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Friday, August 31, 2012

Jingle Yo-Yos

I love yo-yos!

I remember yo-yo dolls with bells from childhood! Do you? They were similar to clowns and made with lots of yo-yos in all different colors and fabrics and bells. A great scrap fabric project. I had an idea to make some yo-yos just for fun. And boy did I have fun and some nostalgia!
Soooo one thing lead into the next and I came up with a Jingle yo-yo keychain!
I am quite smitten with it and had to make more!
Now I am featuring them in my Etsy shop, www.etsy.com/shop/robinmurray, take a peek if you have time : )

I think they would make great gifts, a little something for a teacher, a topping for a big gift, or just a remembrance for a friend, maybe a stocking stuffer, OR for the keys to a NEW CAR!!!! (or shed or bike keys)

Here's the new yo-yo makers they are selling now. Very easy and fun to use.

Basicly pick fabrics, measure, cut, clip in form, cut, sew, pull and tie off...........



                                    Here are a few more and more pictures in my Etsy Shop

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this old-fashion craft and my new creation.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend. Here in the USA we celebrate this holiday. Normally, the last long weekend before school starts, but now-a-days some start before Labor Day and it is not popular!!!

I hope to enjoy this weekend and plan to drink one two of these

                                                               My first Pimm's Cup #1                                                                                 It was so delicious and a UK favorite. I always wanted to have one and it was offered at a local cafe.
                                                              I was sold with the first sip.

Enjoy my friends, xoRobin


  1. Super cute!!! Happy holiday weekend and careful with the Pimms, I hear they are addictive :) xoxo Debbie

  2. My sister gave me a yo-yo maker last xmas but I didn't get around to trying it.. must find that! I also love yo-yos, I saw some made into a table centerpiece that was awesome! You should try that! I'd love to try a Pimm's.. I hope that flower wasn't a deadly nightshade!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a cheerful project, Robin, and a complete new thing for me! I haven't had one (and I haven't seen anyone to make one either!), but these seem lovely, and I love how you have chosen the colors and matching ribbons and buttons. Lovely, lovely things!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!


  4. So funny, now you mentioned it I remember I used to have
    a doll or something when I was little made out of these
    fabric rounds. I loved all the different colours and the texture, i remember that now!

  5. So lovely, Robin! I often make yo yo's too, and your jingle yo yo's idea is really sweet! And I will happily join you in a Pimms anytime :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  6. What a lovely idea Robin, they look great, so cheerful. :)
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend,
    Vivienne x

  7. They are great Robin, I had never seen them before.

  8. Great new projects, so fun and colorful. Happy long weekend to you, I cleaned out my garage today, 5 hours in 94 degree heat. But you could eat off the floor nor, ha ha. Tonight crochet!!!!

  9. They are just fabulous Robin, I am sure they will be a great success in your Etsy shop. Great that I have introduced you to Pimm's, it is just the best summer drink...cheers my friend,
    Jane x

  10. Hi Robin
    Not seen these before but looking at it I see its a really cutie project.
    Lovely bits of fabric!
    Bet they sell like mad!!!

    Amanda :-)