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Monday, March 14, 2011

Side Tracted with Love

Hi there everyone! I have been so busy in a good way. Lots of celebrations and visitors. So tea cozy has been on hold but hope to be back on tract soon. Thank you all for your lovely encouraging comments with my new project. I can't way to see it either.

So first of all it was my Honey's birthday. I had planned just a little surprise with two daughters who could come in the middle of the week and surprise him at dinner. He was delighted! Won't tell which birthday, but it was notable! We decorated, had a lovely dinner and desserts and candles, and gifts and cards!!

Fresh flowers and gifts, my favorite too!

Oops, think I gave it away, don't tell honey!

Love these girls......our two youngest!

Next celebration was our Anniversary! No pictures but we had a lovely time and had a fabulous dinner and weekend together! What could be better : )

SO instead of knitting the daughter in the gray and I decide to make some birdie crafts. We had so much fun and honestly I think they came out beautifully. Here's a step by step:

First the cutout pattern

Felt and fabric cutouts

All together now

Here's the lovely book for inspiration compiled by Susanne Woods. It has many many (26)projects to sew, stitch, quilt and love.

So I'm sure you are more then ready to see our creations.

Aren't they so cute......here are a few more and then some more

Just finished this one......I think I will have to name them. What do you think? Name suggestions welcome! I think I will be making more, they are addictively sweet! I think I just made up a word?!?

Well, my friends, I did start the cozy and here is the beginning. I just love the yarn, it is so variegated in gorgeous shades of green and pink.

Thank you so much for your visit and leaving your lovely comments. I read them all over and over and visit you too. Can't get enough of all of you, so thank you. Have a wonderful day and week in all you do and Smile Big : )    ; )  

xoRobin❤ and Jack's pitter patter


  1. What sweet little birdies!! :)
    Congratulations on your anniversary and a very happy birthday to your husband!
    What lovely girls you have!
    Vivienne x

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both, and Happy Birthday to your hubby! Both your girls and your birdies are very sweet! What a lovely book that looks like -the birds are so dainty! Your wool colours are beautiful - it's nice to take your time and enjoy the making. Have a lovely week, Robin.
    Helen x

  3. Happy anniversary Robyn and Mr Robyn and Happy Birthday to DH as well. Looks like a lovely family time. I just adore those birdies the are soooooo sweet.
    Lovely post :o)
    Tahnk you for your lovely comments on my blog.
    Love Tickety-boo xxx

  4. Love, love, love the birds!!! Just addictively sweet ;) as you said!!

    Happy belated b-days and anniversary, it seems that you have the loveliest time in both!

    Sunshine from Finland!


  5. Your celebrations sound such fun Robin, I'm glad you also had your daughters to visit. Family times are the best. Those little birds are SO cute, I really love them. I think they suit the names, Nid,(blue) Ned (green) and Nod (red)- LOL!!! Have a great week,we are getting some lovely sunshine here in the UK sending some your way.
    Jane x

  6. How did I miss this post? But I found it now. Happy Birthday to your beloved and Happy Anniversary to you both! Woo HOO!!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  7. Hi Robin, Happy belated Birthday to your hubby and Happy Anniversary too! I just adore those birds they are so cute & must have been fun to make. I have awarded you with a well deserved blog award, pop over to mine if you would like to take it! Sarah x

  8. Happy Anniversary! And a Happy Belated Birthday to your honey too. You look like you've had some lovely times - thank you for sharing them. :-) The birds are very cute.

  9. Oh are'nt you great I bought the book and like numerous more never used it!!You're birds turned out lovely

  10. What lovely daughters you have. Happy Birthday to the old guy, I mean older fellow, I mean...just kidding of course. Happy Anniversary as well. Those little birds are so cute. Great the two of you could share the time together to create them. What fun!