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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Who can believe it is already April? Well, I can't. Sometimes I just don't know where the hours and days and weeks go and then it is another month. YIKES!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a lovely family gathering with the little ones. So we dyed eggs and the Easter bunny came and left lots of chocolates and jelly beans and peeps!!! Even the adults got baskets :  )   We had an egg hunt in the house because it was way too muddy outside. The girls had so much fun, we had to hide the plastic eggs 3 different times! Fun for all, then we had teams, oh yes we did.....you are never to old or young for an egg hunt!

Here are a few pictures of the dying of the eggs and the hunt!

                                          It was a family affair. Shaving cream was a new method(with food dye to marbleize) not that successful.....but definitely fun because it was messy and squishy.

                                        We all helped the little ones!

Bunny Update

I did have time......I made little bunny homes out of large wooden match boxes. Covered them with craft paper and paper tape, then sewed up bed pad, pillow and mini quilt. It was so fun and they were a hit!

Happy April

Here's to many more flowers, sunny days and being outside!!

Take care



  1. Looks like lots of fun Robin! Love the little mini bunny beds!!
    xo Kris

  2. You are about the cutest Grandmother ever.
    hugs to you,

  3. Oh my goodness, Robin..!!! What a fun time you had and you're SO lucky to have a daughter nearby and your granddaughters.. I'm still in mourning that I don't have mine any more. I loved your flowers too! But those little bunnies just SEND me.. you need to make some and sell them on Etsy.. I know I'd buy 2 of them! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'll bet the bunnies were a hit, how cute are those little beds!!! :)
    So glad Easter was a lot of fun for the little ones and for the bigger ones too!!
    Vivienne x

  5. Your Easter egg hunt sounds like it was a lot of fun!
    M xxx

  6. What a fun Easter you had dear Robin. Amazingly my next post is all about the shaving cream technique...how coincidental is that! I love seeing all those sweet little bunnies all in their cots.....I am sure they were loved so much. Happy weekend my friend, Jane x

  7. Happy April Robin! Kids make the holidays so much fun!! Cute little bunnies :) xoxo

  8. I love the tablecloth on your table. Please tell me it is a recent purchase and that I can find it somewhere.

  9. Oh I'm so sorry Carol but it is vintage(from a fair). Thank you for visiting me and being my new follower.

  10. Happy April, Robin!! What a fun Easter with all the family and granddaughters. I've never heard of using shaving cream and dyes for the eggs. Those little bunnies and their beds are soooo cute.
    We had sun here but now it is snowing. Hoping Vermont has better weather.

    Please stop by my blog any time.

    from the Michigan woods....
    Anne D.T.
    PlumCreek22 Studio

  11. Dear Robin,

    It looks that you all had wonderful Easter, and those little bunnies in their tiny beds are ADORABLE! No wonder they were a hit, I love them all!

    Wishing you a happy, sunny and bright weekend!


  12. What a wonderful time you all had...such happy memories! The bunnies are adorable in their sweet little beds....somehow being able to put their toys to bed makes little ones very happy doesn't it?? Your egg hunt sounds like great fun too! Wishing you a Happy April, Robin!
    Helen x

  13. Happy April to you too...love your sweet Easter images. We always dye eggs too...even though my daughters are all grown up..they still ask to do it every Easter along with an Easter egg hunt.
    Thank you for finding me....your blog is delightful...off to take a closer peek and see what I have been missing. Happy Sunday.

  14. Looks like your egg dying was more successful than mine - they looked like avocado pits :( Jane x