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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back on Track

I'm back after a delightful visit with family and friends! I certainty kept my little mom busy between visits with new great niece, visiting Patty and Dave, shopping and eating out. It was so filled with joy and blessings.

My friends are amazing and dealing with grace what has become their world right now. They are learning about the medical world and doing all that is required and necessary to find out exactly  what Dave's diagnosis is. At the moment it is B-cell Lymphoma, which is better news then the pancreatic cancer that was first thought. Please keep them in your prayers.

I met my niece's new baby girl, Janie, she is so sweet and beautiful. Here's a peek at cuteness!

                                                                       13 days old

My mom and I had a lovely lunch at a place called Terrain. This restaurant was so unique. It's a nursery and garden center in the spring, summer and fall and a lovely restaurant and gift shop in the winter months. We both had a delicious lunch. I started off with a mulled cider served with a mini biscotti. Water was served in mason ball jars and lemon. Just so garden and green house themed. Yes, the tables were in the greenhouse with all the plants and details. Things were hanging and climbing and decorating the walls and ceiling. Want to see?

mason jar, backdrop to our table (gorgeous door), hanging plants, tree stump tables,  greenery,  menu,  decor

Our lunch came with delightful bread baked in a flower pot served with maple honey butter with a sprinkle of pistachio sea salt. The salt was to die for with the sweetness of the butter. I was in heaven. Then we both ordered falafel cakes with onion, cucumber, greens, cucumber/ dill spread and pita bread, it was so good. The falafel was a little too spicy for mom, so she turned hers in for a mushroom tart that was eaten before I could get a photo. So happy, that was a hit.
We opted out of dessert and did a little shopping in the gift shop. It was a lovely experience and so nice to have been shared with my mom. Love those memorable moments to be cherished.

Can you see the uniqueness of this place and why I'm sharing this perfect day?! I have been looking into baking bread in the oven with flower pots and it is very doable. You do have to treat the clay pots with oil and baking in the oven to season the clay. But it is something I will do and then I can see a lot of flower pot breads!

Everyone has been into the sky lately and I am also one to admirer the sky. I took a photo in my mom's back yard where the sky looked so threatening and then to the left it was beautiful. Here take a look.

                                                            Sorry for blinding reflecting

                                                                    Blue sky and sun

So as you can see it was a nice visit. I visited friends, family and neighbors and it was so satisfying to fit so much into one visit. BUT most of all it was great to show my mom a good time because she really does not go out much.

I knit in the evening while watching TV and will have a ta-dah soon. What I'm knitting is a first for me, can't wait to show you.

Thanks so much for visiting. I have to get caught up on all your lovely blogs. Look at my first purchased flowers in 2012! I just love tulips this time of year. They make me smile and we all need that on these wintery days. It's really cold here, -2 degrees F this morning and a high of 22 F. Bbrrrrrrrrrr

Be back soon. Thanks again for your lovely comments and following my rambling stories and tales.



  1. What a wonderful place to have lunch! :) So nice too to able to spend some time with your mum.
    Your new little niece is very beautiful.
    I'm glad your friends are coping.
    Vivienne x

  2. What a wonderful spot to have lunch! And baby Janie is too adorable for words! Happy to hear your friends have a tiny bit of good news.
    xoxo Debbie

  3. What a nice weekend you had! Spending time with your Mom and treating her to such a lovely lunch.. and seeing the new baby in your family. And knitting something fun! Good for you, my friend.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. So glad you had another wonderful trip with your Mom. These times are to be savored just like you said. My Mom only answers with one word now, and usually it isn't the correct one, so sad. I am half way through the book Secret Sister, if you start now and I slow down we can meet in the middle. What did you think of The Hunger Games? A friend recommended it to me, but when I read up on it I just didn't know if I would like it.

  5. Glad you were able to spend precious time with your Mum..and at such a lovely pace too! I'm lucky that I live near mine and see her often.
    Your niece is so cute...at that age they are so sweet and you just want to keep cuddling!
    Have a good week and keep warm! :0)

  6. Welcome back Robin and I am glad your friends are getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. It must have been such a shock. Your new great niece is very sweet and I loved your photos of your visit to your Mum. As you say they are very precious times and we treasure them. Take care, keep warm and keep knitting!
    Jane x

  7. Lovely to see your pictures and your pretty hearts today, Robin! I'm glad that you had a nice time with your mum, and how cute your sweet little niece is! Am also glad to hear that things are maybe not quite so bleak as first thought for your dear friends.
    Wishing you happy week.
    Helen x
    Btw your crochet hook is in one of my photos this week, lots of people have asked about it, so will put a link to you next time!

  8. Seems that you had lovely time, Robin, and that beautiful niece...The sweetest!
    Spending some time with family is very important, and I am happy you found the time!

    Enjoy your week, and stay warm and cozy!


  9. Well, I think the new diagnosis is going to be much more treatable that the first thought of pancreatic cancer! Let's hope so!
    Beautiful baby!!! Lots of fun with your Mom too! Sounds great!

  10. Dear Robin, what a nice post!
    It really shows us your sense of delight while sharing a beautiful time with your mum.
    The new baby-girl looks so lovely.
    Feeling glad that your friend getting the right treatment. Hugs Nicole