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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weeks go By ❤Part 1

 Hi Friends,
I've been back and running! Week at mom's was fun and hard all at the same time. I met my mom's lovely caregiver. We had a fun day all together and even had lunch out at a nice place. Did a little shopping at my favorite store, Paper Source! Once again I had to buy a few cutsie things. It's just a must!

Right when I got back, it was off to MA. to attend ABby's 6th birthday party with 19 kids. Parents rented a room at the Town Hall. We decorated with Nannie's bunting for Abby and many great unicorn and dinosaur themes. Abby thought of the boys too!!! She is very thoughtful and a very good host! I will share some pictures later.

But first I will finish telling you about this week. So after the party I headed home again, a 2.5 hour ride, was home by dinner. My daughter Amy came up because she had Monday off, due to Patriots Day and it is also the Boston Marathon Day. IT was a very warm HOT day for the runners. So Amy and played all day shopping, chatting, eating, walking and laughing! IT's always a great day when Amy around. She left at dinnertime to get home in time to unwind before work the next day. I had work on Tuesday, but then it got cancelled, so a day of regrouping before picking up Abby for the week. So that's what I have been up to. Abby is here and we have had lots of fun. I will share these pictures too. Mommy and daddy and Lizzy pick up Abby today but will stay over to visit. I'm planning a lasagna dinner. (always a crowd pleaser)

So here are a few photos of visiting mom

                                                                       Spring at mom's

As per Mom, her two favorite things, Gretel and her car. She loves them both, but she hasn't driven for 6 months and I don't think she will again. (for safety sake)

Went to that lovely nursery and restaurant for lunch. I have to use all my persuasive skills to get mom out of the house, but once she does she starts to feel better. I try so hard to stimulate her and bring a smile. She has a lovely smile!

                                                           See what I mean :  )   So sweet!

A Friend and also caregiver down the street wanted to learn how to crochet so I thought a dishcloth would be the ticket for an easy project. I'm not the best teacher because I'm left handed. Gail did great though and I suggested she look at some tutorials on her computer also. This is my end result, it was fun and fast and easy. Gail bought a book, so she can also learn to read patterns.

                                           Lots of lovely designs, Annie's Attic by Darla Sims

      I will end with this lovely photo and the chair I would love to have. This nursery is just so "top of the line". I wish it were close by, but it is always such a treat to visit. Always a special time!!!

I will come back with the birthday details and so much more. Have a lovely weekend. Thanks so much for stopping in and visiting me in my little world surrounded by the whole world of Blogland!

So happy to be back and see you all,  xoRobin❤


  1. Robin my sweet friend you are the kindest daughter, wonderful Mother and incredible Grandmother. I wish you lived right next door so we could go for a walk and have a chat. Your family is very lucky to have you there for them.
    Have a wonderful Saturday,

  2. Hi Robin. Sounds like a nice visit your Mom. She does indeed have a lovely smile. Enjoy your weekend!
    XO Kris

  3. Great to see you back again after all your family visits Robin. It is hard dividing your time up but you do a great job. I'm glad you had some fun time at the Nursery too and I also love that chair. Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  4. Sounds like you've had a great yet busy days, Robin! It's wonderful to see those springly photos, and that sweet smile :)

    Enjoy your weekend and many warm wishes from Finland!


  5. Lovely to have you back Robin!
    Your Mum does have a lovely smile and great that you were able to spend some quality time with her.
    The nursery does look great and I wouldn't mind having that chair either! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Vivienne x

  6. Hi Robin,

    Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Hope you make it back to the nursery for lovely things for your garden! xoxo Debbie

  7. Glad you enjoyed your visit to your mum.She looks a lovely lady.Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  8. Lovely to see what you've been doing over the last busy week, Robin! How sweet your mum looks, and how lovely that you had some nice outings and got to know her caregiver too. The garden centre looked lovely, I would like some of those pansy pots!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen x