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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting Ready❤❤

I'm getting excited, "resting up", cooking some and getting projects ready to make!
All for my little Sweet's

Here is one activity we are going to do that I wanted to share.

AND it's all because of the season and where we live. Making the best of all this White Stuff!!!

Just bought the little girls their own snowshoes. I haven't even put the poles together, I was so excited to post about snowshoeing. I have been trying to go out regularly with Jack. It's cold, but if you bundle up and then get moving you actually get warm! It's been fun and exercise for both of us.
Take a look.

 I love snowshoeing because you can just wear your own boots and clip yourself in. So easy and fast.

Love this picture and I'm not even a photographer! (sometimes I surprise myself)

Well, the big news is Thursday through Friday we are expected to get 8-12 more inches of snow. So there will be tons of snow when the kids come on Sunday! I'll keep you posted.....hope girls will be as excited as Nannie is  :  )

Off to knit some and read some. Take care sweet people, stay warm, keep creating and be well, xoRobin

                Happy Valentine's Day too! This is from a fabulous blogger, author and person (Susan Branch)  You won't be disappointed, I encourage you to visit her


  1. Oh boy.. girlies visiting! Lucky gramma! I am going to fly to see my two girlies at the end of March.. can't wait! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The girls are going to love their new snow shoes! I have not ever done it before, but I bet it would be fun, and great exercise!
    So, you have an Olympian in your town! How exciting!
    We are sure enjoying watching every night!!!
    Stay warm!!
    xo Kris

  3. How exciting to have your girlies visiting Robin and those snowshoes are fab...they will have such fun out with you. Your photo with Jack is brilliant. Keep warm my dear friend and have the best of Nana times ;0) x

  4. How brilliant to be able to go snowshoeing with your granddaughters, I'm not a huge fan of snow but even I can see how much fun that would be!!
    You need four little snow shoes for Jack though! :)
    Have fun,
    V xxx

  5. You are going to have so much fun, those girls are going to be in Heaven with you.

  6. Der Robin,
    Happy Valnetine's Day to you!
    The picture of Jack and your shaddow looks really nice! Have a lot of fun wirg your sweeties! Now Snow here in the North of Germany. Looks like haveing spring already..... Nicolexxx

  7. Hello dear Robin,

    It seems that you really are enjoying the winter, that snowshoeing look such fun! And Jack is the sweetest!

    I wish you the loveliest Valentine's Day, and lovely weekend soon too!


  8. Hi Robin, I hope your granddaughters are safely there and having fun with Grandma!!
    Lots of snowstorms here too. I love snowshoeing and cross country skiing.
    Take care!!
    Anne xxx

  9. Snowshoeing looks great fun, Robin! I hope you are having wonderful times with your granddaughters and they are enjoying the snow days! I also hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
    Helen xox