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Monday, November 14, 2011

Knitting and Crocheting

Happy MONDAY Everyone,

Hope you all had a nice, relaxing and fun filled weekend. I got a lot done and also had sometime just to "be". It's getting chillier each day and I am starting to think about hibernating. Jack has to "nose" me and "nudge" me to get his walks in, but we go and have a great time.

I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, first time in many many years, I am OK with it. In fact, it will be quite nice. I will have Christmas and that will be very festive and great to all be together at our house. We always see the little one's on the 27th (my birthday) so the kids don't have to travel when Santa is coming down the chimney and hanging the stockings. I understand and think it's much easier for them. SO it has become tradition to celebrate on the 27th. On Christmas day we have many here in Vermont, son, daughter, boy/girlfriends, dogs, cousins, Aunts and uncle. It's all about family.....maybe we will even have more kids (who knows)!!

I have been crocheting another Queen Anne's scarf for a birthday gift for one daughter, I get to give it to her on her birthday this week. I'm excited to visit and take her out to dinner too. The next day I will see the little ones and have a play day. What could be better?!

Here is the TA-Dahhhh for the scarf. I love the colors, just perfect colors for this time of year.

I had fun making this, it is my second one and I really felt more comfortable crochet this one.

I used Wisdom Yarns Sonnet, 75% wool and 25% silk, Made in Turkey. I used 2 skeins (50grams each)  I used a size F hook, 3.75mm. You can use any yarn, I like to use yarn that self variegates as you crochet. You can find this free pattern on Ravelry or at the Wonderful Teresa's Blog, teresakasner.blogspot.com
The background is a jelly cabinet that I finished and stenciled many years ago.

I have also been working on a knitted shawl. It is a free pattern on Ravelry, Gaia Shoulder Hug by Anne Carroll Gilmour, you can find it here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gaia-shoulder-hug-axelvarmare
It's a lovely shawl. I am using Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. It is so fun to use with all the color changes. I do have to say I frogged it 4 times before I get the pattern correct, but it is so worth the effort. Here it is started......a work in progress

I think it is going to be lovely......I hope!

Also working on a Cowl scarf, not much to show yet, but I will give you a peek.

The yarn is lovely. I purchased it in Pennsylvania while visiting my mom in September. It is Madeline Tosh DK 100% superwash merino wool. It is worked up on size 7  circular 32" needles. I will keep you updated on its progression. The pattern was given to you if you purchased the yarn, called Bubble Cowl. You can't really see it from my pictures but the red part bubbles out a bit hence the name.

Thank you all so much for coming by and checking up on my blog. I love seeing that you have popped in and don't hesitate to leave a comment. I adore them all.

I leave you with a Halloween photo of the "little ones"

                                                                         A & E

Bye for now,    xoRobin❤

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Small Ta Dahhhhhh

Hi My Friends,

Popping in to show you my small finished knitting project and some purchases. I have wanted to make them for sometime now. The time came upon us so fast due to our Nor'easter, so I knit knit  knit and came up with these. They are made for my walks with Jack because I like to have my fingers free for picture taking. The most amazing part is how I made them, want to guess.......no I will tell you. I used 8" long size 4 needles and developed the most cramped thumb joints........but I did it. Next time I will go back to my dp needles.

OK here they are:

Can you see how my hands suffered. I'm glad I tried them though.


They are so soft

Can you may see a little discrepancy in the two.........yes, I did make a boo boo but it's Ok, my next pair will be better and also be for a gift. So I learned on my own, I like it that way!!

The yarn is Cascade Yarn "Cloud 9". It is made in Peru, 50% wool and 50% Angora. The Frost Heave 1/2 mitts are made with one skein, 109 yards. Isn't that fabulous! I can't share the pattern I don't think, I always get nervous about that. Does anyone know the rules. I payed for it, so I'm thinking I can't share and it is a shop pattern.

Well, The other day I needed to get out and about so I took myself on a little day trip. I drove about an hour and half to a new town I hadn't explored yet. I had heard there was a great yarn shop and oh my, I was not disappointed, here is the link:  www.greenmountainfibers.com/our_yarns Take a peek if you dare!

So want to see my haul, sure you do.............

This I think will be mittens

This lovely yarn is self striping and I think will be a Shawl

This lovely alpaca 70% and wool 30% is so lush. This will be hats and scarves

For buying so much I was given this hand lotion made by the nice people at this shop. It is sold there because it is important to keep our hands smooth for knitting and it won't spill in our knitting bags.


I also roamed around town and found some fun things. A button tin and button holiday wrap

A fun polka dot clip board, pad and new pen. Such fun for a dork like me!! Now I am ready to make my lists and check them twice.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit. I hope you had some fun, I know I always enjoy all your visits and comments. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend filled with  happiness, laughter and love. Be back soon❤