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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happiness in little bits

Hi there friends, Great to pop in again before vacation. It's raining now so hopefully next week will be hot and sunny, good beach and outdoor weather! I've been in summer mode and it is lovely. Just a little of this and a little of that each day, all manageable and mostly stress free.

Had a very excited weekend with the bride to be and daughter looking for wedding gown in Boston. We had three appointments and they went really well. The places were so helpful and the selections were fabulous. Amy had certain designers she wanted to look at and she was happy with the choices............and she found her wedding gown by the end of the day. We celebrated after and had a lovely time in the city. I can't show you the dress, but I will show you one of the dresses, let me find one.

Here is a pretty one ❤

                                          Any family looking on......this is not the dress!!!!

Next will be bridemaids dress shopping and mother of the bride, That's ME!

Next little bit of fun was a little shopping I did on etsy for ribbon/tape. These items came from Taiwan in only about 7 days, amazing!

Lots of fun for adornments on sewing projects and yarn too.

                 Aren't they fun? I can add to pincushions, labels for knitting, I think the sky's the limit.

                                           Peonies and indigo are in bloom and very plentiful!

                            This is Mountain Laurel and one of my favorite flowers on a shrub

                                                        My salmon colored Poppies

                                                Bush beach roses and the aroma is delicious

Thanks dear friends for visiting, that's all my news. I will be off for a week soon. So I may be missing from blogland. But I will catch up when I can. Hope everyone has good days and happy moments!


                                  Site of wedding in "One Year".......I think I'm a little excited!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer and Treat

Happy day to you all. It's been lovely weather here in New England, USA. Everything is green, in bloom, bees buzzing, birds singing, humming birds humming, sun shining, strawberries bountiful, farmer markets in full swing, people out and about, kids out of school and people are friendly and smiling. SUMMER is HERE!!!!

Finished my vegetable garden bunting.....So festive and it makes me smile!

Not much yarn making happening in my world BUT lots of being outside, walks with Jack, errands, Zumba (my new love), gardening and reading. My lasted book is The Husband's Secret by Liana Moriarty,  good so far and a fast read. My reading list at the bottom portion of my blog is definitely  growing and always in the summer. I love to read outside on the deck or porch in the cool of a summer breeze.

Summer treat for Jack. Here take a look!

                                                         Oh, "YES" Jack in doggy Heaven!!!
I treat him to a soft serve whenever I need to go to Home Depot for home or garden supplies!
This time it was just 'cause it was a hot day!!

Next on my list of show and tell are some of my beautiful flowers around the yard

As you can see, the Peonies are in their height of glory! So lovely and they smell delightful! Ants like them too,  have to be careful bringing cut flowers inside for arrangement.

Well, that's all for now my friends. Hope your days are happy, your nights relaxing and you are able to enjoy your down time. Any vacations coming? We have one coming in early July to the Vineyard, oh happy day!!!

Thanks for stopping in,  I love seeing you here and I thank you all in advance!



Friday, June 13, 2014

This little piggy

This little piggy stayed at the farm and so many more to come! The farm down the dirt road is multiplying almost every day with new animals. We how have 5 large pigs, 4 smaller ones and 4 piglets. (still trying to get a photo of them), 3 new calves and still growing. I take my iPhone on my walks each day with the hope of seeing the piglets!!!

                                                    Ahhhh so sweet

                                                    3 new calves

                                                    See the piggy-one of the small ones

                                                    A peek of white/brown piggy in barn door

                                                    5 pigs-love their snouts and ears!

                                                   Poppies but not mine/ mine aren't out yet

Spent some time last week working on a small veggie garden (very small)  It was fun, a lot of work for just me but fun too. I cut the tall grass, leveled the soil, put the frame down, added 8 cu ft of soil,

Put up the fence, put netting over the top to prevent deer nibbling, and bunny too!
There are two tomato plants, cucumber, zucchini, green pepper, sugar snaps, and lettuce.

I have not completely finished with the garden, more to come next time!  :  )

We have been having quite a bit of rain lately....I know we need it, but I love the sunshine!

                                   Another walk another peek, they are not making it easy!

                         Piglet.....still trying to get them out in the open......I'm going to keep trying

                                                             So Green and lush

Thanks for visiting dear friends. Love your visits and love visiting you too. Welcome to my new followers, thank you for joining into my world. xo


                                                            Jack's in Green Heaven

Monday, June 2, 2014

Back to School

Golf school that is!!! My husband and I went to a three day golf school this past weekend and boy was it fun. He is a great golfer and was able to tweak a few old habits BUT I'm a new golfer and learning it ALL. The weather was gorgeous and so wonderful to be outdoors. The school is in Stratton Vermont which is high in the mountains. Skiing in the winter and golfing and biking in the warmer weather. Here take a look Stratton Mountain

We had golf school Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 1pm.....yes, that is a lot of one on one and yes, I was exhausted after each session but it was so worth it. I really want to be a good golfer, I have a long way to catch up with Hb. But I'm not worried because we are doing it so we can have a healthy hobby to do together in up coming retirement. (few years yet)

The scenery is so beautiful, so green, they don't call Vermont the Green Mountain State for nothing. Here have a look.

                                                     Green, sunny and blue sky

                                             Golf cart when we played at the course, not lessons

                                                   My Clubs


                                                   More green at golf school

                                                     Practice greens

                                                    Had to throw one in....and action shoot

                                                   I sat many times

Any other golfers out there!?! Any helpful hints or funny stories!?
It was a fun weekend and great to learn something new, never to old, they say!

Thanks for popping in dear people. Welcome to my new followers and a big thank you to all my true blue followers who started with me years ago. I welcome you all and am thankful for this wonderful way of communicating with all of you.


Extra note for anyone who would like to have the recipe for sugar water for hummingbird feeders
1 cup sugar
3 cups water
boil together 3 minutes
Then cool
No food color
Fill feeder and refrigerate remainder for later

That's it, so easy and inexpensive :  )