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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last January post

Where does the time go.....I just don't know! I've been trying to post all week and am finally sitting myself down to squeeze one more post for January.

I have been sewing a bit lately and I have a huge surprise to show you. Something from my past and very dear to me, something I used all the time as a teenager, something I learned on, and something that has been put away for TOO long......I cleaned it up, dusted it off and gave a spin..........

Can you guess, probably not......so here it is in its glory!

                                                  BIG TEASE

                                       Notice the ladybug sticker, very popular in the 70's

                          This was my grandmother's Singer and she lived to 99 years old!!

                                I have all the attachments and oil and motor grease and manual!

                     I'm not sure I have the table, the sewing machine fit right into the top.

                                                  Nothing like this insignia, "SINGER"

So after I oiled it, played with the tension, and got rid of the dust and lint......what does one make to give the "old faithful" a spin?

How 'bout some pin cushions ❤️

Talk about fun, using up scraps and buttons and all your favorite embellishments, this is the right project. And addictive too!

                                                    I even have things on the backs!

I will be putting them eventually in my Etsy shop, what do you think?  $5-7 plus postage....I'm so bad at pricing.

It is bitter cold here and having snow fall everyday. But I guess that's what happens in winter. I have been hibernating a bit and not bored yet. Actually quite busy but missing my daily long walks, it's just so cold. Jack did beg me to walk him this morning, so I bundled up and now I have a headache from the wind chill. It's 1 degree F here and negative with the wind.....oh dear

 Here's my second sprout from this gorgeous Amaryllis, it will be a total of 8 flowers, these bulbs are so amazing

Thanks so much for popping in, it definitely warms my heart and I can use all the warming I can get time of year. Wishing you all happy and healthy days ahead!




  1. Brrr indeed Robin. What an amazing sewing machine and it's even more special that it was your grandmothers. How thrilled she would be to see you sewing those sweet pin cushions. What an heirloom to pass on as well. Keep snug and enjoy your weekend. I'm just on the train on my way home from a fabulous inky workshop xx

  2. Oh that's awesome! i'd love a singer! I have an old 1986 New Home model (named Penelope), found in a charity shop for £5! My hubby bought me it for our anniversary last year, she''s a cranky old thing but i wouldn't be without her.I love that case too, mines a clip on hard top :) xxx

  3. Oh wow.. I have a similar Singer Featherweight! I named it Minnie Belle. I need to get her out and give her a spin. I have an Alicia Paulson Fox I need to start working on, but I'm quite frightened of sewing a tiny shirt with tiny collars and pockets.. and a pair of jeans.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What a beautiful sewing machine Robin and what gorgeous little pincushions you have made with it! :)
    Keep warm and snug,
    V x

  5. What a lovely little Singer, looks in lovely condition. I have my grandmother's Singer too :). A treasure and l shall never part with it. Your pin cushions are so sweet! I usually manage to dress the cold out when walking Jenny, the ice is my trouble though. Have taken a tumble more than once. Pam xx

  6. What a lovely heirloom to have & treasure! My mum still uses her old Singer from 1950, & it still works a charm 😊
    Love all your little pretty pincushions too. Happy Sunday, stay warm! Xx

  7. Come and visit me it is supposed to be 74 out today. Love that sewing machine Robin, what a treasure.

  8. I have too have s featherweight Singer, those are the best work house machines. Some quilters love using them as the sew a great 1/4 inch seam and they are so portable. We used to have the card table with the inset it fit in but I don't know what happened to it. Super cute pincushions! Stay warm today!

  9. Such a beautiful Singer, and so special it was your grandmother's, Robin! I love your gorgeous pincushions....you have made a lovely collection, all so pretty!
    Keep cosy and have a happy week.
    Helen xox

  10. WOnderful sewing machine. Your pin cushions are adorable. It is SO snowy here, good to keep busy.
    Happiest February, RObin.
    Anne D.T. xxx

  11. They just don't make things the way they used to. Those old Singers are amazing machines!

  12. Ah, that brings back memories! I remember well the treadle Singer sewing machines from my childhood, and watching with fascination at the beautiful creations that came off them. I guess they were old even then! 1F is breathtakingly coooooold! I am not surprised that you are hibernating. You need a chunky possum yarn hat to bundle your head and ears into when out in that weather!

  13. Dear Robin, I just found your blog and read your last post. What a great sewing machine! It looks so fabulous! And your pincushions are very cute! Such nice fabric. I will have a further look on your blog. Stay warm, Viola

  14. Hello sweet Robin,

    Happy February! Your "new" :) machine looks gorgeous, and being a real family heirloom makes it even more special - and it will run for next 99years I think!

    Lovely pincushions, they will fly out of your shop! Pricing is hard, but handmade is always handmade hen thinking the price also.

    Happy days, dear, and less snow and less sun for you and here, please!


  15. Wow I just so love the sewing machine. It's gorgeous and the thought your gramma had it makes it even much more special.

  16. Hi,
    I just found you over at Mereknits. :-)
    I am following you on Instagram. I am skigirlcarla
    I love the sewing machine. Very special indeed. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Hi Robin, I found your blog at Meredith's place. I love that you shared your sewing machine! I learned on one that is very similar and it still has a place of honor in my sewing room. The pincushions are darling. Stay warm!

  18. Hi,We still have my grans old Singer,I love itPretty pincushions.I love Amaryllis so beautiful.x