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Friday, February 10, 2017

All Things......

All things are great in the world now that I have this

I really haven't had a computer since April 2016, I was just using my iPad for emails, Instagram etc. That may be another reason my Blog was not active. Very difficult to post photos on an iPad if not impossible, at least I never could figure it out. Now I have this gorgeous new MacBook Pro and I feel like I have a new toy. Yes, I suspect I am a nerd to be saying that. haha

Importing photos has still been slow, I may have to contact my geek squad at Best Buy! Maybe I need to not have over 10,000 photos, but where do I put them....anyone???? Help!

We had a nor'easter yesterday and we are buried in beautiful white snow, cold temperatures and more snow for the weekend. As you can see I am looking on the brighter side of things and seeing beauty in this winter.

Of course some tulips help! These are artificial from our new Michael's Craft store, I prefer fresh, of course, but not always possible, so these are making me smile for now!

This is a photo of Jack right after his ACL surgery. Now 3 weeks later he is starting to walk on all fours. He has about 5 more weeks before he can run and play.

This is a morning photo after the snow storm yesterday, isn't the light beautiful!?

We have about a foot of snow and more to come.  Jack loves to photo bomb most of my photos. as you can see.

The bottom right photo is Jack's hair growing back. The top square is where he had the spinal and will take a long time to grow in. There must be 10 layers of thick fur!

This is a baby blanket and hat I gifted to a friend of our daughter's who is have a baby boy.
The blanket is called Peek-a-boo from the talented Cherryheart  It is crocheted and is so much fun to make. The knitted hat pattern is from my own but the design pattern is from the talented Kiwi from one of her sock patterns.

I loved making it so much, this is becoming my next Peek-a-boo blanket.....just to have on hand....💕

Well, I'm off now....thank you so much for popping in and finding me again. Sure feels good to be in blogland again AND with photos!

xoRobin and Jack (he wants to be included)