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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Click click clicking

Hi my faithful followers,

Many many thank you's for your lovely words and prayers for Boston. Shortly after I posted the 2nd suspect was caught and now we wait for answers and justice. We will all continue to pray for the injured and all families involved. Boston really came together and it was so inspiring to see.
                                                  "BOSTON STRONG"

I had two daughters who were flying in and out of Boston on Saturday so I was more then a bit cautious and apprehensive. But thank the Lord all went well and now for a bit I feel a little bit more at ease. We will be flying on Saturday so I'm having faith all will be fine. You just don't know what lies ahead, so we have to cherish every moment and be grateful. That's what I try to do.

Ok, now I have to move on and show you what I've been up to with my needles. My oldest granddaughter "Abby" just turned "7".  I can't believe that little one is 7. She is really getting into her American Girl doll now, so you know what that means. Yes, sweater, clothes made by "knitting nannie".  I have made so far a hooded sweater for "Abigail" the doll and one is on the needles for a matching sweater for Abby. Then I will made a skirt and top and pants! So much fun to have grandchildren!❤!

Here is the hooded cardi in a lovely purple with pompom yarn around hood and sleeves. *please note a nose in the picture, Jack just has to be part of everything :  )

Next is "Fudge" the bunny to try on the hoodie, I don't have the dolly here. *please note a nose again!

It fits and isn't Fudgie cute!

A close up, I think an American Girl doll will be cute too!

Thanks for popping in my friends.

                            My own Daffi's and the only flowers in the yard so far. I love them

            Next project plant my old fashion flower seeds. I just adore these oldies but goodies!

As always, I love your comments and visits. Thanks in advance for popping in. I will be back soon and then away for a week.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Crazy sad week in Boston

Hello all,

I'm sure most of you know of the Marathon bombing in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday! Monday is Patriots Day in Massachusetts, it is a time when runners, families, friends and visitors from all over come to run, observe and support their families and friends. This was Boston's 117th marathon and always a joyous and friendly gathering until this Monday. Two bombs went off near and at the finish line, three were killer and 170+ injured. It has all been a crazy and insane senseless act and we are all suffering the loss to our city. I love Boston and lived in the suburbs of Boston for 32 years, before moving to Vermont. It's so hard to fathom the extended of the horror, damage and pain this has brought. Measures have identified the two suspects and they were found. A chase occurred and one was shot, but one is still at large.  This hunt will continue until he is caught. Boston is in shutdown mode while the search is on for the safety of all Boston's residents and workplaces. WE ALL HOPE AND PRAY IT WILL BE OVER SOON.

Boston is strong, the people are strong and no one is giving up. They say this will make us stronger and it has in the way that everyone has come together with love, support and manpower. The doctors and local hospitals have all been superb. Please send your prayers to all involved and pray for an end to all the senseless evil happening that are occurring more and more everywhere.

Thanks for visiting, so sorry it is not a happy post, but unfortunately we have to deal with all kinds of events in our lives, this is real and has to be attended to. Just had to talk about it. Thank you for listening.

I send my love to all of you, xoRobin

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mother Nature


This is what we had on April 12th

                                        This is a pile of sleet and snow,  it came down fast

                                                      Snowy driveway again

                 Can't see it in this photo but IT IS SLEETING  (see the fog in the background)

                                                  Heavy sleet not a blurry photo

We face the same today, the 13th, and actually for the whole weekend : (  I so want to get into the gardens and now we will have mud season again. I know I know it will come, I will have to be patient.
Just sharing my moments of despair......now on to fun things

I have been knitting up baby hats and more bunnies and bunks. A local gift shop in Hanover, New Hampshire, Lemon-Tree-Gifts-of-Hanover, has some of my aprons, bunnies, buntings and baby hats. It's fun to be featured there but I may just be going back to my Etsy shop with these items soon. I can make my prices lower and have more personal interaction with my customers. So we will see.

Here take a look see, my new baby hats and bunnies

                                                     Meet Gracie and Pearly

                                                        All snug in their bunks

If anyone would like a bunny and bunk or just bunny, let me know in my comments and we can convo.
I do plan on putting them in my shop. I can make most colors of these Bunnies "Cotton Tail"!
The bunks have a mattress pad, pillow and mini coverlet all in a cardboard box!

So before all this snow, this is what I was starting to get into

                                           Pretty Pansies all in a row

Enjoy my friends, thank you all for visiting and popping in. Welcome to my new followers and thank you for finding me out there in blogland  :  )

Happy weekend


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Who can believe it is already April? Well, I can't. Sometimes I just don't know where the hours and days and weeks go and then it is another month. YIKES!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a lovely family gathering with the little ones. So we dyed eggs and the Easter bunny came and left lots of chocolates and jelly beans and peeps!!! Even the adults got baskets :  )   We had an egg hunt in the house because it was way too muddy outside. The girls had so much fun, we had to hide the plastic eggs 3 different times! Fun for all, then we had teams, oh yes we did.....you are never to old or young for an egg hunt!

Here are a few pictures of the dying of the eggs and the hunt!

                                          It was a family affair. Shaving cream was a new method(with food dye to marbleize) not that successful.....but definitely fun because it was messy and squishy.

                                        We all helped the little ones!

Bunny Update

I did have time......I made little bunny homes out of large wooden match boxes. Covered them with craft paper and paper tape, then sewed up bed pad, pillow and mini quilt. It was so fun and they were a hit!

Happy April

Here's to many more flowers, sunny days and being outside!!

Take care