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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seeing is believing

Yes, we did get new SNOW! No, we are all not happy! 30 degrees F and windy BUT the sun is out.
This NOW has to be the end, we have had snow on Easter before but I don't think this late. Easter will still happen, maybe not an outside egg hunt but that's OK. We aren't having anyone for Easter this year so we will manage just fine.

Abby's "8" year old birthday party was fabulous. Please take a look

                                                 Party was at a paint your own pottery shop

                                      Love this picture, the back of little Lizzy in her tutu skirt

                                                    So intent and doing a beautiful job

                                                   Concentrating on painting the primer

                                                 Finished in time and mostly dry with glaze

 It was so much fun to watch the kids interact and have fun together. Oh to be "8" years old.
We had a nice visit, lunch together and then headed home. Just a perfect day❤

I have a few Easter decorations up but not my usually due to renovation in progress, no visitors, weather and just kind of not in the mood. But here are a few snippets of Easter cheer.

                     Almost forgot to show Abby's birthday cake. Horses were her theme!!
                                                            And it was so yummy

I want to wish all of you a Happy Weekend, Happy Easter, Happy Passover to all my blogging friends. I would like to welcome my new followers and thank you so much for finding me here in the world wide web! Happy Spring to you all and enjoy your free time.


            Couldn't resist sharing this pic of my girls and myself.  I look happy because I am!!!


  1. Awe what a lovely photo of you and the girls, Robin! :)
    I cannot believe you still have horrible snow, someone needs to tell your weather it's Easter not Christmas!!!!
    I love all your little Easter decorations, I hope you and your lovely husband have a wonderful Eastertime!
    V xxx

  2. Oh poor you Robin. I will send our sunshine to melt the snow. Keep snug over Easter, you could make snowbunnies ;0) I love the photo with your darling girls...precious times. What a super party Abby had. Happy Easter to you too my friend x

  3. Such a lovely photo of you and the girls, dear Robin! I loved seeing the pictures of Abby's birthday too.....especially them holding up the pottery they painted, so sweet! Love all your pretty bunnies and decorations....and so sorry you have more snow....can't believe it is so wintry there! Wishing you and your husband a Happy Easter, and I hope you have a good time whatever the weather.
    Helen xox

  4. The snow must be rubbish for you, but a gorgeous pic of a snowy dog :)
    The party looks like a lot of fun. It was a great idea, loads of fun, a souvenir to take home but no mess to clear up! Her cake looks great!
    I think you have LOADS of Easter decorations. I am hoping to get a couple of eggs up and maybe some crafting but that is about it. If I achieve any more than that I want an award! Have a great Easter with your beautiful family xxx

  5. What a sweet post Robin, and its incredible that you have snow again - it certainly doesn't invite Easter egg hunts! Such a nice activity for Abby's birthday treat, and her cake looks lovely; great pic of you with your girls too!
    You have some really cute Easter ornaments around your home. I'm wishing you a very happy time with your loved ones, cheers, Joy xoxo

  6. You poor thing to have snow! My daughter did also in Ohio. She's not pleased. :-) What a creative place to have a birthday party for little girls! My creativeness was spurred when I was in 7th grade and I had a great art teacher and I still have the ceramic rabbit I made in his class! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. While you are wondering if it will ever stop snowing, I am wondering if we're even going to have a winter this year... the climate is all topsy turvy. It will stop snowing, and you will have summer. And we will have some sort of winter I suppose...!? Looks like your granddaughter had a lovely party. Thanks for sharing her special day.

  8. First of all you look ADORABLE! I want to reach right into my screen and give you a hug. The party looked great and I am so glad Abbey had a great time, 8 is wonderful. So sorry about the snow, Spring will be here in all it's glory very soon.
    Hugs to you and Happy Easter.

  9. My son is at college in Colorado and he said that they are having snow again, too. Coming from a desert environment, it's all new to him and it was fine for a while but he's over it now. Ha! I remember when my girlfriend left Kuwait and moved to a suburb out of Chicago. There was snow at Easter and she literally threw the Easter eggs into the snowdrifts for her kids to find. :) Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

  10. Snow.....GAH!!! I loved seeing the girls painting at the birthday party. She is so precious!!! Happy Birthday to her!
    You look like a teenager with them in the photo!!! Beautiful!!!
    Oh, and you asked about the wreath on my blog. Yes, I did make it. I was inspired by the seasonal wreaths that Lucy made on her blog. I had been working on it for a bit. Mine is smallish, but I do love it so. I have a blog post about it, a few back.
    Happy day, and Happy Easter to you!
    xo Kris

  11. Sweet Robin,

    Oh my oh my oh my - those snowy pictures could have been from here from the previous Easters, we've had snow so many times! Not this year, we have warm&sunny, and I am sending sunshine your way asap! But never mind the snow, your Easter decorations are so so cute, I love ALL those bunnies!

    Those girls of yours and you look happy&gorgeous - made me smile so happy too! Have a lovely Easter, and a big kiss to Jack!


  12. What a lovely idea for a party, memories made for big and small. I love your pretty decorations, sweet bunnies. No snow here, but going up into the mountains tomorrow for some late spring skiing with the children. Only 10 minutes drive from here, quite a funny contrast. A very happy Easter to you and your sweet girls, lovely picture. Blessings, Pam

  13. Hello Robin, From yucky snow to Darling Abby!! We had 3 inches of snow on Monday. It's much more fun celebrating a special 8 year old. What a great party and cake. I am so happy you could celebrate together. Very lovely pic. of the 3 of you.
    Happy Easter from my family to yours.....
    Anne D.T. xxx
    PlumCreek22 Studio