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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Dear Friends! Lots to talk about in the new year,  just wanted to pop in to wish blessings and love to all of you who take the time to visit me here!

2015 was quite the year for my family, two daughter's weddings, one niece's wedding, renovation on our vacation home, a few minor health issues, and now my Hb's retirement!

Let's bring on 2016 with love, kindness, laughter, good health and new adventures!

I hope to be more active on my blog in 2016.....I will be in a new chapter in my book, actually I think a NEW book is more like it with my Hb home and new adjustments!

I'm excited to see what's ahead for us......I will always have yarn and crafts in my future....I have threatened my Hb on knitting and crocheting lessons hahahaha

No, but really I am looking forward to sharing my new adventures and experiences both good and challenging in my new "life's" book!

I leave you with much gratitude for your friendship, kindness, and motivating you all give to me to continue being creative and trying new crafts.

Jack and I send hugs to all of you and blessings for 2016

xoxoRobin and Jack

                                                          Celebrate safely and be Merry!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I've been so busy, time has gotten away, but you are all in my thought for a beautiful Christmas with family and friends. Hope Santa is good to all of you and don't forget the cookies and milk!!!

Be back after the holidays and my birthday!

xoxoRobin and Jack

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More knitting and crocheting

Hello my lovely bloggers,

I've been on a mission of making and finishing all yarn projects and having so much fun! I have actually been making time each day just for me and it feels so good!

Thanksgiving is almost here in the U.S., so I have been baking and prepping for the big day on Thursday! Lots of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas and all the naughty pies and cakes will be consumed! Can't wait. We will have TEN this year which is almost everyone minus three who can't be with us this year.  I will share photos after our Thanksgiving.

I purchased a wonderful pattern from Cherryheart called "Peek-a-boo" Blanket.
It was so much fun to crochet and I made it to match a baby hat I had knit, here's a "peek"

                       As you can see, I used Sirdar yarn, nice to work with, love the color!!

                       This is the knitted baby hat, with a motif by the talented kiwi yarns

                                                              Blanket with border

                                                         all ready for a baby gift

This really was a fun blanket to make and can be made in larger sizes also. This is Pram size 31"x22" with border.

Next up will be some mitten making for my granddaughters, but I will have to start after Thanksgiving.

                                                        This is the yarn and pattern

                                          I'm excited to knit them up with this beautiful yarn

So as I said I have baking some yummy sweets, meringues, peanut butter kisses, Toll House cookies and two batches of cranberry orange relish......yummy goodness!

                                                     Meringues and chocolate chips

                                                    Peanutbutter kisses

                                                                     Cranberry Relish

Tomorrow I pick up the 24lbs turkey, YIKES, then more chopping and prepping. I loved sharing all my recent busy days with all of you. Thanks so much for visiting me here.  I wish you all a peaceful week and weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. friends ❤️


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday the 13th


FRIDAY the 13th in Vermont was a weird weather day! We had winds, clouds, rain, sun, blue sky, clouds, drizzle and B O S !!!!!


                       This one was in town, I had to stop my car and capture this moment

                                                  This one was an hour later at home


It was an amazing day for mother nature. I always feel so blessed to see a rainbow, but TWO in one day is unthinkable....

Just wanted to share this magic


On a sad note though, I am praying for Paris and hoping if anyone has someone in that area that they are  safe. What is wrong with this world? I am sending hope and prayers to all involved.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Last week fun!

Visit to see little girls is always a fun week! No school on Tuesday, meant Monday drive to sleep over kids house and play all day Tuesday!

Monday night mom and dad could go on a date and Nannie could be with girls. We had chinese food and cosy TV time.
Up early the next day to a gorgeous sunny warm day, so we planned a picnic, hike and ice cream! Sounds great, right?!
Kids love to explore and eat, so it was a successful hike. We saw acorns, fairy homes, beaver tree damage, baby princess pine trees, and we had so many interesting nature chats.

Love to show you some photos of my little/BIG girls❤️

                                                    Dinner at Bamboo Chinese Restaurant

                                                   Picnic in Concord, Massachusetts

                                         Best SUNNY Day

                                                    Beaver damage

          This photo reminded me of Christmas, all of this under the leaves and pine needles

                                                    Princess pines

                    Protection from beavers making their dams and causing flooding on paths

                                                    The Hikers

                                                    Fairy homes

                                                    Worm and bug damage on tree bark

                                                    Just nature being inspiring

                                                    Looking WAYYYYY UP

                                                    We think this tree was hit by lightening

                                                    More Princess Pines, so sweet!

              We visited the famous Concord, Massachusetts where the battle was fought

                                                    Enjoy some history

                                                    The North Bridge

                                                    Humongous tree

                                                    Great climbing trees too

                                                    Bayberry bushes, also reminds me of Christmas

                                                    My 9 year old, fourth grader, Abby

                                                    My 7 year old, 2nd grader, Lizzy

                                Note: what was on my bed when I arrived ❤️ see the baby too!

                                                    Concord River

                                                    My girls and their Nannie

Well you can see it was great fun and I can never get enough of them. Next time will be Thanksgiving! Can't wait

Thanks for visiting my little blog world. I have attached a website so you can read more about the battle and Paul Revere, for those who love history!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello Autumn

Good Evening my Lovelies!

Popping in for an Autumn post and picture show and tell.

                                         My Best Foliage shot this Fall

                                             Cut my hydrangea for some loveliness inside

                       Dining room table centerpiece, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner

                                         More decorations for some seasonal fun

                                         Kitchen area and family room mantel

                                                  Saw this and thought is was perfect!

Woodstock Vermont Main Street, so pretty

                            My favorite RED bridge on the way to Woodstock, Taftsville, Vt.

                                                   Best Maple Tree Foliage

Lizzy's did this for me, "I invite my grandmother to a marshmallow party" I accept little Lizzy💕

                                      Chicken pot pie, Cold weather cooking has begun.

                                                    New cook book, it's a good one!

                                   Just what I didn't need, a new carryall, but couldn't resist

                                               And a new tray, love chickens, especially red

                                                  So here is the sweater, ready to sew up

                                        And here it is all done. Ready for Baby shower :  )

Nice pattern and fun to make. All made in one piece, two seams to sew up and buttons.

                                           Sorry for the poor lighting in some of my photos

Hope everyone has a good week and finds time to enjoy some crafting, yarns and fabric goodness, or really whatever makes you smile!

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to comment, if you like. I do love your comment!