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Friday, June 28, 2013

Ferry time!

Yes, Off to Martha's Vineyard for the week of the 4th!!! There will be lots of sippin', knittin', readin', and walkin'.......hopefully sunnin', but forecast is not promising. But we can still hope!!

So excited for this week, much needed and thankful for this time. I will be back to visit mom after this so Hb and I will truly cherish this time.

Here's a peek in floral pictures and sittin'

                                            Lovely fragrant honeysuckle

                                         Hand picked flowers in the yard




Can't remember name, but I love them

                                                   Hydrangea one of my favorites

                             Rosa Rugosa, very abundant on the Vineyard and Cape Cod

                                                   Gorgeous Ivy, Love the look

                Double rainbow again, due to torrential rains (not on island, in Vermont)

                          View from Woods Hole, Cape Cod before ferry ride to Vineyard

Just a peek into our week to come. Thinking of all of you and thankful for my blog friends. Thank you for all your love and heartfelt wishes for my dear mom and myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Be well, be back soon, xoRobin

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Chapter

I'm here but much has happened! My dear sweet mom had a stroke two weeks ago today. I flew down immediately and stayed with her in the hospital. Her stroke left her paralyzed on her right side and she is right handed. Her dementia actually, in some ways, initially helped her to forget the impact of this, but of course as time went by it really did not help. My brother and I thankfully had this nursing home picked out awhile ago, so we did not have to search to find a rehab facility. Four days in the hospital and then to the home. We got her situated and I visited her everyday and for most of the day. She was adjusting and smiling and eating, but then I had to go. Now the reality is setting in and we are all sad with the events and the extent of the stroke. At 86 years of age, so weak and fragile, I think we need a miracle. I will be going down after the 4th of July and sooner if need be. I miss her and think of her nonstop. My wish to have her close by is not looking good. I have to do what's best and right now she needs to be where she is.

I think that's all for now. Not feeling very much like blogging but I'll be back. Thanks for listening and visiting. Sometimes you just have to deal with what's in front of you with all good thoughts, intentions and love and let God see to rest. I think that's where I am.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Me and the Hummers

I sit and knit, hear a humming, look up nothing..........
Sit and knit and sneak a peek.......
Try to click......
Not this time......
Click click click.............
Just me and my humming birds

Look at this amazing humming bird. I think I have at least three of them and they are feisty.

                                    I think I also have H. birds with green on their back.

                                                               Nice silhouette

Great Balancing

Just me and yarn

                                                                 A perfect day

Thanks for stopping in and finding me here in blogland. I love your visits and comments. Enjoy your days no matter what you are doing. Life is short and sweet.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Gardener's Delight

I'm so far behind in blogging, don't know where to begin, soooooo I'm starting with my green thumb delights. We have had some beautiful weather lately, so I have been able to weed my gardens, put out the deck furniture and make up my herb and flower boxes. Lots of fun, maybe not the weeding!

                                             I have three boxes of herbs

                                  Here is fino verde basil, curly parsley and oregano for salads

                                    Rosemary for oil dips and seasonings and mint for iced tea

                   Parsley, basil, dill, basil, and parsley. Can never have enough parsley or basil in my book

                                       Two cherry tomato plants, will definitely be enough for us

                         Flower box with lobelia, petunias, geraniums and then repeated

                                 Almost florescent geranium, photo does not do it justice

                                               Peaceful spot with a view

                                                    Hanging basket in front of house

                                              Nantucket basket with lobelias and vivid geranium

                                    Lastly purple and green variegated petunias, like the combo

So summer's here and time to enjoy.

We travelled to Martha's Vineyard over Memorial Day weekend. Weather was fierce, by that I mean windy, torrential rain and cold. The last part of the long weekend was saved by a break in the rain and some sunny sky's. We could then walk the beach and Jack was in doggy heaven. Here take a look.

My attempt at a video, sorry in advance!!

                                                      Washed ashore.......where's my lobsta!?

                      This is what we got after all the horrid weather, I think it was worth it!!!!!!

A few treasures from my walk. I pick up treasures almost every walk, normally just one but I had to make up for all the rain.

                        Finished two more hats for the shop, but only one had its picture taken!

Painted the living room a lovely green, was beige.......we wanted color!!! It's a Benjamin Moore paint "dill weed". Not the most attractive name but it looks great in the room, nice change!
Sometimes all you need is fresh paint and the rest all looks NEW!

Well, that's all the show and tell today! But what else I've been up to is my dear sweet mom. She just turned 86, although she doesn't know that :  (  She is pretty healthy except for the Alzheimer's. It's such a sad disease and I have trouble coping with it in my mom's case. My last visit was a few weeks ago now and she wasn't even aware of her own home. That's what started the second phase of what to do. My brother and I have kept her in her home with 24 hour home care because that was her wish, but now it's a different story. I have been looking into memory care units up my way.  I have found two in particular that I think are lovely. So it's just a matter of time before she comes up here or goes to where we have had a deposit on a nice place in Pennsylvania. I would love to have her up with me. I just don't know if its wise because of the traveling and change. Not even sure of how long she will last in a nursing home. It's so difficult but her home is not safe for her any longer with all the stairs. We have been successful so far with being able to take everything slowly and having time to think and plan, so hopefully we will make the right decision in her next care.

Thank you all for visiting, sorry to be missing for so long but I have been busy. Hope you all enjoy your summer days, holidays and vacations. It you are looking for a good book I just finished "The Light between Oceans" by M L Stedman. It was fabulous! A story about a couple, a lighthouse and a baby set in Australia. I highly recommend it.

I leave you with one of my orchids that I broke off by accident watering the other day, so I'm enjoying it this way!!