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Thursday, August 16, 2012

HI HOO....has it really been a month

Oh my, how a month does fly!

I have missed you all. I have been on vacation, had one 6yr old granddaughter for a week and gotten back into the swing of normal everyday living. I have to admit I'm more a fan of vacation! I will post some summer Martha Vineyards pictures. We had the best weather. Lots of relaxing and reading happened. Along with swimming, walks along the beach, swims for Jack too, and great food and spirits. Aside from wine and beer as summer drinks, my husband and I love a "Dark and Stormy"! Do you know what that is? Well, let me tell you it is Ginger beer and rum and lots of fresh lime and ice. Rum goes in last and it looks like a storm, some drink it like that, but I mix it so it doesn't go straight to my head (as fast)!!!!! We love them with lobster rolls and homemade chips or fried clams, cole slaw, and chips. Doesn't get any better, except sitting on a stool and looking out at Vineyard sound and watching the boats and ferries coming in! Heaven shear heaven!

                                         Eating and Viewing, so pretty and peaceful

Arriving ferry and ecstatic vacationers and vacationers mourning the end of their holiday, but can't wait to return!

Our new largest ferry "Island Home" It has a second layer, a car lift level. I have gotten it twice and it's a bit scary to be up there, it's a little shaky.

I don't know it you can see this or not, but the yacht with the helicopter on it is Oprah's!!!! Yes, it is, I haven't seen her but she keeps her lovely boat here in Vineyard Haven, MV.

                                             Beautiful wooden sail boats in the harbor

                                                 Lots to see, do, and of course shopping

                            We did some serious planting rosa rugosa and stone work

Planted a couple of my favorite hydrangeas and lilies. We have to try to protect them from the deer. This is a succulent buffet for them!!!!

                              Look at these peaches, not mine but beautiful nonetheless!!

Jack at the Vineyard house in his favorite cubby hole!! He loves to be up against a wall, he's so funny and handsome!

Here are my little munchkins visiting.  "E" (the top picture) turned 4 and we had a little celebration. Abby spent the week with us!

Abby and I made the cupcakes. Always a fun activity!! "E"or "Lizzy" needed help with the candles so Abby obliged. Note: in PJ's for bed not morning!!!

If you remember cady, well he is still a big part of Abby's life, sooooo Poppy had to come up with a cady too!!!! Nothing like a wool sock and some string!

Just a little peek into my missing month of blogging, now back to weeding and life. LOOK at this huge, scary, and amazing spider and web.

                              I think it's called a zig zag web and spider and it is frightful.

Okay, I don't want to leave you with that picture! I want to thank you for visiting me and not giving up on my blog. I do so love posting and all your visits and comments. Thank you so much for your support and friendship. I am blessed to have all of you, I cherish the friendships and all of you and your lovely blogs. I try to keep up with all your blogs, sometimes successfully but not always for that I apologize!

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend with lots of love, laughter and fun!

                                                               "The Little Celebration"



  1. Hi Robin. SOunds like you have been livin the good life!!! Good for you!!!
    Loved this post.
    See you soon...
    XO kris

  2. JEALOUS!!!!! That is exactly what I am, a whole month away in such a beautiful place. Glad you had a wonderful relaxing time. Glad Jack had fun, too. Happy you are back with us, and we love you,too.

  3. Welcome back Robin, so good to see you here again. I have missed you and SO much has happened in a month ;0)
    It looks like a fab holiday. Lovely photos. Glad your granddaughters celebrated there, how lovely!
    Jane x

  4. Martha's Vineyard looks so beautiful Robin, you are so fortunate to have a place there!
    Lovely to spend some time with your grandaughters too.
    What an amazing spider and web!!!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Vivienne x

  5. Hi Robin, nice to have you back! Looks a fabulous place to visit, I wasnt too keen on the spider though being a total arachnophobe!!

  6. Hi Robin! You are such a lucky lady to vacation on MV!! A diet of lobster rolls and clam chowder is good for the soul! Welcome home and look forward to some fun blog posts and visits! xoxo Debbie

  7. Hello Robin
    Sounds like you've been having a fantastic time.
    Loved the photos gives me a glimpse into another part of the world...thank you :-)
    uuuh! incredible spiders web but I'd steer clear of it they give me the creeps....I know they keep the flys and mosquitos down so I never kill a small house spider but all the same!!

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Dear Robin.. on your place on the Vineyard looks just wonderful! I have not been there, but visited Nantucket for 4 days and stayed in the Jared Coffin house - he's a distant relative of ours. I simply adored the place and I bet MV is similar. I'm glad we're both back and I missed you too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Dear Robin It's lovely to see you're back again! I loved all the photos of your summer....MV looks so beautiful, how wonderful to have a place there :) I loved seeing your planting and stone work, your new flowers will look gorgeous! Jack looks very comfy and at home there. Lovely that you had special times with your grandgirlies too.
    Yes, even though it's only mid August there is a hint of autumn coming isn't there?!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  10. Dear Robin,

    Welcome back after wonderful holidays, it all seems fantastic! It's autumn-y here already, but I wish your days are still filled with sunshine!

    Kisses to that handsome Jack-boy!


  11. Robin, helloooo loved your pics looks absolutely fabulous glad you had a blast much love Amanda xx