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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On My Needles!

Hi Lovely Ladies,

How are you all doing this week so far? I'm enjoying getting back into my routine and enjoying the Spring. Although it has been drizzly and not sunny, it is still warm and I will gladly take that, with a smile!

Here are some pictures from my yard, all floral, green and smelling beautiful.

YES indeed, my dandelions are doing GREAT!!

Hope you enjoyed that little peek of what's coming in, in my yard. Why did I doubt that Spring would come, I will have to remember this next year. It will come, It will come! Nature really is amazing and we are so lucky to be able to enjoy the cycles of life!

Now what are on my needles.
A darling baby sweater for a baby shower I am going to next thursday. I will have this done real soon, just have the body left.

Oh, I think I forgot to say, IT'S A GIRL! Yarn is really SOFT.

Next on my needles are the socks. Not as far along, but after the sweater they will be first priority.

I'm using worsted weight for my first so they will knit up more quickly.

Well, so enjoyed sharing my pretty things with all my blogging friends. Hope you are enjoying your surroundings and what you are up to. Thanks for visiting. Take care and I will see you all again soon.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back on Track

Hi my lovely blogging friends,

So nice to be back and my blog up and running again. Something happened last week to my blog and I even lost my last Post. It saddens me, but not too much can be done about it apparently. It was a google glitch and I don't think I was the only one affected. Well, I'm just happy it is up again and nothing else was lost. SOooooooo I'm feeling better and back from a lovely trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We took a  little vacation here to just enjoy ourselves a bit. What a wonderful city it is! So breathtakingly beautiful, filled with incredible scenery. The rockies surround the city. There are still snow covered peaks surrounding the city and harbor. When we were there, there were 5 cruise ships and we were told approximately 20,000 people disembarked. It was amazing to hear and the city did not appear to be overly crowded. I want to show you some of these amazing pictures.

Left to Right: City and Mountains; Snow tops with sailboat mast in foreground; Waterfront harbor; Harbor and one cruise ship.

Oldest town in Vancouver called Gastown with cobble streets.

Steam clock that chimes every 15 minutes all steam generated; Gassy Jack Statue famous person of Gastown.

Did some great biking at Stanley Park and rode all around the seawall surrounding Vancouver. It was fabulous.

Here are some of the views we saw from the path. The path was for joggers, walkers, bikers, skateboarders and rollerbladers. Such a fun place to enjoy a spring day!

Fountains, men playing cricket, Woman in a wetsuit; island rock with greens; lovely woman; fallen tree all part of the our ride.

Lovely vistas from path, do you see the seaplanes and the one I was able to get just after takeoff?

Fell in love with theses house boats. I think it would be so much fun to be on one for a short vacation!  

OH, we had such a wonderful time, so nice to get away but always so much more fun to get home and get back on tract. "Home Sweet Home", there's no place like home!

Got home really late, due to air congestion, fog, delays, and missed connections...........so home feels great. Lots happened in 6 days, we have leaves and flowers and 70 degree weather.  Can't wait to take some pictures this weekend and share it all with you. I so enjoyed getting up to date with all of you. Now I can't wait to get caught up with all of you on your awesome blogs that inspire me and make me smile. Thanks for popping in and thanks for all your comments. I always love what you have to say. Thanks all and have a great weekend. Be blessed and laugh often.


Friday, May 6, 2011


Popping in to wish everyone in the USA a very Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. It seems from blogs a while ago that the UK and beyond had Mother's Day already. Well, I'm wishing all of you another Happy Mother's Day from the USA. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can all be outside, walking, picnicking, gardening or just reading/knitting in the sun. Now wouldn't that be lovely.

My one and only Christmas cactus blossom wishes you cheer. Why now and why just one flower??????

Jack also wishes you a glorious Mother's Day!❤!

 Thanks for stopping in, always so nice to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend no matter what you are up to. See you all soon.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love Mail❤✉❤

I am so lucky! I received not just one but two packages! I get so excited when I open up my mailbox and see something other then bills or junk mail. I skip the whole way back to the house. I make myself wait until I am inside and can really take the whole thing in! I take pictures step by step to share with all of my friends and just savor every moment! So what came? OK here's the first, remember when I was the winner of Mia's giveaway, from miashandmade.blogspot.com! Well, it came and so beautifully wrapped and created. Wait to you see the card Mia made also. I think I will keep it forever. SO here's a cluster of pictures.

Isn't this amazing and something to cherish! Thank you Mia❤

Next is something I purchased from the lovely and talented Vanessa at doyoumindifiknit.typepad.com. I love her talent so much and would love to have one of her sculptures, but for now I am settling for these amazing notecards with some of my favorite's. So here goes. I know you will be jealous...............

I told you, aren't they fantastic! : )

One more activity I am enjoying. I started my first Queen Anne's Lace Scarf. It is such fun and very easy. I am loving the Noro silk garden yarn. The variegation is so beautiful. I'm hoping to make quite a few for future gifts. Who can't use a delicate decorative scarf? What do you think? I'm probably the last to be making one of these, but I have so many things I want to make, my list grows every day!

Ladies, it's been so nice catching up with all of you. I love you all and am thankful for my blogging community. You all motivate me and I hope I at least entertain you. Have a nice day and thank you for popping in to my nest.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day ❀

It's the 1st of May!

Happy May Day to everyone.

Time is going much too fast. I do wish it would slow down so we can all slow down. One thing I love is that real soon meetings and many responsibilities stop for the summer months. Although May is still a busy month, but weather normally very nice. We have had lovely weather this weekend. Many great walks, some yard cleaning and believe it or not some spring cleaning inside. Sometimes I am much more energetic to clean inside when the weather is beautiful. Odd! Also when my husband is around I like to do things inside, I think it's just having someone around and it's more fun.

So I put away all the hats, gloves, scarves, boots and winter outerwear. All put away and it feels so good. I feel so much lighter and organized. I also cleaned my closet that was truly a disaster. I can't believe I am going to show you a before and after picture. I really thinned out my wardrobe. I tend to be a saver and it was getting crazy so I took the plunge and I definitely feel more freed and accomplished.

                                                                      Before disaster

                                                               Tidy and thinned out

I could show you more pictures, but you get the idea. It's much better which makes me much better!

I have some great pictures of the developing buds and our walk with Jack.

Here are some scenes from our 2.30 mile walk. It was at a fast pace, so not too many pictures. Honey didn't want me to stop and ruin our heart rates.

Here's Jack taking himself for a walk. He does this all the time and it really is quite cute.

I am working on a crocheting fun project. I will show you after I get more done. I had to frog what I had done because I was off count.

Thanks for visiting and thank you for all your kind comments. I will be back soon. Until then have fun, laugh often, and smile.