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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old-Fashioned Crafts and New

Hi Ladies,

Here on the East Coast of the USA we have been preparing and awaiting Hurricane Irene! We took in all our deck furniture and basically anything that could become a projectile object with the wind and rain. We made sure we have extra batteries for our flashlights and candles, extra water and food, if we got hit hard and lost electricity! BUT its not too bad. We have gotten lots of rain, no flooding, so far, where we are, but other's have. The winds are picking up now, fingers crossed for not losing power. We have kids visiting and TV and movies have been the high point on this rainy Sunday. Here's a peek of the downpour!

I have keep myself busy with some experimenting with crafts. Simple, fun, and easy yarn goodness!! I had a patient wearing one of these and just fell in love with my childhood all over again. Without any more delay, here it is........Do you remember?

Here's what I whip up!

My next experimenting was with wire. This is a new craft for me. Once again a patient was wearing this and I knew I would have to try it out!! I decided black wire, pearls and toggle. Can you guess?

Here's a photo mosaic. I used size 5 knitting needles, 21 pearls and black jewelry wire. It does hurt your fingers a little at the end from working with the wire. I tend to knit a little tight. Pretty sure I will make more. I have copper wire and cobalt blue.

What do you all think? Is it nice or not? I think it's worthwhile..........endless combinations of wire, beads, silver charms, etc.

This was my weekend, although, we did go canoeing on Saturday. That is always fun and so nice to be outside with nature. I will leave you with some pictures of the beautiful sky and water.

Spied someone's beautiful swan boat!! I was jealous!

Thank you for stopping in to read my blog. I love all your visits and comments. I also love visiting all of you. Have a great week and I will be back real soon. 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Hope you are all well. Is your weather changing? Our's sure is and I'm certainly not ready for cooler air and definitely NOT ready for winter. I hope we get an Indian summer soon. I'm wearing three different outfits a day governed by coolness in morning and evening! Well, enough of this.........

I've been up to getting my pay it forwards out in the mail and had lots of fun making them. I made fancy crocket hooks with fimo clay, sewed up fabric pouches to keep them in and a needle to sew it all together. Here are a few pictures.

It's fun to make people happy!!

Next up another trip to Martha's Vineyard with some daughters and a visit to MV 150th Agricultural Fair. Always so much fun!!

My daughter took this, inside large barn are roosters, rabbits, ducks, goats, pigs, miniature ponies,  sheep, dairy cows.....I'm sure I am missing others.

Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig-----didn't realize they were so homely......hope I don't offend anyone.

                                                             Tiny pony- 4 months old

                                                                  Bet you can't do this!!!!

                                      Diary Cows----can't believe the even straight coloring

                                                          Look at that curly tail- oink oink

                                                                 Mother pig"s big ears

                                                                       The Big Escape

                                                                             So Cute

                                                     Would love this wool, both colors!!

                                               Please don't shear me.......winter"s coming!

                                                                        Funny Guys!

                                                           This belongs to a HUGE Horse

                                                            This belongs to a cow

This belongs to a Piggy

Oh, I really love noses! All kinds, shapes and sizes!

A New member of our family, belongs to my daughter, Amy.  Meet ❤Leroy❤

Leroy is a Silver Labrador Retriever, here he is 8 weeks old. Yes, you are seeing correctly, he has the most beautiful blue eyes.

                                                       Jack and Leroy are best of friends

                                                                 Leroy loves to swim too!

                                                                Jack and Leroy were here

Thanks so much for visiting, I love your comment. Don't be shy to say hi, so I can visit you too. I hope to have some crafty creations next time.

I leave you with this lovely sunset, not completely focused but, I still love it


Thursday, August 11, 2011

New LOOK, Yarn and Yarn

I have a new look and I think I like it. I can not and will not reveal how long it took me to accomplish. It would be way too embarrassing! But I guess if you asked, I would tell you, my friends. So onward and upward we go, to my vacation adventures.

We had some biking days, for our enjoyment and exercise. Here are some things we saw along the way.

First, how they got down to the Vineyard. I did it myself and I had to use all my strength to get the bike rack into the hitch. It was so rusted from nonuse, I had to spray and spray with WD40! I almost gave up, but I'm glad I didn't because we rode 4 different occasions for hours.

We stopped here after an hour or so to get water, a piece of fruit and a tasty treat!

Then we rode and saw lots more

YARN waiting to happen!!

More Yarn to Happen!!

Random Sightings

So many beautiful stone walls

A line of clothing "Vineyard Vines" with their own boat

Are you wondering about the other yarn I mentioned? Well, I signed up for a class at a wonderful new yarn shop at the vineyard, because I was actually going to be there for the 2 class times. It was all about socks. If you remember this is one knitting project I have not had the nerve to start. I knew I could, but somehow taking a class makes it more fun and less intimidating. So I sign up, got in and went. It was fun, yes I can do it and I had private lessons because I was the only one in the class. She teaches the sock making without a pattern, so you get to know how to calculate for your foot and others for making any size sock.  By measuring your foot and arch you can determine how many stitches to cast on, but don't forget to check your gauge! Can't tell you if it works yet, because I'm not done, but let me show you what I'm up to.

In the beginning

The end so far

The heel and heel turn and gusset happening

Up close, love the pattern, OPAL yarn

So that's it for my yarn business. I will have to model my socks when I'm done. I hope it's soon. I do love working on size 2 needles. It makes your work look so professional. I wasn't quite sure about the size but its fun.

Thanks so much for popping in and visiting. Hope you had fun.....I always have fun seeing and hearing from all of you. Be back soon and have a nice weekend.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Sharing some Good Times!

Hi all you blogging friends, Oh my, it's been awhile but here I am and boy have I had a great, restful and fun filled vacation with my honey. I didn't post on vacation but I did keep up a little with some of your posts. I would pop in every now and then; And then said NO stay away and do vacation things. It was hard, but I did!!

So we were in Martha's Vineyard for 2 beautiful weeks. IT was the best weather of the summer, almost no clouds or rain. (once at night and the day we left was cloudy) Just how lucky were we.....SOOOOOOOOOOO, and I am thankful. So I will share some picture so just sit back and enjoy, my friends.

This is how I started everyday on vacation. A healthy walk to the beach mostly for Jack because he is a wonderful swimmer and an ocean boy! Just follow the pictures for a walking tour and views❤

"Our Beach"

Jack's swimming friends

It's funny because you tend to see the same people and dogs each day.......we all know the dog's names, BUT not the people!!

Do you think Jack has salt in his eyes?

This is a common sight on beaches. People place stones and rocks on rocks. It was started with the MV American Indians way back, in honor and as memorials for fallen heros. I just finished reading Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks. It was so good and so perfect for me since it is set in Martha's Vineyard and Boston. I would recommend this book.

On the cliffs many Large osprey nests


Drying out!!!!

Long hike to some houses

Our 1st rose of sharon for the season. I love them so.

That's a little run down. More to follow, but let me share with you some of the things I am behind in.

Remember I won the lovely Wimbleton keychain from Jane, jane-janesjournal.blogspot.com   I received the lovely package and have my valuable MV keys on it. Let me show you and the BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE JANE CARD!

Isn't this card so well done and pretty. Thank you Jane! Please check out her lovely Blog, you won't be disappointed.

I almost feel like I was there............well not really but I'm happy, very happy with my keepsake.

Well, my ladies thank you for stopping in. I love your visits and comments and I'm so happy to be blogging again. Be back real soon, lots more to share and tell you about. I took a class while away and it has to do with YARN!!!!!!! Next time I will fill you in.

Happy day to you all and thanks for sitting with me for a bit! xoRobin❤