!!!!! From the lovely sweet and talented Mia! You might say I adore her hand makes!       "this is how it was presented"

A custom made JACK

                                  Can you believe how perfect this is, my buddy JACK

                          Even the back is beautiful! Thank you Mia, best give away ever.

Well, I guess you could say I have been a very lucky girl! I know it, I appreciate it, and I am grateful!

Thank you all for visiting this rather long post. Hope you have enjoy it. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. I LOVE your comments and will reply!

Happy Easter my friends, Happy Passover my friends, I love you all!

                                                                    Ready for Spring!


Friday, March 15, 2013

And the Winner is........

Oh, how I wish all fifteen of you who entered my giveaway could win, but I have only one winner!

This is how I did the picking

The Old Fashion Way

First the names "15 total"
Then the folding
then the mixing and hand in the basket
and then the winner!!!!!

Anne you are the lucky winner. You said you like green and blue so I will with joy send you your apron!! Please email me your address  :  )

Thank you to everyone who entered. I will be having more giveaways this year, why?  just because and for no reason at all. Just for FUN!

Let me show you a few Easter decorations around here. I didn't go overboard this year, just enough to feel like Spring!

                                  Easter centerpiece in Dining Room

                                   Chocolate and eggs in egg crate

                                Fun Easter things, getting ready for my Granddaughters

                                    Family room mantel

                                       Spring Mantel

                                                My favorite mini Easter Tree with mini ornaments

                                            My Favorite button bunny ornament

                                        Cherry blossom and forsythia branches in living room
                                                                      (Shhhhh not real)

Well, that's a peek of my Spring so far. Outside still snow, dreary and cold, but every little bit helps.

Thank you my friends for your visits and comments. I promise to have another giveaway sooner than later! I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be away next week to visit my dear mom. See you in a week, so be well!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's Celebrate with a Give Away

Hi followers,

It is with great pleasure that I am celebrating with all of you my happiness of having reached 100+ followers. It feels like a milestone and feels so good and rewarding. This all started off as a challenge for myself. I wanted to document my daily activities, thoughts, crafts, yarn, fabric and button inspirations and ta-dahhhh moments. It has been so much fun and I have met so many lovely people.  I consider this priceless. There are so many talented people out in blog land who are all so kind and thoughtful. What a wonderful place to share our thoughts and creations. I have learned so much from all of you and have enjoyed all of your blogs and comments.

So here's my give-away. I have been making "Tea Towel Aprons". I'm sure there are probably aprons like these out there, but these are my own designs and have my own personal touch of details.

So what I would like you to do is just leave a comment. Tell me your favorite color for an apron and become a follower if you are not already. That's it!!! I will send anywhere. I will pick the winner on Friday the 15th of March.

Here's a few of my creations

                                     I use lots of buttons, stamps and fun fabrics

                                     Four more of my favorites

                                      Love this fabric and in this Photo a WIP

Well Ladies, thanks so much for popping in. Please join the chance to win an Apron. I will love to send one off, to the hand picked(no peeking) winner on March 15th.

Take care and be well, xoRobin❤