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Friday, January 13, 2017


Jack did well in surgery . He looks like he has been through an ordeal, and he has. 24 staples, plate and screws and IV sights. Poor baby Jack, but he is 90 lbs strong and has a great doctor-nurse team to help him heal and surround him with love. (aka my husband and myself)

Stil can't post photos here on my iPad, if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know! Quick update on Jack, thank you all for your love and well wishes for Jack😘❤🐶❤

xoxo Robin

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello, I'm back!

Holy Mackerel where have I been you may ask. Well, my husband's retirement lead to getting Vermont home ready for the market, which involved 3 months of thinning out materialistic things and simplifing our "stuff" which was really hard. It was on the market for 6 months and we are still here, but loving our home as always. The size is wonderful for all our family, but we still want to down size, so come Spring it will be on the market again.

We had a wonderful stay in Martha's Vineyard for 5 months and enjoyed the beach, ocean, walks, gardening ad golfing. I'm enjoying my new outdoor sport but still not improving, maybe in another 3 years!

October we were back in our Vermont home and enjoying the gorgeous foliage and cool weather. Lots of catching up with friends, family and home. We hosted Thanksgiving, went to a beautiful family wedding and experienced another snow fall.

December is always exciting and my favorite time of year. Lots of decorating and festive times, fires in the fireplace, cozy nights and dinners. Christmas was celebrated for the first time at one of our daughter's homes. It was so fun and wonderful to be all together. My birthday was also celebrated due to being so close to Christmas. Just wonderful, "family is the best"!

Now here we are in the New Year 2017 and I have missed my blog so much, I couldn't let another year go by. I have missed all my blog friends, I hope you are still with me!

My Etsy shop is full now with crochet hooks, baby Button hats and fancy Pincushions. Please check me out at Etsy Shop. If you visit my shop, I thank you in advance❤

So here it is January 10th and JACK our beloved yellow lab is having ACL surgery tomorrow. He has been having issues for awhile with his right hind leg and it is time to do something. I'm a wreck but pray he will be fine. We have to travel to Burlington, Vermont (1.5 hours away) talk to doctor and then pick him up the next day. We are going to stay overnight in Burlington, a lovely city, and pick him up first thing in the morning. ( way to much information) hahahaha
I will keep you posted😊

Many thanks for popping over to my blog, I have a lot of catching up to go, so bear with me! Sending love, hugs and smiles to all of you!


Sorry but my computer will not allow me to get my photos, so I'm publishing this now and will try to figure it out🙁