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Thursday, August 11, 2011

New LOOK, Yarn and Yarn

I have a new look and I think I like it. I can not and will not reveal how long it took me to accomplish. It would be way too embarrassing! But I guess if you asked, I would tell you, my friends. So onward and upward we go, to my vacation adventures.

We had some biking days, for our enjoyment and exercise. Here are some things we saw along the way.

First, how they got down to the Vineyard. I did it myself and I had to use all my strength to get the bike rack into the hitch. It was so rusted from nonuse, I had to spray and spray with WD40! I almost gave up, but I'm glad I didn't because we rode 4 different occasions for hours.

We stopped here after an hour or so to get water, a piece of fruit and a tasty treat!

Then we rode and saw lots more

YARN waiting to happen!!

More Yarn to Happen!!

Random Sightings

So many beautiful stone walls

A line of clothing "Vineyard Vines" with their own boat

Are you wondering about the other yarn I mentioned? Well, I signed up for a class at a wonderful new yarn shop at the vineyard, because I was actually going to be there for the 2 class times. It was all about socks. If you remember this is one knitting project I have not had the nerve to start. I knew I could, but somehow taking a class makes it more fun and less intimidating. So I sign up, got in and went. It was fun, yes I can do it and I had private lessons because I was the only one in the class. She teaches the sock making without a pattern, so you get to know how to calculate for your foot and others for making any size sock.  By measuring your foot and arch you can determine how many stitches to cast on, but don't forget to check your gauge! Can't tell you if it works yet, because I'm not done, but let me show you what I'm up to.

In the beginning

The end so far

The heel and heel turn and gusset happening

Up close, love the pattern, OPAL yarn

So that's it for my yarn business. I will have to model my socks when I'm done. I hope it's soon. I do love working on size 2 needles. It makes your work look so professional. I wasn't quite sure about the size but its fun.

Thanks so much for popping in and visiting. Hope you had fun.....I always have fun seeing and hearing from all of you. Be back soon and have a nice weekend.



  1. Hi Robin,

    Socks are so fun to knit!! Yours are looking adorable. How lucky to receive a "private" lesson. You learn so much more one on one.

    I adore all of the stone walls in New England. I have fond memories of balancing on them walking home from school :)

  2. Hi Robin!

    I'm so happy you started knitting socks, they're so much fun and (at least here) very much needed during the winter-months! And they're quite quick to knit after you've done your first pair. It took me about 20years after making a pair in school to try an another but now I'm hooked :)

    Happy and sunny weekend!


  3. Hi Robin...what a coincidence, I too have had a makeover on my blog front! I love you mosaic photo, it looks lovely.Mine is not as clever-LOL! How great that you could combine a knitting class with your holiday..a perfect combination. The socks are terrific, well done you! have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  4. Hi Robin.
    Laughed at you doing the bike wrack, as I type Mr TB is fitting our new bike wrack to the roof of our Land Rover and by the noises he's making it's not going well! Looks like you've a had a lovely holiday. Love the photos, they're really interesting. I love the one with the interesting bit n bobs hung round the porch.
    Yay for you getting the sock bug! You'll be doing two at a time toe ups before you know it. No grafting no picking up stitches and you can try them on as you go!!! Can't wait to see your ta-dah there going to be cracking!!!

  5. That is an amazing tree, so beautiful!!
    Love those alpacas too.
    Well done on your sock knitting, they are going to be lovely. :)
    Happy weekend Robin,
    Vivienne x

  6. Robin, well done for mastering sock knitting, they'll be no stopping you now.........sock knitting is very addictive and what better way to show off all the gorgeous sock yarns around by having a drawer full of hand knitted cosy socks to keep your toes warm.

    p.s If you love stone walls you should try and visit the lovely Yorkshire Dales, the majority of the fields are enclosed with pretty stone walls.

    lily x

  7. Robin,
    Love the pictures of your tripand your new blog look. I think you just had the perfect vacation with time to take a knitting class, what more could you ask for. The socks are looking great.
    Happy Weekend,

  8. Yay socks!!! I'm excited that you are embracing you inner sock addict :OD once you have those snugglies on your feet you will never be able to go back to store bought ones he he he!
    Your holidy looked totally gorgeous and loved the yarn waiting to happen on the alpacas!
    Love Alice XXXXX

  9. Oh so cool. Knitted socks! Loved all you wonderful photos today. Yarn waiting to happen. Lol... Oh and thanks for your feedback on my spinning video. It is greatly appreciated. Wishing you a happy Sunday. :)

  10. Love your new look, Robin! and the photo mosaic is especially lovely. I so enjoyed your vacation photos - what a lovely place to visit! The sock knitting is a real achievement - the pattern looks so pretty and how great to have a one to one lesson - I'm sure it's the best way to learn a new craft! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  11. Oh Robin what a lovely post, beautiful photos, those are lamas i see, aren't they, v cute. wish i could knit properly & whip up some cosy socks like yours :D
    Can't wait to do the pay it forward, i love giving gifts & of course receiving gifts too, am excited!!!!
    Thanks for popping by the new blog
    Lol Karen xxx

  12. Love your socks! They will keep your tootsies cosy this Winter.

  13. Hi Robin, I like your new look. It shows us more of your pretty handmade items. The Lamas are looking funny. Kindest regards

  14. Robin, you are so very sweet! I received my Pay-if-Forward gift from you yesterday and was so happy with the prezzies!! *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!*

    I will do my response soonish - much to do around here after getting home from camping. Did you check my blog pictures?

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Dear Robin, today I received my 'pay it forward' - gift. It is so beautiful. Thank you so much! I am really, really happy! Hugs Nicole

  16. I JUST got back from the library. I wanted a book about sock making. Am I crazy to make my first attempt with dpn's on socks? I've been knitting for years, but this has always seemed so daunting... Here goes. :)

    Blessings, Debbie