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Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Back!

Hi All,
Off to visit my mom. She has not been that well and things are declining.  I feel I will need lots of strength and well wishes to get through this visit. My brother and I will be looking at nursing homes and it is breaking my heart. So I will see you all, in a weeks time.

Take care, thank you for visiting and all your kindness.


                                                                     Jack at 8 weeks


  1. Lots of thoughts and prayers go out to you during this difficult week.
    xoxo Debbie

  2. Robin, I have been there and done that with 4 elderly parents.. if you ever want to talk to me or ask me anything, feel free to email me privately and if you want my phone number, let me know. Hugs, Teresa

  3. Big hug for you from me, all the way here, and many warm thoughts!

    Your friend from Finland,

  4. Sending you my love Robin, be strong. You are such a caring daughter and you dear Mum know that, always. We are off to Rhodes in the morning, I will be thinking of you.
    Jane x

  5. Dear Robin I'll be thinking of you during this difficult week of change and decisions. It is so sad and so hard to watch loved ones decline like this. You are a lovely daughter, Robin.
    Sending you warmest wishes.
    Helen x

  6. This will be difficult for you Robin, I'll be thinking about you!
    Sending your Mum healing thoughts too!
    Take care,
    Vivienne x

  7. Thank you so much my dear friends.
    Your love and caring thoughts for us is felt.
    I feel stronger, xoRobin❤

  8. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you.
    XO Kris

  9. Robin, you are in my thoughts. The nursing home was the best thing we ever did for my Mom. She is well cared for, get lots more stimulation and we can be the visitors not the caregivers. It really will all be okay. If you need to chat I am here.

  10. oh! dear Robin I'm sorry to hear this and I'm sending you my very best wishes. This will be such a difficult and emotional time for you but if of any help my Mum-in-law was properly and well cared for and comfy in the nursing home we finally had to put her in, she even made some friends. We put it off for so long but she had to be watched constantly bless her.
    Amanda xx

  11. Dear Robin,
    sending you warmest wishes and a lots of thoughts. Be strong and take care. Hugs Nicole

  12. My warmest thoughts are with you Robyn. You're going through a difficult time. But there is a silver lining to it all, I'm sure of it. Take care.xxx