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Monday, January 18, 2016

Tooting my own Horn

Sorry to be tooting my own horn, BUT I actually finished my first pair of socks that only took 3 years!!!! Of course not 3 years of knitting, but 3 years are sitting in a knitting bag waiting patiently for me to JUST DO IT

And they actually fit and are cosy and warm and perfect for this wintery weather and my first sniffles of the year. So sitting and knitting this weekend and having fires and lots of tea was what made me so happy, I just had to toot my horn......I guess it is like a "ta da" moment.

So here we go in photos

                                                    Cosy weekend fire

                                                    Love the reflection

                                                    Jack enjoying the warmth

                                       My amaryllis has 7 flowers and another stem on the way

Well that's all folks, sorry to my Instagram followers for repeat photos. I am very active on instagram if you would like to see me there too. My side panel has my information, just click it.

Stay warm and have some yarn fun too, xoxoRobin


  1. Love the socks, the colour combination is beautiful. There is nothing nicer than a blazing fire when it is cold outside.

  2. Congrats, Robin! It's quite an accomplishment to knit such a nice pair of socks. I knitted one pair several years ago and never made another pair.. the first ones drove me nuts! LOL! I hope you do better than I did. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your socks are fabulous!!! A really great ta dah, and especially well deserved after all that work!!! Well done for persevering!! xx

  4. Well done Robin, they look lovely and so cosy! I have a few single socks hanging around, I really must make the second ones!
    Glad you're all keeping warm, including Jack!! :)
    V x

  5. I am amazed at your prolific your amaryllis is!! Congrats again on the socks. I found my first socks to be a total thrill. Yours are a lovely colourway!

  6. What lovely socks - I really need to organize myself & knit some x

  7. Love your socks! What yarn did you use? And, your amaryllis is gorgeous!

  8. What fantastic socks Robin and they look so cosy. Glad you and Jack are keeping snug and have your wonderful flowers to gaze at, what a spectacular amaryllis xx

  9. Gorgeous socks Robin. Quite an achievement. I wish I could knit socks. I have trouble finding comfy largish ones that don't cut off my circulation!

  10. Love the socks!! Well done. The amaryllis is amazing.

  11. Those socks are fantastic and now I bet you want to go out and buy more sock yarn to cast on more. Love that fire, give Jack a squeeze for me.

  12. Hello dear Robin,

    Congrats on your new socks, lovely they are! Now next pair on needles, hop hop! :)

    Your amaryllis has brightened many of my days via insta, amazing!

    Lovely weekend soon!


  13. Such a gorgeous cosy post! I am so impressed with your beautiful socks, how clever you are!! I have never tried to knit socks I think they look very complicated, but maybe I will try. Love your bright and cheerful amaryllis pictures. Thank you so much too for your kind and supportive comments recently lovely lady x
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear Robin.
    Helen xox

  14. Hi Robin! The socks are so cute! I made a simple pair last year, but out of a bulky yarn. I was not at all comfortable with using DPN's but after all the hat making, I am ready to give it another try.
    Stay warm and cozy!
    XO Kris

  15. Enjoy your socks and flowers, dear Robin, Are you getting ready for the big storm??!! Please take care. We are very lucky....just light snow here.
    See you over in IG.
    Anne D.T. xx

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  17. Wow!! Love those socks!

    keep well

    Amanda x