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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Culpit

The mystery has been solved!!! But only by chance. I was looking out the window and heard some wild chirping! Some robin birds were flying around and darting here and there. Then they zoomed down onto the wood pile and this is what I saw!!!!!!!!!

I was stunned and blown away......I have never seen anything like this. The birds at one point knock the squirrel off balance and he/she went into the woodpile for a second.

                                        I actually think the (red) squirrel lives in the woodpile


OKAY, enough of that, I just had to share this with you all. Survival of the fittest, I guess.
Oh, one last thing, I'm 100% sure those were eggs from another nest, not the original, they have been looong gone.

OK, now, that's move on. I have half a Ta-Dahhhhh. No hurray,"Robin", at this rate I will have a pair of socks to wear by Christmas! BUT I am proud to model my first "finished sock" (singular sock)  to all of you.

                                     Yes, I can raise my leg all the way up to the tabletop!

                                         The heel right where it should be.....I'm so amazed

AND it fits all around. I'm so happy with the results. Just one more to go   : o   Hope I can do it!

So I started these July 2011 in a class, while on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. The course wasn't long enough because by the time I got to the hard gusset part the course was over, so yes, you guessed it, it sat and sat until I told myself if I don't finish these I can't go to the Vineyard on July 4th. So I have a dead line and I'm on a mission. Do you ever give yourself these cruel deadlines? So keep an eye on me to finish these socks!

Well, that's all for today, be back soon. Thanks so much for stopping in, I love your visits and comments.


                                                              And Jack too    xoxoxo


  1. Those poor eggs!!!! But you are right that is nature, and we love squirrels. Well Max has a love/hate relationship with them.

    Your sock it great. Great fit, great color, great length. I have given up sock knitting forever. While I love wearing a knitted sock, I just get too bored making them. It seems never ending to me. But I am thrilled for you.


  2. Oh those poor little birds are never going to raise a family this year because of that pesky squirrel!!!
    Love the sock Robin, I do hope your're not like me and only ever to complete one!! 'Second sock syndrome', I believe it's called!!!
    Happy new week,
    Vivienne x

  3. ..'fraid so Robin...this is Mother Nature but us humans find it very hard to watch. I must admit though I didn't know that squirrels ate birds eggs. I love your new socks...oops sock, such a clever pattern, it looks very tricky. Great work getting that heel right too. Can't wait to see the matching one. It's a bank holiday here in the UK..no work today..hooray!
    Jane x

  4. Thats a beaut Robin, well done you!!!!
    Cute squirrel :)
    Karen x

  5. The socks look amazing, very clever! Good luck with the second one! Sarah x

  6. Hi Robin! I missed your lovely post for Mom's birthday! She is lovely. Looked very much like a Queen in her hat and finery!! Happy Belated Birthday to her!
    Those poor birdies.....but, nature is cruel that way. Such a good shot of the squirrel getting caught with hand in the cookie jar!
    Your sock...yeah! I am new to knitting, and that is the next project I want to learn to tackle...socks!!!
    Wish me luck!
    XO Kris

  7. Jack is such a sweetheart!! I love your sock!! And I really like how you've made one (not two, not a pair yet) and it's become a "ta-dah" moment ... that made me smile!! I certainly would be feeling rather pleased with myself if/when I ever get to the point you're at. Good luck with the second one : -)

  8. Oh my, Robin, that nasty little creature (looking quite cute and all innocent though)!!! I am happy you didn't see it actually stealing the eggs from "your" nest, that would have been too much.

    And the deadlines: I give those myself almost daily. I list things to do on weekly and daily basis, and sometimes get everything done but mostly not, but it helps to keep me focused. Socks definitely need a deadline, if I do not start the other one IMMEDIATELY after the first, it may never see the daylight. I have a few *ahem* without a pair waiting that "special moment"... Your sock is so pretty, Robin!

    Happy week!


  9. Sometimes I think without those self imposed deadlines nothing would get finished. Your sock looks great.

  10. Oh so that's who it was!! At least you have solved the mystery now.
    I am very impressed with your wonderful sock knitting...I have never tried to make socks but they are on my to do list for one day. Yours looks beautiful....hope you meet your deadline :)
    Btw I am so enjoying crocheting with the blue and pink dotty crochet hook you made me, it is so smooth and comfortable to work with. My daughter loves hers too :)
    Have a happy weekend, Robin.
    Helen x

  11. wow about the eggs!! never seen it before!
    Your sock is great!!! don't wear it down while you get to make the second one!! :o)

  12. Bad squirrel! It's upsetting to see that happen, but as the others say I guess that is one of the cruelties of nature. Your socks are gorgeous, and a great choice of colour! You've really gone all out making them that long as well. The first is always good motivation to getting the second one finished. ;-)

  13. Those squirrels are so bad.. poor little birds. They need to lay them in a safer place, although those squirrels can get into anything, it's a wonder that any baby birds ever hatch. Your sock is GORGEOUS! I knit a pair of them at my younger sister's insistence, and it nearly drove me crazy. I did finish the pair, but have never tried a second pair. The ones I did make when I wore them I could feel every stitch. I need soft fine knit cotton socks. Princes and the pea, I am. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Hi again, Robin!

    There's an award for you in my blog, welcome!