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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Suggestions Please

Hello friends old and new,

I need help! I spend hours and hours and days and months on this foolish cowl neck wrap and I can't even figure out how to wear it.
I blocked it overnight, seemed to block nicely. Then I unpinned it, folded it and it looked so nice. I love the pattern and it was fun to make, BUT it looks silly on. What am I doing wrong any suggestion? Do I need to block again or just let it be??? As soon as I put it on and played with the cowl it started curling again : (  

SO disappointed this was suppose to be a Ta TAHHHHHH moment

OK here are some pics.

                                                             What's a girl to do??????

It looked so lovely until I put it on
Any and all suggestions welcome!

Ok, enough that's move on. I want to show you some of my purchases while in Pennsylvania visiting
my mom. We had a few fun shopping adventures in a paper store called Paper Source. (one of my favorite places to shop) Anything involving paper, card stock, stamps, pens etc. I find so exciting, it just makes me sooooo happy. Weird, right!!  It's right up there with yarn and fabric and craft shops!

Lots of fun! Darling coin pouch with mushroom, stamping alphabet and ink pads, mini love paperclips, and paper tape! Oh, the things I can make :  )

Well, that's all for how. Thank you in advance if you have any tips for me and my cowl dilemma.

Love love your comments and visits. Happy last day of January and February here we come!



  1. Good morning Robin. The cowl is very pretty. As you may know, I made bunches of them for Xmas orders, and gave many to my friends and family as well. In my experience, you really need to play with the folds of the cowl. Yours look fine, just play with the folds. Pulling here, pleating there, until you get the right look. There is no right or wrong way to wear them. They are meant to keep your neck warm, and yours will surely do that. One of the reasons I added my Bloomie pins to the cowls was because when pinned onto the cowl, it not only looked pretty, but it held the cowl into place after I had played with where I wanted it to lay. Just keep playing with it. It is lovely!! Oh and fun stuff from your paper shopping store!!

  2. Your cowl is lovely Robin, I agree with Kris I think you just need to play with the folds until you get them were you want them, really no right or wrong way.
    Love your new purchases, I can't resist stamps or tape either! :)
    Stay warm
    Vivienne x

  3. Hi Robin, I am afraid I am not the girl to help you with your knitting dilemma..I don't even understand what you mean by blocking...LOL! I think it looks great, very pretty colours and will certainly keep you warm. Now I did spot some wonderful new card making stash you bought.....yummy..have fun playing and if you need any help with that then I am girl for you! Keep warm, enjoy your evening,
    Jane x

  4. Hi Robin! I would just let the cowl curl and do it's thing. And I think it is going to look really cute when you put on a down vest, or denim jacket, or winter coat!
    Love all your stuff from the paper store. I have to avoid those places...they are dangerous to my checkbook :) xoxo Debbie

  5. Hi! Your cowl is really beautiful and love the colours and the pattern! It's so great - you just have to accept that it's rolling. Just play like Kris said! If you like you can make your next one with different knitting that doesn't roll.
    How wonderful shopping! x Teje

  6. Hello Robin Your cowl is a lovely pattern and you chose lovely colours too. I would say the same as your other commenters, just tweak the folds until you feel it looks ok then relax and enjoy its woolly cosiness! I so agree with you about the paper products store....sooo many gorgeous things you never even knew you needed but now do! Your treasures from there look lovely.
    Have a happy week, and keep cosy.
    Helen x

  7. Robin.. the pattern in your cowl is gorgeous and I'm very impressed with it! I also think you just need to fiddle around with it. But I am so "off" of knitting for just this very reason -- rolling. So, all I can say is to try a crochet one next. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. The cowl is lovely Robin, maybe you feel it doesn't look right because you're wearing it with just a tee............try wearing it with a coat or jacket.......I think with wear and a few washes it will settle down and drape a little better.xx

  9. Hello dear Robin,

    I think your cowl looks very pretty. and I would just put it just like that, layers and layers and maybe a crocheted flower pin (Hello Vivienne!) or two there also. It looks warm and cozy! And those papergoods are adorable, you can create beautiful, springly things with them!

    Happy Wednesday!


  10. Hello Robin!...You have knitted your cowl beautifully and I love the colours... I agree, I think you have to do a bit of rearranging of folds until you are happy...I don't know how you will stop it rolling though looking at the design of the edging...maybe if you turn it under if it is a real problem?..I think it will look really lovely tucked into a nice cosy Winter coat either way..Just the thing in this cold weather!..Love your purchases too...
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x