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Sunday, October 30, 2011

From This, to That, to This

It is October, right? Well, you would never know it here in Vermont! Two snows in three days. Thank goodness I took a walk three days ago with Jack and got the last of our autumn colors. Then a snow that night and then one day later a Nor'easter! We got 5 inches, wind, cold and ice! The poor trees still have leaves and berries and even some floweres. The Robins and other birds were going nutty wondering where all this was coming from. The birds were swarming the trees and gathering the berries in clusters. Halloween is celebrated tomorrow and it will certainty be a different setting for the little kids! We don't get any trick or treaters where we live, because the houses are too far apart, but in the center of town all the homes are lit up and main street is bustling with candy, kids and lights. It is such fun to see all the kids all dressed up and enjoying the excitement.

Here is This, to That, to This


THAT.........DAY TWO

To THIS.......DAY THREE    (today)

Looking very wintery, for October 30th..........I think it's going to be a looooonnnnngg winter!

Here's a peek at what I'm working on, hope to get lots of knitting done this afternoon, good day for it.

Thanks for visiting this wintery post. Love you all popping in. Be back soon.

Happy Halloween to you and all who have little ones in blogland.



  1. Oh My!!!! I just can't believe you have had that much snow already. While it makes for beautiful pictures it is a shock to you I am sure. Pull out all your warm woolies it seems it might be a crazy winter.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Goodness sakes alive! Talk about fast forward from Fall to *that*... sheesh! I'm so glad that hasn't happened here in Oregon! I agree with you, I think we're all in for it this winter. :-P

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh no Robin, not snow already, you poor thing!
    Happy Halloween to you too! :)

  4. Goodness me Robin, what a change in the weather in 3 days. It was lovely though that you managed to get some autumn shots first. It's more Christmas than Halloween for you! Keep warm my friend and keep creating.
    I hate to say it but we still continue with our very mild autumn; long may it last.
    Jane x

  5. Whoa. I read about the snow in America, you got a lot of it! I'm equal parts jealous and glad that it's not like that over here:P

  6. Hello and good morning :) Love your pictures and the way you have shown the contrasts - your home looks very beautiful. Expect the snow will be here too soon. Have a lovely day and enjoy your knitting - I plan to do the same, along with a pot of coffee :)Pam

  7. Oh my goodness, Robin!! Sooo much snow already! The pictures are certainly beautiful, but how astonishing to have so much snow in October! You will need all your knitting this winter to keep you cosy. I love the new snowy colour yarn you're using, it looks so soft and snuggly.
    Have a happy week, Robin....and keep cosy!
    Helen x

  8. Am I allowed to be a little jealous at all that marvellous, magical snow? What a beautiful yarn you are knitting with; just the right colour for such a white, sparkly day!

    Happy Hallowe'en to you and your little ones.


  9. Poor Robin,

    All that snow! I was absolutely certain I'll be the first to announce winter but nope, it's pouring rain here still! I can definitely feel for you, dear, the winter seems so long and cold...But there's really not that long until it's Christmas (and then New Year and then Spring again!)...We'll make it through this together again!

    Have a wonderful Halloween!


  10. Hi there! Thanks for visiting me at Simplify and following. I am here to do the same. Your blog is so pretty! That snow!!!! Oh my!!!! Beautiful, but a tad early to be having it!!! I will be back to see all of your lovely knitting and photos!!!!!
    : ) Kris

  11. Amazing change in the weather!
    Of course too early but the winter wonderland looks really romantic!
    Hugs Nicole

  12. Amazing pictures, here in the UK we were very surprised to hear about all the snow you guys had. Very very early I think?

    Hope things are back to normal now!