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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vermont Days

The days here in Vermont have been so lovely. It is hard to stay inside. I'm wanting to make the best of this weather and getting my fall cleaning done while it is so nice! Staining outdoor deck furniture and spraying weatherproofing on the deck. I haven't tackled the gardens yet, not really motivated for that yet. BUT I have been taking some fabulous walks and hikes with Jack during the week.
One I took was to Gile Mountain, it is a nice uphill climb to an old fire tower. The foliage was so pretty and Jack had a blast.  Here are a few pictures.

                                       Red and orange trails are the one's Jack and I took.

                                                    Handsome Jack in his Glory

                                          Can you see it? Look hard............

                                            Still you see this?

                                           "Quite high"

Even JACK starting coming up......until I chickened out and had to go down. I normally do this with my husband, so I was scared, and didn't want to get into a situation with Jack too. I'm scare of heights the older I get!

On the way down the trail, it was so beautiful, here enjoyed.

AND then something happened and I DID NOT see it happen until...................I saw the damage.

                                        What was this? my dog or a black and white sheep!?

                                            Thick, muddy, and smelly

First thing we did when we got home was a bath outside. Meet "CLEAN JACK"
He seems so happy and proud......King of the Road.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our beautiful Vermont Days. I'll be back soon with more. Hope you are all enjoying some good weather too. Thanks so much for your visits and your lovely comments.



  1. Awe poor Jack, he did get a bit muddy!!! ;)
    I don't blame you for not climbing the tower, I wouldn't have!
    You are definitely getting some lovely autumn weather Robin, it does nothing but rain here!
    Happy Weekend,
    V xxx

  2. Nothing beats a Northeast fall for colour! (I'm a Western PA gal now living in the UK...the autumn colours here pale, literally, by comparison!) Thank you for sharing your walk with us! And poor pooch! What on earth did he find to wade in? Chrissie x

  3. Thanks for taking us on such a pretty walk Robin, what gorgeous colours. Naughty Jack...he must have sneaked into the mud. Great to see him clean again...bless. I know what you mean about heights, I hate them now and was so fearless when younger ;0) Great to see you back blogging x

  4. Hello my dear Robin! What a nice hike you and Jack had! What a funny shot of him with the black legs.. did you have to take him home in your car like that!? Love the fall colors you're famous for.. ours are just starting to come in. And welcome back to our bloggy-ness! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Oh Jack!!! You naughty boy! That ladder thing freaked me out! I am scared of heights too. And when I was a teenager, I was a springboard and platform diver!!! Go figure!!
    I can only imagine how beautiful Vermont must be this time of year!!! Glorious looking!!!
    xo Kris

  6. I got wobbly legs just looking at that platform!! So high!! Thanks for the lovely pictures. I had to laugh at naughty Jack. They just can't help but jump in the first stinky mud puddle can they!?

  7. Looks gorgeous. You have got the best to come though later havent you?

    1. Yes Anne, but not too much more. Peak will be next weekend I predict!

  8. What gorgeous autumn pictures, everything looks so lovely. The photo of the muddy dog made me laugh!
    M x

  9. Such gorgeous pictures, it looks so beautiful. Jack is a doll, so adorable. Still hot and ghastly here. wah.

  10. Mountains,trails and trees ---looks like a fun outing for you and Jack. He must have discovered a bog!!
    Our colors are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Gile Mtn. ((I know my husband would not be climbing that tower.It does look high))
    Anne and all

  11. Dear Robin,
    Jack is such a wonderful dog!
    The picture with his muddy legs made me laugh.

  12. Beautiful fall colours, Robin.....and I wouldn't have climbed the tower either! Such a funny picture of Jack with his muddy black legs.....and so nice that you followed it with one of him all clean and sparkling and looking very perky!
    Enjoy the rest of the colourful season in your beautiful Vermont.
    Helen x

  13. Hello Robin. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I love your autumn photos of your lovely State of Vermont. The colors are spectacular and amazing. I always think to myself that God can paint such a beautiful blue sky and then we see all this splendor of fall leaves and know He has painted this all for us. Your dog Jack kinda reminds me of a child who will find the mud puddle and want to step in it. Dogs can get into a lot of mischief but we love them anyways.
    Enjoy your week, (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. Thanks to you and Jack for sharing your beautiful hike with us! What a wonderful way to spend a Fall Day. Now about Jack...he is so handsome and mischievous I could just bite him! Hope you are having yet another Wonderful Fall Day!