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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Enjoying Creating

Rainy day here in Vermont, USA....... what a great opportunity to work in my sewing/craft room! So many makings in progress, WIP from along time ago, some special orders and even something for me!

First a photo my daughter sent me of Lizzie and her American Girl doll in "THE SWEATER", you know the one.....from my last post. (fudging at its best)

                                                    See my sleeping angel

I've been working on some special orders for my baby buntings for the shop in my area. This woman wanted two buntings for her twins, one in pinks and one in lavenders. So I came up with these. The shop owner said she would be pleased!

                                         Oops, upside down!

                                     Added buttons to the tails this time instead of heart patches.
                                      I love buttons, like so many of you.

Now I'm in the process of making a few Halloween/Autumn buntings......just for FUN

                                           One for me and one for a dear friend : )

I also have had some orders for my crochet hooks, so I made a batch on Sunday, they will be in my Etsy shop very soon!

                                          You all know what they look like

                                         Oh my, another photo sideways

As I was getting ready to glaze them, I wanted to try another top coat, so I made up a little something and then coated it with gloss. It turn out like this

See the little mushroom. I made a hole before baking it and now it's a candle holder in the forest!

                                                     Cute little toadstool

                                                   Maybe one too many photos.......sorry

Well, this is getting to be rather a long post. So I should go..........but maybe you want to see one more finished projects. This is a knitted project that is really really for me. I started it the end of last winter so it will be perfect for the coming cold weather.

I have to apologize in advance for all the selfies (photos), but I wanted to show the cowl off.

Okay now, way too much showing off. It's just been so long since I have finished things and it really feels so good. Although, I have a lifetime of projects to finish but I'm on a roll!!

Thank you for visiting, it's always so nice to see that you have popped in and I love all the comments you leave me. So does my sweet Jack!

xoxoRobin and Jack

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting there

Slowly..........Getting some things accomplished, making some headway! I'm not really pushing myself, I don't think, but I am never not busy. Things to catch up on, bills to pay, phone calls to make, thank you's to get out, daily chores and family......it all takes so much time. BUT I'm getting a few things finished along the way.

I made a batch of Strawberry Jam to go along with the Raspberry Jam I made a few weeks ago. It is delightfully delicoius. I can't decide which I like best, it's 50/50 with family members!

                                           Look at these red strawberries

                                                                     They made 8, 8oz jam jars : )

                                           These were the raspberries and sugar

                                                                         Also made 8, 8oz jam jars

Next on my try to finish list was my second and youngest granddaughters American Girl doll sweater. Over the summer I knit and knit, off and on, during the summer.....and it occurred to me why was this taking so long to finish a doll sweater. Finally I finished the front and back and realized it was so wide it could have fit two dolls. I worked the sleeves and had to do some major adjustments......not fun!
So it looked like this

Can you see how wide the sweater is.....I think two American Girl dolls could wear this. So I had to do a lot of fudging and zig zag stitches and then cut my extra knitting off.

                                         All that extra knitting and time......chopped

But the end result I'm pleased with :  )    But I'm not happy about how I had to do it......if it were for a real person I would have started over!

                                           ❤Ready for Lizzie

Fall is here in my part of the world. Let me show you in photos...........

Here is an update of the farm animals down my lane.

There are 3 baby lambs, 9 grown sheep, 5 baby calves, 4 cows and 2 pigs. I feel so lucky to have this a short walk away. I see them everyday with my walks with Jack. Jack thinks he is so tough and runs for them. Of course his back hair is standing on edge, he is really a big baby, but I won't tell him!!

Jack and I thank you so much for visiting us here on my blog. Love you popping over and especially love your comments. Hope you are all having some time for being creative or doing what you love best.

xoRobin & Jack (he wanted me to include him)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vermont Days

The days here in Vermont have been so lovely. It is hard to stay inside. I'm wanting to make the best of this weather and getting my fall cleaning done while it is so nice! Staining outdoor deck furniture and spraying weatherproofing on the deck. I haven't tackled the gardens yet, not really motivated for that yet. BUT I have been taking some fabulous walks and hikes with Jack during the week.
One I took was to Gile Mountain, it is a nice uphill climb to an old fire tower. The foliage was so pretty and Jack had a blast.  Here are a few pictures.

                                       Red and orange trails are the one's Jack and I took.

                                                    Handsome Jack in his Glory

                                          Can you see it? Look hard............

                                            Still you see this?

                                           "Quite high"

Even JACK starting coming up......until I chickened out and had to go down. I normally do this with my husband, so I was scared, and didn't want to get into a situation with Jack too. I'm scare of heights the older I get!

On the way down the trail, it was so beautiful, here enjoyed.

AND then something happened and I DID NOT see it happen until...................I saw the damage.

                                        What was this? my dog or a black and white sheep!?

                                            Thick, muddy, and smelly

First thing we did when we got home was a bath outside. Meet "CLEAN JACK"
He seems so happy and proud......King of the Road.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our beautiful Vermont Days. I'll be back soon with more. Hope you are all enjoying some good weather too. Thanks so much for your visits and your lovely comments.