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Sunday, October 30, 2011

From This, to That, to This

It is October, right? Well, you would never know it here in Vermont! Two snows in three days. Thank goodness I took a walk three days ago with Jack and got the last of our autumn colors. Then a snow that night and then one day later a Nor'easter! We got 5 inches, wind, cold and ice! The poor trees still have leaves and berries and even some floweres. The Robins and other birds were going nutty wondering where all this was coming from. The birds were swarming the trees and gathering the berries in clusters. Halloween is celebrated tomorrow and it will certainty be a different setting for the little kids! We don't get any trick or treaters where we live, because the houses are too far apart, but in the center of town all the homes are lit up and main street is bustling with candy, kids and lights. It is such fun to see all the kids all dressed up and enjoying the excitement.

Here is This, to That, to This


THAT.........DAY TWO

To THIS.......DAY THREE    (today)

Looking very wintery, for October 30th..........I think it's going to be a looooonnnnngg winter!

Here's a peek at what I'm working on, hope to get lots of knitting done this afternoon, good day for it.

Thanks for visiting this wintery post. Love you all popping in. Be back soon.

Happy Halloween to you and all who have little ones in blogland.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Arizona Sun

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from my first trip to Tucson, Arizona USA. Wow, what a wonderful place. We were visiting son and girlfriend and their new rental house. It was so cute and they have fixed it up with all their own touches. It's so fun to see how the adult kids manage and make things work so nicely. They entertained us and showed us all the highlights in the area. So much more to see in future visits. The weather was in the high 80's, sunny, blue sky and cooler in the early morning and the evening. The landscape is so diverse, flat, desert, mountainous, trees, cactuses, and flowers, which I never expected. We walked, rode a tram up a mountain and hiked into the canyon, got our feet wet, visited an outside museum, visited Tombstone, AZ where the OK Corral is and the shootings occurred in history (Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday), still know as "The Town to Tough to Die" because it is still a town with inhabitants. We ate lots of delicious mexican food and drink. It was interesting to learn the type of plants, animals and birds that are common to the area. I loved exploring and discovering all the characteristics of the Southwest!

Here are some pictures:

This is the skyline from Denver, Colorado where we had a stop and plane change. You are looking at snow covered Rocky Mountains.

Left to Right
Desert plants Prickly Pear, Rosemary, saguaro, mature saguaro, barrel cactus, cactus

Ocotillo, Palo Verde, Sacred Datura, Trumpet, Lantana with butterfly, Look how big this Saguaro is

Wild Turkey, Coati, Arizona Wolf (one half), Black bear (I tried), Other half of Wolf, Saguaro skeleton

Next the Boothill Graveyard, The real one, only the bodies have now been moved

The graveyard markers, we had a chuckle

Tombstone, Arizona        

 All the characters, but lots of people just dress up to visit, staged gunfight, I got hung for charity, OK Corral where gunfight occurred, Brothel house, Saloon,

Just some fun and pretty pictures, lovely doors, alley, scenery, boat out a window, my favorite house, pretty church  These were all photos taken in Bisbee, Arizona near Tombstone.

These photos were from our Tram ride and hike down into the Canyon. This is "Sabino Canyon"

In the first picture, can you see Snoopy on his back? or Two eagles on the right? Water reflection in the canyon, views, Cactus cemetery, stone worn smooth from waterfalls over the years, some went swimming and others didn't, The "hikers"

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little vacation. It was truly fabulous and I would highly recommend a visit to Arizona. My honey loved the climate and would live there half the year in a heartbeat. It's too far away for me from the kids!!

I leave you with my favorite picture I took from the kids front pouch at sunset

Thanks for visiting, be back soon, I wish you all much happiness and blessings,  xoRobin❤

PS. Thank you all for your heartfelt wishes for Jack, he is so much better. Only one more day of antibiotics and his fur is starting to grow back. Wet kisses from Jack to all of you❤❤

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy busy=Happy happy❤

Hi Friends,

This will be a post of updates just in the past week. It's been busy and mostly in a good way. Although, Jack got a nasty skin infection. His cousin Leroy, the silver lab, was up for a visit with his mommy, my daughter, and they had lots and lots of fun. They ran and romped about and went swimming in a new pond we found. The swimming was so fun for them we took them the next day too, this was during our Indian summer weather we were having. Well, our visitors left, I went to work and Jack went to doggy daycare. When I was dropping him off I noticed he had a dirty face, but honestly I was running late and decided he would have to go to DDC with a dirty face! BAD MOMMY! Well, when I picked him up I noticed his face was messy and dirty. Sorry this is turning into a l--o--n--g story. Got home scrubbed him up and noticed oozing and an odor. Well, time to call the vet and make an appointment for the next day. Jack was getting lethargic and would just lie in his bed, I could not wait for the appointment time. Bottom line Jack had a raging skin infection from the pond. Apparently there was a bacteria that found a nick or scratch on Jack that settled in and the infection started. Leroy was not affected at all, thankfully, because it was nasty and he is a puppy.  So the Vet shaved the side of his face gave me lotion to cleanse his face 2 times a day, a cream to put on after and antibiotics for 15 days! The antibiotic alone was $125.00, very powerful medicine.

Let me show you what I am talking about. Starting with the fun and then the  *not so pretty* part.

Amy, Jack and Leroy

Happy Doggies

Tug-of-war anyone

Oh, feels so good on a HOT day

So cute aren't they?

Before we went to Vets

Thought it might have been a Hot Spot, something pets get in the heat and when they stay damp.

But no, after getting all shaved a raging, inflamed infection. My poor Jack

Jack is feeling so much better and is on the mend.

I will update you later but he is soooooo much better, and the mediation is working!

I have wanted to show you a picture of "Little E" in the sweater I made for her for her Birthday.

I think it fits great with room to grow and to be able to wear with tops underneath! She a happy little one❤

Couldn't leave out "Little-Big A", I bought them these matching dresses with leggings. There are so many sweet clothes for little girls. They love to wear dresses!!!

I think I will leave you all with some Fall pictures from around here. Foliage isn't as great as past years, I think because we have had so many raining days that a lot of the leaves have fallen.

Pasture on my road

Delicious apples-sweet and crisp

Ponies and Jack (leroy was scared) down our road

Some color

Beautiful sunrise out my front door

Can you see the sheep?

Hasn't Leroy grown?

Jack says good bye and no more swimming in this pond!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm doing to say good bye. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my lengthy  post. I appreciate all my followers and new friends too.

Take care, xoRobin❤

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Winner is............❤

Hello all,

Finally back again, a few days late announcing the "One Glorious Year" Blogging giveaway.
So sorry for the delay.

Thank you to all the 15 bloggers who commented and joined in on my giveaway. I wrote the names and folded and drew the winner as seen below.

And the Winner IS............

                                               Congratulations to Millefeuilles

Be back soon,