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Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello Autumn

Good Evening my Lovelies!

Popping in for an Autumn post and picture show and tell.

                                         My Best Foliage shot this Fall

                                             Cut my hydrangea for some loveliness inside

                       Dining room table centerpiece, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner

                                         More decorations for some seasonal fun

                                         Kitchen area and family room mantel

                                                  Saw this and thought is was perfect!

Woodstock Vermont Main Street, so pretty

                            My favorite RED bridge on the way to Woodstock, Taftsville, Vt.

                                                   Best Maple Tree Foliage

Lizzy's did this for me, "I invite my grandmother to a marshmallow party" I accept little Lizzy💕

                                      Chicken pot pie, Cold weather cooking has begun.

                                                    New cook book, it's a good one!

                                   Just what I didn't need, a new carryall, but couldn't resist

                                               And a new tray, love chickens, especially red

                                                  So here is the sweater, ready to sew up

                                        And here it is all done. Ready for Baby shower :  )

Nice pattern and fun to make. All made in one piece, two seams to sew up and buttons.

                                           Sorry for the poor lighting in some of my photos

Hope everyone has a good week and finds time to enjoy some crafting, yarns and fabric goodness, or really whatever makes you smile!

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to comment, if you like. I do love your comment!



  1. Love your decorations at home, so pretty. That red bridge is amazing...
    Very cute cardigan.

  2. Good morning dear Robin, everything is looking so beautiful over at yours, indoors and out. Your invite from Lizzie is soooo cute, bless her. Enjoy your crafting.....your knitted cardie is gorgeous, what a lucky baby. Enjoy the last days of October my friend xx

  3. What a wonderful place to live, dear Robin....your fall photos are beautiful! Your home looks so cosy and I love your decorations. How sweet is the invitation from Lizzy :) The little cardigan is so cute....the baby will look adorable! Wishing you a happy cosy crafty week.
    Helen xox

  4. Beautiful Autumn colours and decorations Robin! What a sweet little invite from your clever girl! :) Your baby cardigan is so lovely! 💙
    Enjoy the Autumn days in your stunning state.

    V x

  5. Beautiful autumn photos! The trees are so beautiful aren't they! Love your new bag too. Hope that you have fun at the shower! xx

  6. Oh Robin.. your post is full of wonderful cozy happy things! You live in such a beautiful place.. lucky girl. The sweater you made is magnificent.. you're very generous. Have a great holiday season! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. lovely, lovely photos! You certainly do know how to make a festive home. Your family is very blessed to have you!

  8. Lots of lovely things going on where you are! That little cardigan is beautiful.

  9. I love all your decors. Such a wonderful home to live. Your fall photos are beautiful.