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Friday, April 27, 2012


See you all soon with lots of pictures and adventures to share!!!!!

To the BIG APPLE here we COME


Monday, April 23, 2012

Part 2 Fun!

I'm back to share Abby's 6th birthday party and her week with me (Nannie) and Poppy. I can't tell you how happy I am to have had my kids at a young age, because it takes all your strength, and that's with good children!

Her party was at the Town Hall where you can rent a room, so lots of space and they clean up, after you take back your decorations etc.

Here are a few pictures and activities

Before the party, Nannie watching them so Mommy and Daddy could get everything ready to go!


                                                                      Town Hall Room
                                   Did I mention there were 18 children and most parents stayed!

                                                                        Birthday bunting

 Lots of hugging, craft table, musical chairs, pin the horn on the unicorn, smash the piñata, egg (plastic with beans in it) race (don't recommend), gifts, unicorn cake and dinosaur cake. They were both yummy.....how do I know, I had to taste both...Right!!
The kids had a great time. It was a 2 hour party which is plenty of time. If you know what I mean!

Then Miss Abby came and visited during the week because school was out for Spring break.
Here's a snippet of what we did.

Healthy breakfast, clay making, jewelry box decorating, bird house painting, to the park two days in a row (beautiful weather), and lots of coloring. Lots of fun! My goal was to not put the TV on too much and to get Abby tired. It worked for ME   : ) 
So it has been busy and now I am back to work tomorrow and life goes back to whatever "normal" is. Off to New York this weekend for a visit to see our daughter Leslie and her boyfriend. We are so excited to visit and see the "BIG APPLE". I will take lots of picture. Fingers crossed for good weather.

Thanks for visiting, loved sharing my weeks with you in 2 parts. Hope you leave a comment because I just love them!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weeks go By ❤Part 1

 Hi Friends,
I've been back and running! Week at mom's was fun and hard all at the same time. I met my mom's lovely caregiver. We had a fun day all together and even had lunch out at a nice place. Did a little shopping at my favorite store, Paper Source! Once again I had to buy a few cutsie things. It's just a must!

Right when I got back, it was off to MA. to attend ABby's 6th birthday party with 19 kids. Parents rented a room at the Town Hall. We decorated with Nannie's bunting for Abby and many great unicorn and dinosaur themes. Abby thought of the boys too!!! She is very thoughtful and a very good host! I will share some pictures later.

But first I will finish telling you about this week. So after the party I headed home again, a 2.5 hour ride, was home by dinner. My daughter Amy came up because she had Monday off, due to Patriots Day and it is also the Boston Marathon Day. IT was a very warm HOT day for the runners. So Amy and played all day shopping, chatting, eating, walking and laughing! IT's always a great day when Amy around. She left at dinnertime to get home in time to unwind before work the next day. I had work on Tuesday, but then it got cancelled, so a day of regrouping before picking up Abby for the week. So that's what I have been up to. Abby is here and we have had lots of fun. I will share these pictures too. Mommy and daddy and Lizzy pick up Abby today but will stay over to visit. I'm planning a lasagna dinner. (always a crowd pleaser)

So here are a few photos of visiting mom

                                                                       Spring at mom's

As per Mom, her two favorite things, Gretel and her car. She loves them both, but she hasn't driven for 6 months and I don't think she will again. (for safety sake)

Went to that lovely nursery and restaurant for lunch. I have to use all my persuasive skills to get mom out of the house, but once she does she starts to feel better. I try so hard to stimulate her and bring a smile. She has a lovely smile!

                                                           See what I mean :  )   So sweet!

A Friend and also caregiver down the street wanted to learn how to crochet so I thought a dishcloth would be the ticket for an easy project. I'm not the best teacher because I'm left handed. Gail did great though and I suggested she look at some tutorials on her computer also. This is my end result, it was fun and fast and easy. Gail bought a book, so she can also learn to read patterns.

