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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Oh dear, I hurt my back by just bending at the waist. How is that even possible? Getting older is not a treat, it's true you can't be a wimp when it comes to aging. I'm trying to age gracefully but it's not easy. Everyday there is a new ache, a new creak, a new wrinkle and now another new pain! I can put up with most things but I'm finding I'm not much good at not being able to get out and about. Too many days in the house and I become quite unbearable, sad and lonely.  I'm definitely a people person,  love to chat and help others......so if I'm not feeling well, things do come to a halt.   :   (
I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, on a Saturday of a long weekend, so I hope I can get some relief and pain medication for the lower back spasms. I will be seeing a PA (physicians assistant), I can't remember the last time I have seen my real GP. I have nothing against PA's at all but it would be nice to get the doctor you started off with in the first place (once in a while). Boy, I'm on a roll. I know, not my usual voice but I'm in pain.  To think I went to a zumba class two days ago and yesterday walked 2 miles and then bent to pick up an empty box and now I'm incapacitated. Ok, I know it could be so much worse and I certainly know that, so I will stop and count my blessings.

How 'bout a few pictures

Remember this doggy, "Betty"  We had a visit from her and her mommy, our daughter Leslie!
Lots of fun and Jack had a playmate❤️
Jack loves other dogs and they love him, he is always the Big Brother!

                                                   Hi, Betty's Mom

                               The calves found a shady spot, way far away from the barn area

                                           So lovely, so blessed to have farm animals down my dirt road

                                                      Look what caught me on our walk

                                                               They got Jack too

                  This piggy just had 11 piglets, but not visible, they are in the barn. DARN

And the tan one just had 7 piglets. I know it's such a tease to not see the piglets.....it's a tease for me also. I think I have to time it with the farmer to get in the barn. But I won't be walking this weekend :(

Lastly a photo of my early June Flower Basket that is still doing so well. I'm really in love with the colors and the combination of the plants I chose to plant in it this year. Normally my baskets fizzle out by now.

                                                                   ONE MORE

"I Spy" a slipper toe

Well, it's time to rest and lie flat. Doctor's visit got canceled by me, I'm going to wait till Monday and just rest up. I have some pain meds. but for now I'm sticking with Advil.  Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and thanks so much for visiting me. I know I will really enjoy your comments this weekend. Be back soon, September here we come. YIKES!!!


  1. Ouchies! Back pain is the worst. My husband has a lot of back problems and he has found something as simple as bending over, like picking up a piece of paper on the floor can cause a spasm and totally incapacitate him. Has to do with the angle . Drives him nuts. Ice does help to reduce inflammation. I feel bad for you, on a long weekend at the end of summer. Your June basket is lovely! Enjoyed all your pictures! Take care Chris

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love all your pictures, the pigs were a delight.

  3. Oh poor you, it is so easily done.......twisting and bending at the same time and then...ouch!! I hope your back gets better soon, sometimes they seem to improve quickly and I hope yours is one of those. In the meantime, rest and relax. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the pigs and your June basket, and your lovely daughter and her dog too :)
    Take care, dear Robin. Hope you get better very soon.
    Sending love Helen xox

  4. Oh dear, Robin.. so sorry you're hurt! I have had issues with back pain over the years, you'll get better, you probably strained a muscle. Ice it. Loved all your photos, too bad the baby piglets weren't out frolicking around. Hugs coming your way.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. So sorry to hear you are in pain, l hope and l am sure you will be back on your feet soon and feeling much better. I hurt my neck the silliest way, picking up a toy car off the floor of my car. So painful and annoying too. Makes one appreciate a working body though. Love your pictures. Pam xx

  6. Hi dear Robin so sorry to hear of your pain. Most back pain is fortunately just mechanical and very self limiting. Take some effective painkillers and after a maximum of a couple of days taking it easy...don't bed rest or constantly lie flat....start trying to get in some walking and moving. Things will take time to ease. The only time we recommend a patient needs to see a specialist is if their symptoms worsen over the next 3-6 weeks or if they develop any other pains or symptoms than in their back and upper thighs. Hope that helps and you get better really soon. Love those sweet photos. Hugs xxxx

  7. Ouch indeed Robin, poor you, no fun!!
    I would listen to Jane's comment above, she knows what she's talking about!
    Hope you feel better soon,
    V x

  8. Poor you! If it is of any comfort (as in the age thing), my daughter did her back in doing the same thing, and she was only 16 at the time! There were a lot of visits to the chiropractor to sort her out... best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  9. Thank you so very much my friends for all you love and support, kind words and advice! I feel loved❤️

  10. Oh dear. I'm so sorry you have so much pain. I hope you got to the doctor and they gave you something to help ease your weekend. Hope you have a nice weekend and maybe get some crochet done ?
    Get better soon :)

  11. Very, Very sorry to hear about your back, Robin!! Wish I was closer. I love seeing the farm animals. Hello Betty and her Mom!
    Please take good care of yourself.....
    Thinking of you...
    Anne xxx

  12. Sorry to hear about your bad back Robin but it is very easy to damage it as you have found. Have a great weekend and happy September!

  13. Dear Robin,

    I am so sorry to hear that your back was hurt, poor you - but I wish it is healing and you are out and about already? But that sweetie Betty, just too cute - that grumpy little face just makes anybody smile! Wishing you a happy September!