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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Hope you are all well. Is your weather changing? Our's sure is and I'm certainly not ready for cooler air and definitely NOT ready for winter. I hope we get an Indian summer soon. I'm wearing three different outfits a day governed by coolness in morning and evening! Well, enough of this.........

I've been up to getting my pay it forwards out in the mail and had lots of fun making them. I made fancy crocket hooks with fimo clay, sewed up fabric pouches to keep them in and a needle to sew it all together. Here are a few pictures.

It's fun to make people happy!!

Next up another trip to Martha's Vineyard with some daughters and a visit to MV 150th Agricultural Fair. Always so much fun!!

My daughter took this, inside large barn are roosters, rabbits, ducks, goats, pigs, miniature ponies,  sheep, dairy cows.....I'm sure I am missing others.

Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig-----didn't realize they were so homely......hope I don't offend anyone.

                                                             Tiny pony- 4 months old

                                                                  Bet you can't do this!!!!

                                      Diary Cows----can't believe the even straight coloring

                                                          Look at that curly tail- oink oink

                                                                 Mother pig"s big ears

                                                                       The Big Escape

                                                                             So Cute

                                                     Would love this wool, both colors!!

                                               Please don't shear me.......winter"s coming!

                                                                        Funny Guys!

                                                           This belongs to a HUGE Horse

                                                            This belongs to a cow

This belongs to a Piggy

Oh, I really love noses! All kinds, shapes and sizes!

A New member of our family, belongs to my daughter, Amy.  Meet ❤Leroy❤

Leroy is a Silver Labrador Retriever, here he is 8 weeks old. Yes, you are seeing correctly, he has the most beautiful blue eyes.

                                                       Jack and Leroy are best of friends

                                                                 Leroy loves to swim too!

                                                                Jack and Leroy were here

Thanks so much for visiting, I love your comment. Don't be shy to say hi, so I can visit you too. I hope to have some crafty creations next time.

I leave you with this lovely sunset, not completely focused but, I still love it



  1. Hi Robin! I love the polka dot crochet hook! Do you sell them? I would love to get one for my daughter for Christmas...she would love it!

    Aren't fairs the best? Such a change from my usual surroundings!

  2. Dear Robin, where do I begin!? First let me thank you for pulling my name on the Pay-it-Forward contest, I simply ADORE my dotty crochet hook, hand-sewn bag and yarn needle!! *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!*

    And wow, you vacation on MV?? Where do you stay? I visited Nantucket Island for 4 days and stayed in the Jared Coffin House, which is one of my ancestors. That was the most amazing thing.

    How cool is it to attend a farm fair on MV?

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Look at that puppy's beautiful blue eyes, Leroy is gorgeous.

    Love the dotty look of your new layout......just right to go with your polka dot crochet hooks.

    lily x

  4. Hi Robin, oh my didn't realise you actually made the crochet hooks, wow, goodness me they are so brilliant, it was lovely to see them all together in your photos :D
    Loving the animal photos, like that "big" pig & adore your new puppy, amazing eyes!!!
    Have a lovely week
    Lots of love Karen x

  5. Such a pretty post, I love noses as well. :-) But I must say at the end I fell in love. With Leroy! ♥ No offense to Jack, he's brilliant, and I love pretty much all dogs, but I never knew there was something like a Silver Lab... Have a lovely weekend! xxx
    Greets from Belgium

  6. Hi Robin I love the polka dot crochet hook too!! I'd love one so let me know if you sell them and ship over to the UK??
    I loved all your animal pictures, especially the sweet puppy with the beautiful blue eyes!
    Enjoy you next vacation, I hope you have a wonderful time.
    Helen x

  7. Lovely pictures Robin, and LeRoy is the cutest!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  8. Your Pay it forward gifts look beautiful Robin. Lovely work! You obviously had such a great holiday....I love agricultural shows and you will know which animal is my favourite, yes the pigs!!
    Your daughter's new puppy looks such a sweetheart, I bet he is such fun. Enjoy the end of the summer, it is starting to turn a little autumnal here too, especially the trees. Make the most of the last of the sunshine! Take care,
    Jane x

  9. Hi Robin. i love love love those hooks you created. Amazing! Kinda jealous right now... Wanted to get back to you on your question at Tangled Happy today. I really don't think it matters much if your blogging for bliss. But if you blogging for business it just looks more professional to have a .com address. My long term goal is to open a yarn store locally and also do some business online so thats the main reason I made the switch. Still in the dreaming phase but I'm crazy enough to believe it can happen. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  10. Hi Robin, again: Thank you so much for the pay it forward gift! The autumn is also coming in Germany now, that means to have more time for needlework. I hope you will have lovely vacations! Nicole