                                           Lots of lovely designs, Annie's Attic by Darla Sims

      I will end with this lovely photo and the chair I would love to have. This nursery is just so "top of the line". I wish it were close by, but it is always such a treat to visit. Always a special time!!!

I will come back with the birthday details and so much more. Have a lovely weekend. Thanks so much for stopping in and visiting me in my little world surrounded by the whole world of Blogland!

So happy to be back and see you all,  xoRobin❤

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daffies for EASTER❀

Yes, we have flowers for Easter! HURRAY!!
I was starting to wonder if they would ever come. Patience is a virtue, I must remind myself! The sun is out, the wind is blowing and there is a chill in the air, 40 degrees. I started off this morning to go for a walk/run and I was so cold I had to turn around. I'm a fair weather girl at heart. So I was extra excited to see these daffies on my way back to the house.

Let me show you these lovely signs of SpRiNg

Notice they are all very close to the house where they are sheltered from the elements-

                                                              Yellow and White Daffies

                      I have some leaves to rake up soon, but I would like it just a little warmer.

Last weekend my honey and I took a little ride and ended up in Woodstock, Vermont, a very picturesque town. We walked around the lovely streets and admired the homes and nature. The famous Woodstock Inn is there but we didn't go in, but I did get a photo.

                         Found this gorgeous stone driveway. I found it so amazing and ornate.

                     View from a bridge that we walked over. Doesn't the water look chilly!?!

                                                                     The Woodstock Inn
                                             I will get a better picture when the flowers are out.

                             Piles of pinecones were scattered about, and I did see the culprits
                                                             Mr. Squirrel and family

                                Another view of the frigid water looking down from the bridge

                Thru the side of the bridge looking at some of the backs of the homes on the water

                          I spied these sweet blue flowers....although not sure of their name. Anyone??

Yes, we brought Jack, he is always up for a walk. Even Jack didn't want to go in the water!

I have been busy make a very long Bunting for Abby who will be turning "6" in a week or so. They are having a party which we will go to so, I said I would make a Birthday bunting for the occasion. I made it so it could be used over and over and just appliquéd HAPPY BIRTHDAY and balloons and no names!
Here's a peek, There are 17 flags and stretches about 6+ feet.

The balloons are at the beginning and end and in between the two words.
I hope they like this bunting for the festive occasion and hopefully many more to come.
I cut out the letters and used the double sided fusible web. It really works so well. I thought I would have to sew them on also with a blanket stitch, but it turns out this really works out just fine.

Well, my friends, I wish you all a blessed Easter with family and friends! I hope everyone eats their share of chocolate bunnies and eggs, peeps, jelly beans and whatever else you enjoy! Thank you for your visit. I will miss you next week as I visit my mom again. I need to see her now every 6 weeks or it gets to be too long for her.
I will take pictures of Springtime in Pennsylvania, they are about 5 weeks ahead of us here in Vermont.

Bye for now, back soon, xoRobin❤

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bye Bye Sheepies : (

Hi Everyone,
We have to say good bye to my Sheepies down the road. Remember on my walks around the "Loop" I have shared with you. Well, sadly the owners of the sheep are moving, very good for them but not for me. I have enjoyed the sheep for 3.5 years now, so many nice chats we have had along with Jack! I have been told there will probably be new sheep at some point, oh how I hope this is true. My friends and neighbors are moving to the next town over with lots more land and space for their family. So it is really a great opportunity for them. I am happy for them......really I am.

Here's some last pictures of the Sheepies from my Sunday walk with Jack!

                                               Really Photogenic

                                                 A Lot of Wool here

                                                 Love this weathervane


                                                 FIFTEEN of them

                                                No not Sheepies, Dirty Dirty JACK


                                                         ❤BYE BYE MY FRIENDS❤

Announcing MY FIRST Bunting on my Etsy shop, www.etsy.com/shop/robinmurray
Please take a peek if you have time. Let me know what you think, more to come soon.

Just a short post to share my sheepies with you all. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon again. Don't be shy, I love your comments.